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Previously, FIFA developers have utilised data from a dedicated motion capture studio. While there are issues associated with this approach, by using motion capture data from the real-life players of a football match, FIFA 22 will allow players to enjoy a totally new, authentic experience.

FIFA 22 focuses on player individuality, with added to the hub, as well as individual club rivalries and players’ personal backgrounds. Five of the game’s most popular features – Player Impact Engine, Ultimate Team, FIFA Ultimate Team Card Collection, In-Game Stores and Club Connect – have been fully upgraded in FIFA 22, with new additions, interactive gameplay and enhanced functionality.

Player Impact Engine returns to the heart of the match where decisions made by the players on the pitch impact the outcome of the game. For the first time, players can now see their actions shown on a pitch-by-pitch basis, as well as the impact of their teammates. They can utilise these factors to influence the outcome of the match and impact their club’s performance throughout the season.

FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology”, which uses motion capture data collected from a real-life football match in motion capture suits. The data captured will be used to power the new game engine. Previously, FIFA developers have utilised data captured from a dedicated motion capture studio.

Featured on the FUT team page for the first time, provides multiple views of a player’s game, allowing players to focus on different aspects of their performance. In addition to the standard ‘Player Journal’ view, or ‘Player Highlights’, the ‘Tactical View’ allows users to see each player’s actions highlighted in a simple and easy to understand manner. Furthermore, the ‘My Player’ view shows fans how they can improve their players on various aspects of game play.

“The feedback we have received from fans is incredible,” said Dediu. “They have told us that the activation of and its new features, along with the ‘HyperMotion’ technology, has made them fall in love with the game all over again. We’re extremely excited to add so many more features into FIFA 22 and it’s been very exciting working with current and former FIFA players – who have contributed so much to our development – to help us deliver the experience they deserve


Features Key:

  • HyperMotion Technology – The pitch and ball react to the player, responding dynamically to the action from the moment you make contact, to the pressure and speed of the tackle. Created specifically for touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones, and using motion sensing technology in wearable motion-tracking suits, it gives you the sensation of playing with the ball in your hands like never before.
  • Adrenaline Rush – Our uniquely skilled Verified Creators unlock thrilling new content and rewards to help you hone your skills in the Pro and Ultimate modes. Discover all-new threats and test your best creative moves against your opponents.
  • Player Breakdown – Step up and get under the skin of more than 350 real players, each with their own distinctive personality, strengths and weaknesses. Collect the game’s most popular players and progressively work your way up the ranks to unlock more exclusive content than ever before.
  • Expanded Challenges – Reignite the spirit of Pro and Ultimate Challenges during six huge leagues with more than 30 challenges in each, including camps, sprints, mini-tournaments, and more.
  • Game Modes – Test your skills in either single-player modes, challenging online or offline play against the toughest AI opponents, or in the new Career Mode, which covers complete career paths for both players and managers, featuring create-a-player technology that creates a unique player based on your attributes including physique, body type and ideal position on the pitch.
  • FIFA Moments – Enter FIFA Moments – a new story-driven take on the FIFA Ultimate Team feature that takes place on the global stage and features competitive and co-operative modes. In FIFA Moments, you must capture the world’s biggest moments, be they as a team or a player, to overcome the challenges and unique situations to bring about epic triumphs in the game.
  • Season Pass & Elite Status – The Season Pass returns with individual membership, and will be available for you to purchase at a set price for three seasons. Benefits include 10 additional packs, bonus awards, and access to the extra content you purchase throughout your membership. Elite Status provides additional benefits, such as unlimited database access, exclusive challenges and unlocks.


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FIFA is an influential and bestselling video game franchise that draws on real-world statistics and combines them with controlled simulations to capture all the drama, emotion and excitement of modern-day football. Developed by EA Canada, FIFA video games have become a global phenomenon that has sold nearly 150 million copies worldwide and generated more than US $13 billion in revenue since the franchise’s inception.

Annual installments of the FIFA franchise have been crowned the best sports game of the year by outlets such as Game Informer, GamesRadar, Official Xbox Magazine and The Best Podcast in Video Games. Players can experience the realism of FIFA through its advanced gameplay features, core soccer skills, and photorealistic stadiums and players.

An expansive lineup of authentic licensed teams and players, stadiums, and competitions provides an unparalleled soccer experience for fans around the world. FIFA features more than 1,000 unique licensed players, including over 50 international superstars, and more than 30 leagues and competitions from around the world.


World-class gameplay features and enhancements

Combines authentic team and player behaviors and controls with the most realistic physics of any FIFA game

Introduces a new Authentic Movement engine, which delivers an unprecedented level of control and responsiveness

Introduces an entirely new Player Intelligence engine, which improves the intelligence and responsiveness of each player on the pitch

Drives the ball through the air with an all-new, low-kick-through system that accurately simulates the physics of the real-world game

All-new Attacking Intelligence introduces a more intelligent and aware approach to scouting the run of play and providing extra ball control for the striker

FC Barcelona star Neymar Jr. brings his impressive aerial ability to the pitch on foot

New-generation playing surfaces and stadiums provide a level of authenticity and realism not previously seen in a sports title, with new coverings, textures, surfaces, and official stadiums around the world

Introduces an all-new rain effect that lets players see through the downpour, and the immersion of real-world dust storms over stadiums and player movements

Powered by EA SPORTS™ Frostbite™, FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advancements and a new season of innovation across every mode. Featuring the latest enhancements for the new FIFA Manager and new-generation Frostbite engine, FIFA 22 also introduces a host of new features and enhancements that will provide a dramatic improvement in gameplay.


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Chase the ultimate dream of building a real-life squad of footballers and being the best. In Ultimate Team you will collect new players, develop your team, manage your squad and use all-new features to turn your favourite players into football stars.

Gameplay Features

Pure Player Feel – In FIFA 22, we are delivering the player movements and controls that players want, created by tapping into the authenticity of the technology powering NBA 2K. Players can now control the ball realistically with natural footwork, as well as the ability to slip, fake, dribble and pass accurately. They can now step off the ball naturally, slide tackles and fight for every ball with desperation.

Camera Work – Deeply immersive camera work puts you in the heart of the action, keeping you firmly in the thick of things. In FIFA 22, we have retooled the camera to allow the AI to make intelligent decisions about when and where to get closer to the action, meaning that when players move into positions where they create more space for other players the camera stays focused on them, keeping the action flowing smoothly.

New Controller Faces – Both in Career Mode and in the singleplayer game, we have more than doubled the number of facial expression options compared to FIFA 17 and added a full set of optional new controller hands, meaning that you can now run a simulation using FIFA 22 with a bespoke controller and face.

Dynamic Player Progression – Our new engine gives players a more authentic progression experience, and makes the way players develop as they progress in the game more realistic. Player Development has been expanded across the board, whether you are the top pro, top amateur or mid-range pro. And the way you develop your players will have a greater impact on the way they play as they move up the tiers.

FIFA Ultimate Team – Unveil Your Fantasy Dream Team – Take your ultimate soccer fantasy to a new level with ‘The World’s Game’. FIFA Ultimate Team gives you the most ways to unlock and collect players from all over the world. And with the brand new Player Editor, players can edit their name, national team, and club details for any player in the game.

Brand New Global Leagues and Competitions – Take on the world as you represent your country in the brand new FIFA Ultimate Team global Leagues and Competitions. Compete for your favorite national team, and go head-to-head with the best teams from around the globe in all-new competition formats


What’s new in Fifa 22: