“Using the data that we collect from the players we’re able to make sure it’s all very robust and very accurate,” said Geoff Newberry, Head of Pro Development at EA Sports. “Players will find the ball is much more unpredictable and you will need to make the right decisions, as you will find players are much more hungry to win the ball back and challenging for the ball.”

Where the concern for the accuracy of player movements was that it takes “a good eight hours” to capture the data from the real-life players and develop a stat card to match. However, Newberry was able to make some headway in the advancement of matchmaking and lag compensation.

“We’ve been running video tests with real players,” said Newberry. “So, we’ve taken their skin tones, facial features, captured their data from real-life, and then we use that data to look at how well the players will match in the game if they’re skin tone is a different colour.”

Here’s an excellent video with further details:

As we’ve already mentioned, the pitch data has been processed to allow for more realistic distances between the players and the ball, and the speed and trajectories of the ball.

“We’ve been able to predict the ball going in and out of play from the player’s runs and the speed of the ball,” Newberry explained. “What we’ve done is we’ve scaled the data down to the appropriate speed and distance to the pitch, so we’ll be able to tell the controller where the ball is in the game.”

Newberry added that the full match performance captures 20 hours of data from players and staff, with the full match performance captured in just 5-6 minutes: “We just take a player and we place them on the pitch, and we put them in a game situation. And we’ll observe the player play a game and make the right decisions.”

Newberry also explained that EA’s AI is used to create intelligent, realistic players, “We’ve been designing the AI models, to get the data from the game, but we also needed to change our high-level thinking and our planning, to make sure the game is a more balanced game of football.”


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • 7-star EAX integration with multiple layers of audio synthesis, which opens up a whole new host of audio creations.
  • Cinemagraph technology
  • Unbelievable visuals – PogChamp. And Facemask.
  • EA BRANDING – Take advantage of art assets, team and player logos, secondary kits (and just look amazing!)
  • Motion-capture powered Gameplay – use a combination of amazing graphics and motion-capture techniques to make the stars-of-the-future PUBG and Journey moulds to be the most accessible, best-looking and player friendly experiences in football video games.
  • Server-side player information, career progress, kit and wardrobe customisation
  • Dynamic Skill Slots, providing players with customisable job options, or the freedom to explore more than ever!
  • New features including Quick Matches, Play Together, and EA FAMILY
  • Attacking, Adaptive AI, Set Pieces, Revamped Ultimate Team Boosts, Commentary
  • Offside line (goal), Post-Match celebrations, and more!
  • Play and Share the hyper-realism of immersive, realistic football and take EA SPORTS Football Club into the next generation.


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ESPNFC got to the heart of FIFA. Here’s what the top sports games really are.

Sports games and more than 10 years ago (or more accurately 1995). It’s hard to know where to begin with the history of FIFA. My personal favorite is the trailer for FIFA ’95, the VHS tape that set the course for the future of the game. In the video, FIFA fans show footage of great games and interviews with the likes of David Beckham and Joe Montana. At the end, when the tape is ready for prime time, the final tape ends with a clip of David Bowie’s “I Can’t Read.” It’s hilarious, just like the game itself.

All of a sudden, my dad is at my doorstep pointing a camcorder at me and yelling, “Give me a minute, I just bought a VCR, Chris!”

I’m on my way to Home Depot trying to get everything I need to buy a VCR, and I call my dad back and say “Yes, we can record this and play it back on my VCR.” I watched this for the next two or three years, sometimes right after it was on. It was the beginning of the love affair between EA and the college football fan and the rest, as they say, is history.

Of course, it’s not just the famous legend of the VHS tape that landed FIFA in the history books. By the time the game came out in 1998, FIFA ’98 had already shipped to about 100,000 people. In July of that same year, a YouTuber named Catfish registered with the world that he met the real-life Ronaldo in a pub (the exact location unknown). It was a huge deal. For a long time, the Ronaldo rumors never went away, either. Every time FIFA would go on sale, all hell would break loose on the internet. It was that kind of crazy world that FIFA became.

So what changed from 1997 to 1999?

The first major change comes from a financial perspective, as there was a major reduction in the price of games in 1997. The previous year’s NES cartridge (which contained three games on each cartridge) cost about $25. So why did EA slash the price down to $15 in 1996? The answer is simple: they wanted to drive up the number of sales. And while there


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“Ultimate Team” lets you take your favourite players with you to give you greater control over your squad. Create a new club or join the thousands of clubs that have been built by the community. You can then search through more than 2 million players, each with different skill sets and attributes. Use the game-changing Transfer market to exchange your entire squad, then bring out the very best in your team as you compete to build the ultimate football club.

FIFA’s gameplay innovations have allowed millions of players around the world to connect, compete and progress with the game.


Simulator Motion – FIFA 22 is the first ever FIFA game to feature Player Impact Engine (PIE). PIE makes the player more physically accurate, thus making the AI more realistic and sophisticated.

FIFA 22 improves the ball physics by introducing ball flight and rotation, makes players more responsive and gives the ball a genuine quality. This means a new level of enjoyment for all skill levels.

Also, FIFA 22 uses highly detailed player models that visually convey the unique characteristics of each player. This allows us to include more details in the player models, for example, faces, faces, accents, hair, equipment, and more. This also makes the scenes more dynamic, giving the players more life-like and natural movements and expressions.

It also means that the game is more challenging for the player to control the ball and avoid contact with other players.

FIFA 20 is the most popular console FIFA title. A new career mode has been added featuring “Career Moments” that will allow you to progress your career in any way you want. You will get better and increase your player levels, you can improve your football skill and you can progress as a player and manager. The game has also improved the menu and its interface. You can now choose what you want to do at any moment and what you are doing. You can access players, all transfer requests, salaries, kit, kits, pre-match preparations, stadiums, and training grounds, among other options.Q:

Why is thermostat stuck in Off?

I’m not even sure where to begin. For a few years now, whenever I turn it on, it beeps, and even if I take off the breaker and turn it on again, it still beeps. So I’m sure the thermostat is not working. I know it’s probably something simple that


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology,” which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.
  • FIFA continues to introduce new ways to play with more versatile and creative ways to play.
  • Control Over tactics – make small adjustments to squad selection, formations, tactics and more.
  • New momentum-based player controls – when you’re connected to the pitch from a goal-possession perspective, you’ll feel in-tune with your on-ball player, which increases total confidence and gives you that connected feeling.
  • Bring your friends along to The Journey. Local matches in the Champions League and Europa League allow additional Competitive Seasons for up to four friends and family for multiplayer features.
  • Play as any of 62 national teams – The stars of your favorite soccer clubs return to global action again in FIFA 22, with 17 national teams representing the best of the best footballers around the globe on the pitch, including Neymar, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Ronaldo, among many more.
  • Updated stadiums and kits – Europe’s biggest clubs return in high-definition, including AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Milan, Napoli, PSG, Sampdoria, and more. New for FIFA 22 is special editions of these clubs, including PSG in Brazil and one-piece football kits for PSG and Barcelona.
  • New Man of the Match Reaction captures your emotions from extraordinary moments, both on and off the field.
  • A New Tutorial will guide your first touches and goal celebrations to perfectly match your playstyle.
  • The new “Soccer Journey” will take players from big cities to major sporting events with game cinematics and rich characters, links to real world tours and even live appearances.
  • Upsides and Sprint metrics will give you a “whooshing” feeling when attacking, when you move to a new area and when you perform key actions in the game.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team will become more visually arresting with players more visually distinct using modern football gear and


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    Welcome to the official home of FIFA on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 where the world’s leading sports video game franchise is played by millions of fans around the globe.

    FIFA is a celebration of football. At its core, FIFA is a game about making football the beautiful game. It is, first and foremost, a game about football. We want the game to reflect the joy of football and the love of the beautiful game in all of its glory. FIFA is a game about passion. We want to make a game that your team and your club can connect with, one that you can play with your friends in amazing and surprising ways.

    Your club name has never had more story. Your team has never been more developed. FIFA 15 is the ultimate football experience.

    We can’t wait to get this game in your hands in September.

    Produced by EA Toronto

    Managed by Ron Fortune, A.J. Bozarjian, Linda Gordon, Zach Pitter, Peter Shearing and Bjorn Vang

    Take over one of the most beloved clubs in the world: Tottenham Hotspur. Prepare for battle as either England or Brazil, in a career-long journey to glory as one of the world’s elite club managers. Choose your team, build your squad, fight for trophies, earn attributes and keep your club in the Champions League.

    It’s football’s most authentic experience. It’s also football’s most social experience. FIFA Universe is where fans play together with friends, face-offs and even live chats.

    Fight for Club Football.

    Take over one of the most beloved clubs in the world: Tottenham Hotspur. Prepare for battle as either England or Brazil, in a career-long journey to glory as one of the world’s elite club managers. Choose your team, build your squad, fight for trophies, earn attributes and keep your club in the Champions League.

    Create. Play. Share.

    FIFA’s most popular and social experience is back. Share photos of your game-winning goals, instantly annotate clips on TV and share your favourite moments directly with your friends.

    Your club name has never had more story. Your team has never been more developed. FIFA 15 is the ultimate football experience.

    We can’t wait to get this game in your hands in September.

    Produced by


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