Motion Capture Analysis

Players in FIFA 22 will be equipped with what developers call “Position-Tracked Motion Capture (PTM) suits.” This is the first use of motion capture suits for a football game. The suit captures and tracks every real-life movement of every player from any angle — even if they are sprinting, diving, rolling, kicking or lifting the ball. The data can be tracked for up to five players on the pitch at any one time, allowing you to see players’ positions from any angle in real-time.

The data captured from the player can also be applied to players not wearing the suit. Motion data from all players on the pitch is continuously matched with each opponent and can be used to properly display every player’s body movement in relation to the pitch surface. This is the reason for the different styles of presentation of defenders, midfielders and attackers. When tracking the data from the player in the match, you may see the amount of body weight on either side of the right foot. This was recently tested out with motion capture as opposed to traditional stick-tracking when players’ weight distribution on the pitch was analyzed.

Teams and Players

The new Dynamic Player Trajectories system will bring a true sense of realism to your gameplay. This system is primarily based on player speed. For example, a player that is sprinting will look to build up momentum to move faster and faster as he approaches the opponent’s penalty area. The speed of movement is generated at the end of the tackle and can be greater or less than that of the player.

Real-life players will look to make the perfect header or volley on crosses, and move as quickly as they can around the pitch and square with the opposition in the build-up phase. This will be represented by a player that sprints to outrun the opponents and doesn’t waste time looking back and following the opponents’ every movement.

Additionally, when you play as a goalkeeper, changes in your height relative to the pitch surface, the accuracy of your kicks and the force of your shots will change depending on your body type. The new form of body type and injury management can drastically alter your ability to deal with a challenge, and will be represented on-the-pitch by your physical frame.

Surface Changes in Motion

All players will show a change in their weight and direction on a pitch with a slope. This


Features Key:

  • Be the best with the fastest and most realistic club and player ratings seen in FIFA titles to date. Use the most advanced camera and playbook available to deliver the best fan experience. The controls feel great, replays are more realistic, and the gameplay is faster and smarter.
  • Play a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits, streamed live to fans around the world.


      Play with the controls that feel right. And a new signature Precision D-pad lets you adapt and evolve your dribbling and passing techniques. And controlled movement is where FIFA 22 shines. From beautiful and sophisticated player controls such as flicks, jukes, dummies and spin crosses; to a new passing system that enables improvisational, reactive and unpredictable gameplay.

      Fan camera now matches the best fan control camera in the game. Adapt the camera to the game situation at the very moment you need to. Fan camera slowly zooms in on the ball, zooms out from the crowd, and tilts to see a player’s body language. All to bring the emotion and intensity of a match to life. You can select any angle for the camera, including the first person. You can even slow down real-time action or freeze it with the press of a button.
      Learn the secrets of the modern game. With controls that are more responsive, FIFA 22 reacts as you play, tuning to that split second when you need to. You’ll find that every decision leads to the next opportunity on the pitch, encouraging you to improvise on the ball.


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Game Summary

Play more than 1.5 million players from around the world in live online leagues, tournaments, and more.

Create your own FIFA Ultimate Team™ of real players and train them to prove your mastery.

Discover rich and authentic Club environments – compete for trophies on club-specific stadiums.

Become the ultimate football manager with a new full-featured management mode, featuring matchday challenges, scouting, training and more.

Become the ultimate football manager with a new full-featured management mode, featuring matchday challenges, scouting, training and more.

Become the player you’ve always wanted to be, training and playing through new game modes and creation tools.

Discover a deeper, more connected football experience – every game, every club, every moment.

Score Goals

Players can now take more realistic and explosive touches, with headers, sliding, and controlled control over the ball.

Manage Your Club

Become the ultimate football manager with a new full-featured management mode, featuring matchday challenges, scouting, training and more.

Customise your teams, then play at the highest level, in leagues, tournaments and unique challenges.

Play with players and club partners alike – build an arsenal of players, then go toe-to-toe with friends in player ratings challenges.

Choose from three difficulty levels – play your way through the two easy levels, then level up to challenge yourself


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Compete in your own matches with unique players, collect and develop them to take your team to new heights and compete in exciting tournaments and 1-on-1 challenges.

Selection and Team Building – Build your dream team by selecting a combination of real and virtual players, complete with a selection of legends. Design and deploy your tactics, consult your bench, and manage team chemistry to get results.

Create-a-Player – Rise to the top of the FUT pro ranks and take on challenges as you play yourself through the ranks of the game. Build a FUT pro career, and work your way up from amateur and reserve team levels to the very top.

FIFA Ultimate Team Points –
Earn more points in FUT – more goals, more assist, and more clean sheets. Your ultimate goal is to earn the most points. With the new, goal-based Ultimate Team Points system, it’s all about the goals.

Get ready for the next level of control with FIFA 22. PlayStation 4 introduces the all-new Pro Controller, which features dual analog sticks for more precise movement, an expanded grip, and the addition of L2/R2 to emulate passing and shooting for greater control. FIFA 22 also features a new UWP – a new intuitive user interface – that brings the unique navigation from FIFA 18 to PS4, introducing FIFA Pitch Control for easy on the fly playing and the ability to play the game anywhere on any screen.

With players controlling the ball and team mates around them, you’ll be immersed in the action from the first whistle. Set your sights on the new game modes like UWP, where you’ll receive constant feedback as to where you need to move your player for each play, and new overtimes, controlled by defender-passing using the Pro Controller D-pad.

And it’s no secret that FIFA 22 introduces the all new FUT Points system. The real-money FUT system allows you to acquire and trade real players in weekly and monthly packs. Scour the web and be the first to own the best players using the new FUT Market. Or, start your first team with an endless dream team in FUT Draft.

FIFA 22 for PS4 features the FIFA Ultimate Team Character Creator, so you’ll be able to create your own unique, fantasy-like player. This expansion pack also introduces all-new hair color, eye color,


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Career Mode – New revolution in coaching and management: use your in-game decisions to set your player’s cards, in and out of games, before matches and after matches. Your player’s development is shaped by your coaching and management, so set the right course for your team’s future. Calling into sessions, training to improve skills and even adapting your tactics based on your player’s strengths.
  • UEFA Champions League – Play against some of the most decorated teams in European Football. The new domestic and international FA Cups and League cups have also been revamped.
  • FIFA 22 delivers authentic, path-breaking innovations, from goal celebration dances to speed dribbling, improved AI match flow and smarter team switching.
  • The new FIFA Player Connection branched 1.0 content update brings a plethora of enhancements to this highly detailed game.
  • FIFA Amateur is a free fan experience mode for aspiring footballers, featuring competitions, training, match simulations and professional-level coaching.
  • More intuitive, streamlined and simplified HUD to make FIFA more accessible for both casual and high-level players alike.


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New Material Design

We updated the overall design of the game to make the game more intuitive, fun, and enjoyable for fans to explore the game on a daily basis. In addition to the updated visuals, we added new features and updated many aspects of the game to make the game more intuitive, fun and enjoyable for fans to explore the game on a daily basis.

New Commentary

FIFA World Cup™ brings in Brian Kilmeade and Tyler


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

OpenGL or DX11
DirectX 11 (Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10)
Minimum: OS: Windows 7
Processor: 1.8 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 4 GB available space
Video: Graphics card with 256 MB (OpenGL recommended)
4.5 GB available space
3 GB available space
Nvidia GTX 460
AMD Radeon HD 5670
AMD Radeon HD 5750
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470