So if you are caught with a BAC that is higher than .08%, what could happen? The laws vary from state to state, but you could lose your license, head to jail, or be asked to perform community service. You will always have to pay fines for your DUI offense. Education and alcohol treatment is also a typical requirement. Of course, you will have to pay for these classes and assessments.

You can choose to refuse to blow in the breath machine. But if you do, the State will say that it reflects a guilty mind. In other words, “he could have blown into the machine. He chose not too, knowing his license would be suspended. Therefore, he must have a guilty mind, and is therefore guilty”.

A traffic lawyers near me 64014 will remind you that you are not required to take the test. If you’re fine, taking the test will help alleviate the tension between you and law enforcement. They will write you a ticket for another infraction and you’ll be on your way. If you are unsure, in any way, an attorney will recommend you do not take the test. If you do, you will be arrested and you will be charged and that information will be held against you in court.

Recently, Mel Gibson has been hounded by because of his drunk driving incident. Honestly, I’m a fan of his and it won’t deter me from seeing his movies. However, I now have a different impression of him and I also feel a sense of anger towards him. I also feel the same sense of anger towards anyone who is driving under the influence of alcohol.

Your blood alcohol level at the time of arrest greatly impacts your case. If your blood alcohol is.08, you are looking at a minimum of ten days in jail. But you could be looking at 180 days. Your fines start at $1800, but increase with your jail time as you pay the costs for your jail stay.

2) Legal Websites – Nowadays, there’s a wealth of accessible information online. It’s a great place to begin your search for a dui lawyer. Many law associations will even rank and rate individual attorneys on their site. Plus, many of these sites include client testimonials as well.

So, do these penalties actually work? All indications are they do. Over 26,000 people died in 1982 due to alcohol-related accidents. This accounted for roughly 60 percent of all deaths in traffic accidents. 25 years later, “only” a bit over 15,000 people were killed in alcohol-related deaths, roughly 37 percent of all traffic accident deaths. The 15,000 figure is all the more encouraging when you figure in the fact the population grew dramatically during this period.

If you are a habitual drinker and keep getting arrested, your vehicle may be impounded. You have been drinking and have a child under the age of 16 with you while driving, then you would have to face a child endangerment charges.