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FIFA’s new hypermotion technology, or HMT for short, provides players with more precise, intelligent and responsive game-play. HMT allows players to execute goal-scoring chances at any speed, while also using their skills to exploit AI weaknesses, creating more meaningful matches. They’ll be able to see and feel where their teammates and opponents are, and receive accurate pass direction cues, even when the ball is flicked across the pitch.

We’re excited to share an overview of the innovations we’ve implemented on FIFA 22 and how they’re going to make the game deeper, more immersive and, most importantly, more exciting.

To learn more about the many other innovations in FIFA 22 like vPro, Online Series, and the new National Teams, please take a look at our FIFA 22 FAQs here.

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FIFA’s rich physics engine, VREALISM, is used to create a simulation-inspired gaming experience. It creates more believable, authentic football by using millions of data points from the real football world, including player movement, dribbling, shooting, tackling, scoring, ball control, and more. Players can duck, dive and slide with ease, with a consistent feeling of smoothness, and kick the ball with muscular power that mirrors the speed of the real-life game.

On FIFA 22, numerous players’ traits, such as muscle structure, torso rotation and turn radius, will be subtly influenced by what position they are playing and what type of ball they are kicking, such as a long range shot versus a short range shot, or a free kick versus a routine shot. This provides players with a sense of almost limitless control over their game and has been recognized as one of FIFA’s biggest design themes for over five years.

In terms of pitch-specific physics, multiple surfaces will react differently to the same kick, such as grass, hard ground, water, packed sand and ice. Furthermore, when played on the right surface, the ball will roll and bounce in a different way, creating a more natural feeling of motion.

The physics engine is extended by new animations, goal celebrations and turning towards the ball as a new dribbling mechanic. For the first time in FIFA gameplay, players will also be able to seamlessly switch from shooting to dribbling seamlessly. They


Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 introduces an all-new momentum based passing system that allows players to experience more fluid passing interactions with one another and also allows for more unpredictable, less scripted, passing interactions with the ball.
  • FIFA 22 introduces several new dribbling moves for all dribbling assets.
  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.
  • Various improvements have been made to the physics system, specifically those that impact rapid, more intense transitions, such as sprinting, and goalkeepers.
  • FIFA 22 introduces “Player Xtra”, which adds a number of unique taunts based on gameplay, opponent, or context that can also be unlocked by mastering their corresponding FIFA Skill Games. For example, winning big in FIFA Skills adds a “Hail Mary” taunt, while finishing fast in the Assistant Coach Game features a “flash move” taunt. These taunts can be used to distract an opponent and score a goal before the play has begun or to give away a goal post, and will be available to buy with Fut Coins.
  • FIFA 22 introduces the ability to donate Stadium Improvements to your Club, which expand the building’s capabilities.
  • FIFA 22 introduces the ability to donate Stadium Improvements to your Club, which expand the building’s capabilities.
  • FIFA 22 introduces new Team Play modes, such as Fixtures, Road to World Cup, International Friendlies, Superstars Invitational, and Customised.
  • FIFA 22 introduces ICONS, which give each player their own unique visual and audio personality. Over 40 iconic clubs and players have been equipped with ICONS.
  • FIFA 22 introduces Episodes, which enable players the ability to play multiple matches simultaneously in a single career.
  • FIFA 22 introduces Episodes, which enable players the ability to play multiple matches simultaneously in a single career.
  • FIFA 22 introduces the Season Mode, which allows players to experience games from the beginning of the League


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    FIFA is the top-selling football series in the world with over 250 million sold.

    FIFA is the top-selling football series in the world with over 250 million sold.

    Unlock the best players in the world with an extensive roster of official clubs. The most prestigious players in the world compete with you to prove who’s the best.

    Create your own club from more than 200 authentic teams to play in World Cup, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League competitions.

    Test your skills in the revamped Pro Am Mode. Form a fantasy squad and battle against your friends to become the ultimate football fan.

    Be a part of the FIFA World Cup. Jump into an official FIFA World Cup event and put your skills to the ultimate test.

    Become the ultimate football manager to manage your team through the full life of a club. Lead your team to glory in the FIFA Manager Career Mode.

    Collect badges and stars to earn praise from the players. Rank up to unlock exciting rewards in the form of new gear and unique clothing.

    Win tournaments to earn special player items and rewards.

    Get behind the controls. Create and train your own player to take on the world.

    Form an 11-man squad. Choose from more than 1,000 authentic licensed players. Perform over 350 unique player animations.

    Perform more than 1,000 individual player animations.

    Manage your team with live tackles and live dribbles. Play the game at its very best with the ability to play through a match in any order, even from penalties.

    Teams are now more committed to your strategy. Manage tactical formations and pre-match formations to win.

    Opponents now set up to challenge you every time. The coaching system has been improved.

    Dribble more naturally with new controls. Now you can pull off the more advanced dribbling techniques.

    Defend more naturally with new defending controls. All eight foot positions offer new moves and techniques.

    The ball no longer breaks naturally. Now you can defend and defend in the correct areas on the pitch.

    Create more chances with the new new system. Decision making has been improved.

    Increase your chance of scoring by using your feet. Use new controls and techniques to beat defenders and gain space on the pitch.

    Always take on the biggest opponent in your way


    Fifa 22 Activation

    Rise to the top in FIFA Ultimate Team by building your squad, collecting trophies, and unlocking rewards. Collect and activate iconic players from football’s most famous clubs.

    Club World Cup – With Club World Cup, FIFA returns to the most exciting competition in the game. Unite the clubs of the global football community to win the most prestigious club competition.

    Boss Battles – Defy the odds in a series of fun and quirky Boss Battles. Each one is a single-player challenge that presents you with new goals and a new strategy.

    MUT – Experience real player-versus-player matches in MUT. Bring your friends, challenge your friends, and play online with your FIFA Rivals.

    Offline Games – Offline Games is back, with new offline mode and new gameplay modes. New offline modes include: 3 Vs 3, which includes free kicks and a new 2-on-1 player system; Skillshot – Compete against your friends, family, and colleagues in a series of tournament-style gameplay challenges; Wildfire – Aim, shoot, and score! – use the full ball to score with a series of trick shots; and Tournament Host – Compete against your friends and colleagues in a series of knockout-style tournaments.

    Multiplayer Online – In FIFA Ultimate Team, experience the thrill of competing with the top players in the world. Join and form your own FUT Club, challenge your friends to cups, and compete in tournaments with live streaming.

    Social Features – As part of the FIFA franchise, FIFA’s unparalleled social features allow you to share and interact with your friends, clubs, and clubs in the global football community. Create your own in-game avatars, as well as edit your profile, photos, and the crowd noise for your own ultimate team.

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    What’s new:

    • Visual experience – Includes grass, sand, road surfaces, and new crowd animations that bring soccer to life, as well as improved draw effects for your Champions League and Europa League squads.
    • Skill moves – Include new moves such as the “Burner” and “Thick Finish” that will give your attacks a more dynamic look and feel.
    • Wingers – New face off animations for line breaker players will provide a more dynamic tempo to your game.
    • More defensive protection – A complete defensive stack overhaul sees interlocking when facing through balls and more cover and coverage defensively. Expect improved marking for standout pro defenders too.
    • Miscellaneous – New camera angles can be used to give a spectacularly unique view to your Ultimate Team…

      Crane – a professional centre back who protects the ‘diamond’ and acts as an attacking option.
      Strik – a lethal winger playing with more speed and power, who is comfortable on both wings.
      Skil – the suave, technical forward who is a top dribbler and player in front of goal.

      Scrutine – a talented Scrutineer who can slot in at centre back or winger.
      Thick Streak – a versatile striker who attacks from long or short range, including on the ball
      Centre Back – a fast and technically gifted defender.


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    FIFA (from FIFA, FIFA Ltd.) is a franchise that is developed by Electronic Arts, creators of the NCAA Football and NHL series.

    What are the difference between FIFA and PES?

    While EA Sports FIFA and Konami PES compete for the same market, PES is developed by a sister company and the gameplay, mentality and philosophy is different.

    What is included in FIFA?

    FIFA includes a simulation of the 2016 UEFA Champions League, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga and English Premier League. It also includes the 2015/2016 El Clasico, 2015/2016 Italian Super Cup, 2015/2016 German DFB Pokal and 2015/2016 Greek Super Cup.

    What is included in PES?

    In PES, there are also tournaments from the 2015/2016 UEFA Champions League, 2015/2016 UEFA Super Cup, 2015/2016 Italian Super Cup and the 2015/2016 El Clasico. However, due to time constraints, the tournament has only been downloaded for a selected group of players.

    What is the difference between the offline and online multiplayer modes?

    FIFA games normally feature offline multiplayer modes with friends and family, although they also include online modes.

    In FIFA the offline modes include:

    – Override mode: This mode allows up to eight people to compete in a league, knockout cup or knockout tournament with any number of stages and variations. Teams are picked by the users.

    – Season mode: The season mode is a year long play. Users must pick the league and play through a full season against challenging opponents.

    – Custom game: This mode allows the users to create matches and upload them to the in-game players list.

    – Direct Kick: The in-game camera is placed on the opposing player and can be controlled to take the penalty kick for the user.

    – Create a Club: This mode allows the user to create a club for just the users or everyone. It is a well thought out feature that will hopefully bring some fun into the game.

    In PES, the offline modes include:

    – Local Match: Players can be requested by the users to play a one player match with any number of stages and variations.

    – Local Match 2: Players can be requested by the users to play a one player match with any number of stages and variations.

    – Online Match: The matches can be played online or offline


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