Which players have been the best?

Every game has a number of standout players, the best of which are listed below. The rankings are based on statistics for the UEFA Champions League campaign.

1. Lionel Messi: The king. His statistics this season were consistent with the past three years. With an attacking (Shooting/Finishing) rating of 95.2, goal assist ratio of 25.3 per cent and a shot on target ratio of 36.4 per cent, he carried his team in attack as he had been doing for the past few years.

2. Luis Suarez: The real king. He is the only player in the top 10 this season with an attacking rating of 90.2, an assist ratio of 33.3 per cent and a shot on target ratio of 37.5 per cent.

3. Neymar: The king of kings. His attacking rating of 90.2 and an assist ratio of 33.3 per cent are the highest among these top 10 players. He also has a shooting rating of 94.2 and a shot on target ratio of 45.5 per cent, which combined suggest he was the star performer for Barcelona on the day.

4. Harry Kane: The king of the strikers. He has three attributes of great strikers — shooting rating of 96.8, shot on target ratio of 45.5 per cent and an assist ratio of 27.3 per cent. When you consider that he had only one match in the third week in September, when most strikers were in the round of 16 of the Champions League, his record was outstanding.

5. Gabriel Jesus: The fourth king. He scored a brace in the first leg of the Champions League third qualifying round, which was an impressive performance against the very strong FC Luzhniki Stadium side.

6. Antoine Griezmann: The king of neutrals. He was the best performer from the club’s Spanish La Liga side in the Champions League. With an attacking rating of 91.2 and an assist ratio of 27.3 per cent, he was able to combine well with his teammates as he always has in the past.

7. Robert Lewandowski: The king of German Bundesliga. The Pole’s attacking rating of 90.7 per cent was among the best, if not the best, in the tournament. He also had the best assist ratio of 33.3 per cent.

8. Mesut Ozil:


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    Tower Cases
    Software Overview
    An Introduction to SteamVR
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