Remember when choosing plants to add to your aquarium, there are numerous species to choose from. All of which can require completely different water parameters which is why it is important you do your analysis.There are lots of various fish, shrimp, and snails which make glorious inhabitants for planted tanks.Watch out although as herbivorous fish can destroy your little slice of Eden.Also, avoid including fish species like Goldfish to your planted tank as it will result in murky water.What are your favourite aquatic plants? Let us know in the comments part below…Advertisements

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The very first thing I needed was a mechanical filter media. I discovered a sponge-like filter media that Was braucht man alles big enough to fill the opening within the tank and lower it to fit perfectly. I had to buy and cut two of them to get the filter to effectively cover the opening of the following chamber.

It’s not a good suggestion to add in all of your fish at once. Especially in case you are using quite a lot of types of fish. Add in a few hardy fish to begin, after which add in the rest steadily over the course of a couple weeks. Control ammonia levels and ensure the temperature is where it should be, and take pleasure in!