Based in 1930, Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium is not only a preferred vacationer attraction. Its employees also aids in worldwide conservation efforts and conducts essential analysis on animal health and behavior, nutrition, genetics, aquatic filtration, and molecular and microbial ecology. Over the last 4 years, these staffers have been puzzled by the mysterious disappearance of an antiparasitic drug routinely added to the water within the Ist ein Aquarium auch für Kinder geeignet‘s quarantine habitat. Now, with the assistance of microbiologists at Northwestern College, they’ve cracked the case. The culprits: some 21 members of a household of microbes who have been munching regularly on the drugs in the water, in accordance with a recent paper published within the journal Science of the total Atmosphere.

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Spaghetti worms are recognized by their scientific identify of Biremis. The specimens noticed by an MBARI distant-operated vehicle turned out to be a new species. “Biremis has no eyes, no gills, and lacks apparent chaetae, or bristles, along its body segments,” the institute said. “Additionally it is unusual as a result of its tentacles are inflated, giving it the pom-pom look that caught the researchers’ attention.”

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