Penis Chastity Equipment Tutorial

Get a quick look around my website and you’ll before long see We have got a interest for chastity. Well, maintaining cocks in chastity, to end up being exact. There’s something incredibly very hot about a locked-up tool that I can’t fairly put my little finger on… and neither can you, if you’re the lucky one locked-up. Whether you’re seeking for your very first chastity product, or looking for to put a chastity stand to your *ahem* expanding collection, it can get baffling when you realise simply how numerous variants are out there. This will be particularly the situation for lock-up enthusiasts who don’t possess a Keyholder/Mistress/Top to manual them, and merely want to explore chastity fetish by themselves. Welcome to my penis chastity products information!

I’m putting attention on the male organ chastity models in this information, while vulva ones are both tricky to come across and not as popular. Vulva chastity devices tend to end up being the belt model.

As I brought up at the begin, I’ve authored plenty in the past about my emotions in masculine chastity, and there happen to be in addition invitee characteristics in the subject in the form of erotica mainly because well as practical guides. In this article’s just a couple of examples:

  • What We Get Out Of Locking A Man In A good Chastity Cage
  • Keyholding Products and services: When DIY Chastity Makes Too Rough
  • Chastity Release – Her Icy Reply (erotica – find part two here)
  • The Ruffled Bed sheets Newbies’ Guidebook to Individual Chastity Take up

Let’s have a appear at the key models and types of penis chastity devices – furnished in alphabetical purchase.

Large Manual To Chastity Products For Penises

Behind Barz

Behind Barz are a UK established business who manufacture bespoke chastity products for men and women. Their chastity products happen to be manufactured from 316 precise metal, and stacy sweetstorm happen to be all created in the United Kingdom. Despite becoming UK structured, Behind Barz discreetly ship their custom-made cages and belts all over the earth, should you consequently require. They possess a amazing array of chastity things -I especially like the search of the ‘sissy cage’ which provides a shiny vulva-fronted glimpse while maintaining the manhood beneath on full lockdown.


Birdlocked happen to be centered in Switzerland, and the Swiss style of the penis cage will assure total stability for as long as you (or they) happen to be secured up. The Birdlocked units happen to be built from operative silicon which is comfy to have on, body-safe, hygienic and versatile without getting flimsy. They fastening via a padlock (or tamper-proof designated chastity tag words, whatever you usually work with). These one-piece chastity units for male member lock-up will be out there in a choice of hues, and happen to be discreet & relaxed for more name have on and under your typical clothes.


Originally supplying only silicone-manufactured penis chastity gadgets, Bon4 now crafts and offers steel steel promotions alongside their collection of silicone cages.

The Bon4 products will be available in regular, micro or large, and arrive with a range of bands hence you can try things out to find the perfect fit for your (or their) certain devices. There’s free worldwide shipping and delivery, so wherever you will be in the planet you can buy without the fret of hefty postage racking up your order price.

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Most people with a willing interest in penis chastity possess noticed of the CB chastity devices. There possess been many incarnations through the a long time, as the CB chastity unit offers been recently altered and better. CB-X promote the globally well known CB-6000 chastity device, which is accessible in standard or limited. There’s a assortment of closes, such as light red, obvious, stainless or actually lumber (if you like a bit of irony with your chastity).

There’s furthermore the CB-3000 system, which will be much wider and shorter than the CB-6000.

The CB chastity cages shut via padlock or designated clear plastic tags. The cheap labels nasty you can have on your chastity gadget also while exploring and through security assessments. There’s no reason not necessarily to continue to be closed up!

Holy Trainer

Holy Trainer chastity products are produced from bio resin, and have a selection of products so you can specific which one you desire. Or, if you want, you can contact Holy Coach about getting a tailor made cage built -in the colour of your selection, a text label and different enhancements as explained on the website.

These Holy Instructor products differ from some other variations just as there’s simply no padlock kept at the top of the cage which can be cumbersome under clothing or pose the chance of rattling during sports activities etc. The ‘MagicLocker’ technique methods that the offered major is put into the material locking tubing retaining the dog crate components collectively, changed to the closed situation and the essential taken away -and retained risk-free, in the method of your choice.


The Houdini will be a nostalgic favourite of mine. The open-ended model of this metallic chastity parrot cage fires up my thoughts with all varieties of wickedly teasing techniques for controlled denial participate in. I uncertainty this is the virtually all comfy or sensible machine for long lasting chastity, but for a period with a Best or Keyholder who possesses a cruelly sadistic streak to vent on their consenting chastity bass speaker, it looks just about ideal.

With a handcuff style band encircling the bottom of the shaft and testicles, the idea of entire handle and surrender will be toughened. The industrial metallic tubing and complementing crucial gives the correct gravitas for some hardcore M/ring ventures.

House of Refusal

House of Refusal market types of chastity units you may recognise from elsewhere. There’s a large range of chastity products accessible to purchase, either tube-style or stand. The Home of Denial chastity products will be built from plastic, silicon or metal, and there’s a large volume to look through and select from.

Costs start off at simply £11.99, so this could be a brilliant way to try out some short-term chastity and see if it’s for you – whether in a sensual bedroom situation with your partner or to take along to a expert BDSM session.

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Closed in Lust: The Vice

Locked in Lust begun in 2014 when the president experienced difficulties locating accurately what form of chastity unit they have been looking for. After learning about that they weren’t on your own, Locked in Lust was made -and along with the enterprise, The Vice chastity units.

Four forms of The Vice chastity unit happen to be obtainable to obtain from Locked in Lust: standard, small, plus (most obvious) and black. There’s likewise a assortment of love-making components and chastity add-ons to search through. The Vice cages happen to be light-weight, occur with a branded anti-pullout design to even more prevent break free, and happen to be made from medical level polycarbonate. Locked in Lust cruise ship around the world, with free of charge shipping for $99+ purchases.

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Lovehoney’s Chastity Alternatives

For a majorly mainstream intimacy shop, Lovehoney have a unexpected assortment of penis chastity goods. There’s their own-brand designs, male organ and vulva belts, plus penis cages, from the DOMINIX series. You can likewise find Professional Series cages, as very well as the CB-X CB-6000 chastity gadgets I spoke about preceding.

With prices from simply £29.99, hidden shipping and Lovehoney’s devotion scheme, this is a great spot to opt for up your next chastity cage.

Loving Joy

Loving Joy have created 4 models of work peice chastity cage under their Impound sub-range. Corkscrew, Convention, Gladiator and Spiral will be manufactured from materials many of these as stainless metallic, manganese metallic and zinc mix. Closed traditionally via a metal padlock, these chastity cages brook no discussion and are usually affordably priced to footwear, beginning at only £38.99.

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Person Stand by Pictures Media

These Person Dog crate chastity items by Images Media continue to keep it closed up and pointing submissively southwest. Produced from high-grade polycarbonate, these products will be long lasting, hypoallergenic and light and portable, but strong more than enough for the just about all teasing playtimes and for prolonged dress in.

Gentleman Dog crate items will be accessible in dark or clean styles, lock up via the integrated mini padlock or your own figures labels, and occur in a range of sizes for that perfect suit.

MyStim (Pubic Enemy Electro Chastity Cages)

Add an further facet of teasing tingle to your chastity escapades with these electro-sex cages from MyStim. There are two types of MyStim Pubic Enemy Electro Chastity Products (one with urethral tube and one without), sure to come to be totally alluring to electro-stimulation admirers.

Can you take care of the tantalising thrills?

If you’re curious about electro-sex, click to read my beginner’s lead to electrosex & electro gender gadgets.


I’m a large fan of the Oxballs brand – they don’t overcome around the bush, they craft chunky, long-lasting and reliable making love toys that perform what they declare in the tin (bundle).

The Cock Locking mechanism in dark or obvious is usually manufactured of stretchy TPR which encases cock and footballs, thus you can enjoy getting incapable to acquire erect while your fellow member is in its innovative real estate. Perfect to put on underneath outfits while out and about. This will be even more of a self-tease thing than a hard-core chastity fetishists’ piece credited to the shortage of outside locking device.

In a comparable vein (simply because it were) will be the Hunkyjunk Lockdown Devices (in Ice or Cobalt). Hunkyjunk comes from the exact same individuals behind the Oxballs brand.

Made from a blend of TPR and silicone, these elastic penis sheaths encase and prevent the physical outcomes of arousal for some squirmtastic night times away or people’ have fun with. The band at the platform meets around the testicles to even more restrict activity in the region.


Titus offer two designs of steel chastity equipment – one without an insertable anal shot connected, and one fashion with. There are three anal soccer ball measurements to pick from with the insertable model.

The traditional style of chastity cage from Titus costs £59.99 and locks with a mini padlock or your own numbered tags, as you need. The Titus chastity cages with further/connected insertable anal ball expense £94.99 and also fastening in the same way as the first.


I wish this major direct to chastity products, including links to our chastity cage critiques, provides been amazingly helpful for those seeking for their first or an extra device. Important items to consider are usually:

Fitting: make positive you acquire accurate measurements and purchase the accurate suit -or opt for a custom-fit model if feasible.

Put on duration: Will the chastity system be used for a N/s time just then eliminated? Or perform you desire to wear it non-stop for an long period of time of time? Choose cautiously – some equipment happen to be considerably more hygienic and lend themselves to detailed cleansing and night-time use than others.

Acumen: Is the chastity gadget of your desires fairly large and large? Does it lock with a padlock sat atop the main area? Think about how much of a bulging fat it will generate under clothes, if you’re moving for more time dress in than a carry out program. Take a trip strategies? A clear plastic machine, with clear plastic figures tags, would end up being a safer choice than a material parrot cage with a padlock -unless your magic formula fetish becoming discovered by air-port safety measures will be what you’re after.

We can’t perhaps write about chastity gadgets and thorough, great-quality evaluations without mentioning Ruffled Mattress sheets. Above at you’ll get a fantastic variety of in-depth chastity system opinions from Andy, who I’m fairly sure is heading after the world-record for variety of products owned.

Ruffled Bed linens possesses published a amazing starter’t manual to guy chastity for the sex blog website found in the past, and you can as well follow him below on Twitter.