At the FIFA Global Congress, EA is showing off the technology in action, including demo footage and a complete match featuring the new gameplay and animation system.

“This is one of the most exciting technologies we have introduced to FIFA franchise,” said David Rutter, FIFA Lead Gameplay Designer. “We have taken the player data we collected from our 22 high-intensity-football-match athletes and used it in game to take the ball-based, physically intense action of real football matches and apply it to the pitch through improved animations. The results are incredible. It’s really something to see.”

FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology” that uses motion capture data from a 22-player motion capture suit worn by athletes throughout a real football match, to power the action and gameplay in FIFA.

“When we analysed the high-intensity football data we collected from our motion capture suits, we saw some very interesting patterns,” said David Rutter, FIFA Lead Gameplay Designer. “We saw that the ball possession is an extremely complex and dynamic process and our players were using their arms, legs and feet to control the ball. While the ball moves, players also need to use their heads. Our goal was to take the most basic elements of the data, control the ball and then use the complex movement of the players to add a new dimension to our gameplay.”

“What is especially interesting about this technique is that it uses the real data we have captured to create an entirely new method of gameplay and player movement,” said David Rutter. “The player movements are complex and diverse and yet the whole of the game is playable from start to finish. We can change almost anything in our gameplay – we have more degrees of freedom than any previous FIFA game. This is the biggest change to our game engine ever.”

FIFA’s “Play the Game” mode returns, featuring the same robust physics engine that is driving the “FIFA on the Ball” experience. The game also includes a new set of meaningful friendlies against a range of opposition, including a traditional national team versus club challenge where the friendlies take place on the same home and away settings as the leagues and tournaments.

Key points:

More authentic game engine physics and physics-driven animations and physics-driven AI behaviours;

More control over movement, with more


Features Key:

  • A fresh look to FIFA – FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits.
    The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.
  • Player Intelligence with improved EA SPORTS Football Club – New Player Intelligence technology brings players to life in a new way, making everyone visible and feeling more connected to their team.
    Adaptive AI – all 22 real-life player likenesses have been individually identified and used to make the most complete and varied AI team ever seen in a sports game.
    Dynamic Battles – AI players make decisions based on a team’s roles and tactics, making for more realistic enemy A.I.
    New Goalkeeper Trainers – Real-world mechanics, animations and reactions allow you to master the craft of goalkeeping.
    New Freeze Frames – Intelligent face scanning gives each player a unique facial expression.
  • HyperDribbling – Volleyballs, dodges, scuffs, sprints, and dekes are now more realistic thanks to the use of the player’s own data from hundreds of matches on the pitch.
  • Premiership Soccer Championship – Premier League or Bundesliga Champions and Eredivisie and Sp.S.S. Lazio Serie A Champions will be joining your club in FEBRUARY.


  • FIFA 22
  • New Gameplay Toolset
  • New 3v3 Player Intelligence
  • New Player Traits and Strengths
  • Dynamic Battles
  • New Goalkeepers
  • New Skills
  • New Instincts
  • New Pro Spotlight
  • New Career History
  • New Club Creation Pack– From City of Champions to Zlatan
  • New Online FUT Draft Mode
  • Victory Stadiums


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FIFA is the most successful videogame franchise of all time, selling over 100 million copies and boasting an established community of more than 25 million players. Millions of supporters around the world can’t get enough of the game as the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise continues to grow and evolve, with FIFA 17 the most successful videogame of all time.

Players can experience the intensity of authentic, next-generation gameplay in a number of ways:

On court: Start each game with a player controlled through the entire match as you take on up to 24 players on the pitch in many ways, including in one-on-ones, free kicks, corner kicks, throw-ins, crosses and set-pieces.

On the touchline: Choose from 19 National Teams, with historical squads ranging from 1970’s Brazil and Spain to the modern day Netherlands and Japan, plus create your own from over 600 players.

In Ultimate Team: Build the greatest team of all time by collecting players from the best competitions around the world, including real players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney to legends like Ronaldo, Messi, Pele and Cafu. Create a unique squad with over 40 unique cards, including many of the game’s most-demanded stars. As you play, your team will develop and gain experience, which will help you unlock a comprehensive array of cards and items that you can use to build more powerful Ultimate Teams.

In Career Mode: Play your way as you rise through the ranks, from playing for a Real Madrid side as a budding youth prodigy to becoming a dominant World Cup winner. Build a competitive team of Premier League stars, test your managerial skills on every level, and travel through the FIFA World Cup™ to bring home the coveted Jules Rimet trophy.

FIFA continues its journey into the future, with FIFA 22. Powered by Football, this is what EA SPORTS FIFA 22 is all about.

Create the Ultimate Team

The dream is to be a football manager. Play your way through the prestigious FIFA Career Mode and manage your very own team in the ultimate virtual football experience. As you play, your team will grow, gain experience and unlock a comprehensive array of cards and items that you can use to build more powerful Ultimate Teams.

The game will follow the player through their career and includes a match engine that delivers completely new gameplay:

Dynamic Strikers: Realistic interactive AI, supporting players and goalkeepers will all make for even more realistic


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Rip through matches with thousands of players and team combinations, unlock deluxe players, squad boosts and new teams using FIFA Ultimate Team, FIFA’s definitive card collection game.

Football Manager –
Be the most successful manager in the FUT era. From the backroom staff to the players, you’ll build the greatest team of your career and take it all the way to glory. Develop your scouting network and dive deep into team news to make the right moves, or craft your own players using your own tactics. Or go all in and build a club from the ground up. Whatever you decide to do, Football Manager has a level of depth and detail that gives you a richer and more immersive experience.

FIFA 18 Demo – Discover what makes FIFA the most popular football video game on the planet.
• Real indoor football stadium environments, personalised for each player
• Different player kits, jerseys, and players to pick from
• Authentic animations from real players and teams
• Football moves, abilities and more
• Create and level up your players and introduce them to your squad
• Test your skills and judgement in practice matches
• Create the ultimate team, from attack to defence

FIFA Mobile – Lead your team to glory in FIFA Mobile, the most accessible FIFA experience. Take on your friends in head-to-head matches and compete in live and season-long events while you build and train your team, explore an array of stadiums and compete for the weekly rewards.

FIFA Soccer – Early Access Available: Available now. Build your ultimate team from a player pool of over 40,000 players with authentic likenesses, unequalled gameplay depth, and the most authentic club experience ever.

Coming Soon
New Features and Improvements


The Journey – The Journey is a single-player mode in which you become the next great manager. Your road to success will be challenging but the rewards will be great. The Journey takes you from the sidelines through to building, managing, and coaching the ultimate football club.

Friends Pass – Now there’s a new way to play FIFA. Have fun playing together with Friends Pass. Find players online and set up a game with your friend, and you’ll both play on the same team and enjoy the same game together. Friends can also take part in the #WorldCupChallenge and win rewards when they get to feature on the FIFA World Cup trophy.

Fan Mode – From now on,


What’s new:

  • New additions to the squad, including a FIFA athlete, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
  • Added to the roster of kits available, is a new English Premier League Kit.
  • Added to the roster of kits available, is a new Maribor Kit.


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Powered by Football is our entry into a new era of authentic sports video gaming. It is our passion to connect the sport with people through their favourite sport; football. We recognise that you have a strong bond with your club and it’s your team that you connect with on a deep level. We want FIFA to feel like the virtual team jersey that you’ve saved up for and have been waiting for. The true football experience.

FIFA is currently the world’s most popular sports game and has been for 14 years. This year, we’re bringing all the excitement of real-life football into the game, and giving football players, coach and managers the opportunity to play like footballers, managers and coaches in FIFA.

Note: The above image is intended as an impression only and not as an official visual representation of the final game product. © 2013 Electronic Arts Inc. All rights reserved.

FIFA 20 vs Madden 20

FIFA 20 vs Madden 20

FIFA 20 vs Madden 20

FIFA 20 vs Madden 20

FIFA 20 vs Madden 20

In the spirit of the game, EA SPORTS FIFA 20 is launching first on Xbox One and only on Xbox One in the US in celebration of the unique features and exclusive content on Xbox One that will only be available on Xbox One in the US.

The features and content of the game include new kits, new animations, player likeness, and dynamic gameplay improvements. Expect additional details to be announced closer to launch.

Xbox One:

– Xbox One exclusive

– Leading console exclusive

– Players, coaches and managers engage in authentic football activities and decisions, striving for new heights of technical skill and physical play

– Full 1080p HD graphics

– Immerse yourself in full-scale, free-flowing football action

– New free roaming movement control for fine-tuning your on-field play

– New, improved engine

– Realistic light and shadowing effects

– New tools and tactics

– Dynamic gameplay improvements

Xbox One X Enhanced features:

– Multiple players can play at once

– Play in ultra HD at 4K

– Full 4K resolution on all new console

– Xbox One X Enhanced features are exclusive to Xbox One X console, available at a later date

Full list of all Xbox One X Enhanced features:



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