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I will visit other websites instead. That is a valid point. If the top 1,000 websites started charging for content material, then nearly each different content material and service Internet site would bounce on the bandwagon to get a piece of the pie. 7a – In case you do get all of the top sites to cooperate, I will not visit them after they begin charging for his or social media content her content material. At that time, the never-paying minority would don’t have any Internet sites to visit. A small but vocal minority mentions the “I will never pay for content!” menace continually. One simple resolution can be to permit a person one page view (or three or five, no matter) on a given domain totally free, with the option to dam that site in the future. In that case, the person wouldn’t be charged for visiting that site. And as soon as they reached vital mass, they too would join the penny per page system to assist operations. Nonetheless, these new sites would not be able to generate any revenue to help themselves, so their contribution to the net would be minimal. It appears like it could be troublesome for second-tier websites to cost for content material if prime-tier sites did not. New free sites could then arise.