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If you’re just interested in learning how to Photoshop, you can jump straight into the basics, to start building your skills and repertoire. In this series, we will cover Photoshop’s most basic and fundamental tools, from how to get a cursor to how to build a flame.

Also, keep an eye on our list of recommended Photoshop tutorials to start getting acquainted with some of the most popular features in Photoshop.

Part 1: Rectangle tool.

As the first tool in Photoshop, the rectangle is used for drawing and editing shapes. It may sound simple, but without knowing how to use the rectangle tool, you won’t be able to use other features to their fullest.

In this first tutorial, we will show you how to select the rectangle tool, create a standard rectangular shape and then use the black edges to keep the selection inside the shape.

All of these exercises can be done at any scale, no matter the size of your canvas.

Step 1: Selecting the rectangle tool

First, create a new Photoshop document. (If you want to follow along, grab a new document from our Ultimate List of Free Graphics Resources.)

Step 2: Draw your first shape

Draw a rectangle on the canvas. (It doesn’t matter if your shape is colored or not.)

Step 3: Using the black edges

Select the edges of the shape.

As you can see, the black edge of the shape has been added to the selection, and then those selected edges have been removed from the selection.

Step 4: Selecting and deleting shapes

Next, select the shape with the selection tool to move the shape around.

To delete shapes, select the shape with the black edges and press the Backspace key.

Step 5: Resizing shapes

To change the size of a shape, you’ll need to use the zoom tool.

Click and drag from left to right to change the zoom factor.

You’ll notice that when zooming out, you lose the black edges of the shape.

Step 6: Adjusting the horizontal and vertical

Now to adjust the width or height of a shape, you can zoom out a bit, then control-click to zoom in on the outer part of the shape.

Adjust the shape to your satisfaction.

Step 7: Selecting different parts of a shape

You can make a variety of selections using the rectangle tool, such

Photoshop CC 2015 Version 16

If you use Photoshop Elements, you may want to find the best Photoshop alternatives.

We have already reviewed the best photo editors on Android and iOS. This way, you can find the best photo editing software and apps, regardless of which platform you use.

Photoshop Alternatives For Android


Pixelmator is one of the best photo editing software that you can run on your Android device. It is an app that was originally created by Automattic in 2009 and developed for Mac.

On Android, it has a free and premium version available. The free version only contains the editing features and doesn’t include any effects. You can always upgrade your app to the premium version for $2.99 a month. It allows you to layer, crop, rotate, edit, retouch and edit similar images and videos. It includes more than 80 Photoshop tools, more than 800 preset filters, a drawing panel, a healing tool and 11 other useful tools.

Better to use the free version if you are on a budget or don’t mind the ads.


Fotor is a simple photo editing app that lets you edit your images and use tools to make better images. You can also edit videos with Fotor.

Some features are limited in the free version, but you can get everything you need with the pro version.

The app has a handy feature that allows you to find alternative photos from similar-sounding images.

Unfortunately, Fotor is only available on Android devices with a US or UK account, and Fotor has restricted features for UK users.

It provides you with plenty of editing tools, such as the ability to rotate and crop images and overlay text, stickers, filters and frames.


DRAW allows you to create beautiful images and beautiful drawings.

You can also save a picture on the device’s SD card.

Additionally, you can change the art style of your drawings from a huge variety of presets, use more than 90 items, and add over 800 frames and pictures.


VSCOcam is a photo editing app that was first released for iOS in 2014. It can also be used on Android phones and tablets, but it is the best for tablets.

With VSCOcam, you can import, edit and save photos. It also allows you to use filters and effects, as well as a dark and lightroom mode

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