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Photoshop CS6 is available at However, you can use all the features of Photoshop without paying for a premium version.

Many Photoshop users use the program exclusively for online or video graphics work. There are resources on the web for creating simple line drawings, diagrams, animations, videos, icons, and more.

## Bring in Photos

Sometimes images (or parts of images) are too complicated to manipulate directly, and one needs to crop or otherwise modify them. For that, Photoshop is a wonderful tool.

After laying out your image, you may discover that it needs some sharpening or some small adjustments to make it look better. However, you don’t want to spend the time and effort creating a brand-new graphic, so you decide to use an existing photo to create a new image that looks like the original.

Photoshop gives you some tools and tools-plus presets that make such an edit a snap. You can edit a picture to bring back the colors and contrast, or perhaps eliminate some of the highlights or shadows.

You use the Photo Filter option (see the “Using the Photo Filter option” sidebar) to apply many effects to an existing photo. After selecting a Photo Filter, you can use the options on the panel to determine which effect you want to apply. The Photo Filter selection includes

* Adjustment Layers: Making any kind of adjustment to a photo is done by working with an Adjustment Layer. The adjustment you make to the photo is saved so that it can be used later to further modify the image.
* Layer Mask: When you work with an Adjustment Layer, you can edit areas within that layer by painting with a _layer mask_. Changing the layer mask creates a mask (a layer mask) that completely covers the part of the image that you want to change. You can selectively edit the parts of the image that have a mask.
* Transform: When a picture has been cropped or shifted, you can use the Transform feature to transform the picture into a new position. When working with a layer, you can make a transformation by painting with a special area within the layer.
* Artistic: The Artistic feature offers a variety of tools to create artistic effects. For example, you can use all these tools to distort the image or apply special effects like a painter would work on a canvas.

Any of these options can make a simple photo appear much more

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With professional-level features and the ability to edit RAW (raw) files, Photoshop is the dominant solution for professional digital image editing.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is not suitable for professional use. It is more suitable for image editing at home or for hobbyists.

Other options for Photoshop alternatives include:

The open source GNU GIMP

Krita (GNOME software)

Photoshop Express


Affinity Photo

Adobe Lightroom


GNU GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) is an open source, cross-platform alternative to Adobe Photoshop. The development team of GIMP launched the official stable release in July 2001.

GIMP is not a simple replacement for Photoshop. It does not have all the features of Photoshop. If you want to edit and create photographs or edit other images, you can use GIMP.

GIMP is available for PC, Mac, Linux, and other platforms. It is free, open source software.


Krita is a free and open source digital painting software. It is developed by a small group of volunteers.

Krita is a powerful, full-featured, professional painting software for anyone. You can edit images with more than 3,000 brushes, apply advanced color and special effects and even use a Wacom stylus to paint directly on the canvas.

Krita has developed into a program with many professional uses. It is an artist’s tool, not a computer graphics program or a digital photography software.

Krita is especially useful to generate high-quality graphics for posters, flyers and other promotional material. It supports raw image formats including JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIFF.

It supports transparency and layers, image filters, and many image adjustments. You can also generate photo-quality prints from your digital photographs.


Shotwell is a free open source digital photo manager. It supports RAW and JPEG files, as well as TIFF, BMP, PSD and other image formats.

Shotwell is a full-featured photo manager for managing your images and videos and sharing them with others. It includes a separate open source graphics and illustration editor for creating your own images. It includes a gallery view for organizing photos and for visualizing the relationships between them.


Photoshop CS3

James O’Brien Thinks That People Are Probably “Worse At Shopping Than You Think”

This clip has been going around the internet, and it’s gained a lot of traction, but it’s still shocking to hear it from James O’Brien.

By now, anyone with a pair of eyes and a functioning brain knows that if you’re wearing an early Xmas jumper in January, you’ve probably forgotten it in a drawer at home and it’s causing you terrible issues as you try to find it.

So, to be quite clear – you’re not really better than anyone else at shopping, you’re just a better version of everyone else.

This was James’ opinion on Twitter, and he swiftly got a bit of a hand

The other two men – who didn’t seem to think that they were any good at it, despite being in the super-competitive throng – rather seemed to think they were better at it than he is.

Although when he later reflected on the pic, it did have a certain pithy ambiguity about it…

Watch the clip above for James’ hilarious and very brief response to the dressing-room outburst.

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Updating new content with ajax

I have an index page and a user area page. The user area is being loaded using ajax after a button click which changes a hidden text box to the user area.
The issue I’m having is that I have a drop down list that is populated by the user’s posts, which is displayed in the users area. Currently it pulls through all the posts. I only want to pull through a limited number of posts that relate to the user the currently logged in.
How can I make this work? Do I need a separate query?
Thanks in advance!
$(‘.MyDropdown’).change(function() {
var cid = $(this).attr(‘id’);

type: “GET”,
url: “?get_posts”,
data: {cid: cid},
dataType: “json”,
success: function(data){
for (var i = 0; i ‘ + item.post_text + ”);

//collapse dropdown


HTML for the textbox:

System Requirements For Photoshop CS3:

NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD R9 290 or above
Intel Core i7 6700K or above
Windows 10 64-bit OS
Blu-ray drive (may not work on some Blu-ray players)
HDMI Monitor, TV, or Projector (may not work on some devices)
SteamOS / Linux is recommended
HIDAPI-compatible PS4 or Nintendo Switch is recommended
4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
20GB HDD space
HDD space for