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The ever-evolving battle between video games and reality is captured in this motion capture-powered game. Playing football like you’ve always wanted to – controlled by your skills, not their gears. The HyperMotion Engine brings players closer to the physical sensations of real-life football and boosts the user experience, allowing players to become familiar with the gameplay nuances.

6 artificial intelligence modes

Ability to control pitch dimension and pitch dimensions individually

Unusual type of goalkeeper: goalkeeper can perform multiple actions (run back and block/attack)

New attackers: 2-3 players can run forward, dribbling, shoot, pass and run backwards (using power)

Advanced header receiver: header receiver can jump high, performs different ball juggling, offensive rebounds

AI attackers can shoot past goalkeepers

Attackers can perform offensive and defensive movements

Ball control: all AI goalscoring defenders are constantly changing their postures

5 athletic movements

Lean back (movement)

Jump back (jump over the wall)

Jump ahead (perform vertical jump)

Crouch (balance with torso parallel to ground)

Head turn (follow eyes on pitch)

Wing cut (left and right swing of both sides)

Agility run (run up to run speed)

New sprint (run over ground/go fast with running, continuing with jump)

3 new animations

Goalkeeping (balance in various stance)


Flying attack (standing in midfield, holding ball, run directly to pitch)

Eye on pitch (track field and players on pitch)

New techniques

Sliding tackle (body control while tackling, ball control while tackling)

Run in support (run forward from midfield, hold ball to support teammate)

Run off the back post (run out of 2nd area from midfield and support forward)

Side volleys (pass long and short and shoot on run)

Ball juggling (off-ball movement)

Off-ball moves (dribble, power pass, pass to feet, ball bounce, pass to feet, run off back post, run out of area)

New animations

Central defenders (new balance movement)

Hip rotation (tackling and body


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Play like the Champion with ‘Mechanics’.
  • Beautiful stadiums and gameplay – enjoy the most realistic football experience yet with stunning visuals, animations, and player details.
  • Career Mode and Player Career – go Pro your way in Career Mode as both player and manager. Take your career to the next level by managing your own club with an extensive career mode, which has been revamped with new career modes, including


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FIFA is the #1 videogame in the world. It has sold over 200 million copies and continues to deliver fans with the greatest football experience available. Combining beautiful match-driven gameplay with the most realistic ball physics and the deepest gameplay modes, FIFA is the ultimate football simulation.

Kicking off in a packed stadium with a loud crowd roaring you on, the opening couple of minutes are the most important in the game. Your timing is critical and you can’t afford to make a mistake. Then it’s into the real action. Play matches across seven leagues, from England to Japan, and challenge more than 70 teams in single-player career mode. Play matches online or go head to head with friends in the unique Co-Op Seasons where you and your friends can help each other climb the FIFA Points Ladder. Finally, in FIFA Ultimate Team™, build dream teams of real players and earn coins in real-world money transactions to unlock the very best players.

There’s a Matchday Experience for every taste. Choose from over 200 authentic player and team makeups and set your team to control the game – from long balls to aerial duels and everything in between. There are 27 football clubs in over 70 different football kits from all over the world, as well as the stars of the real thing.

Whether you’re tackling aerial supremacy or the crushing pace of an all-out sprint, every area of the pitch has been improved with FIFA 22’s new Close Control from Under Armour Gameplay.

Live Action to Realism

The biggest difference of all is the new engine that powers FIFA. By further integrating the ball, stadiums, crowds, goals and surfaces, FIFA is the most authentic football simulation on the planet. The new engine improves the physics of the ball to match real life in every way possible. Everything from the trajectory to the control is the very best in the industry.

In addition, the new audio engine makes the stadium even more authentic and reacts to real crowd noise. The best player and team systems in the industry work in real-time, and the Artificial Intelligence on the pitch is smarter and more realistic than ever, now with a suite of game intelligence features.

Powered by Football

Based on in-depth research into the physics of the game, FIFA 22 is the most realistic football game ever made. This year, the touches on the ball are also connected to real-life statistics. Every touch you make


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Now you can assemble the best team on the pitch and dominate your competitions in Ultimate Team. Select from legendary players and clubs in UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, all available to your MyPLAYER. Then create your very own team, modify it by customising its kits, and challenge your friends to a quick game of Ultimate Team Battles.

Front of Net and Online Competitive Seasons –
Compete with real people in front of real crowds, along with real stadiums, in real time. With an updated matchmaking system, competitive Seasons can now begin with up to 8 teams in FIFA 22. Compete with your friends in a private league, or enter our North American leagues, as well as tournaments hosted by EA SPORTS including the Gold Cup, the Champions League and the Club World Cup.

FIFA 22 is the first FIFA title where 100% of the game’s content is created by EA SPORTS. This year, in collaboration with the FIFA community, EA SPORTS are delivering a wide variety of unique challenges and rewards for players like you.

See what you can do in FIFA 22 in the gallery below!






What’s new in Fifa 22: