Performance gains are based on the physics engine’s tactical simulation model and each gameplay update ensures that FIFA is the most realistic football experience on any connected device.

For the first time, the official EA SPORTS FIFA team and renowned broadcast studio, EA SPORTS TV, have brought together the final touch-points in a comprehensive FIFA training camp in Baden-Baden, Germany to help EFL players improve both their football skills and their management.

The workshop was one of the first to be held in Europe outside of the FIFA 18 Americas bootcamp in Santa Fe, Mexico, and was designed to provide the leading EFL clubs with best practices in coaching, strength and conditioning, nutrition and player analysis.

FIFA and EFL representatives from across all positions and levels, including refereeing, together with FIFA instructors and FIFA trainers from the EA SPORTS FIFA team, delivered information and face-to-face training to help improve local competitions within four key areas.

“FIFA presents a huge ecosystem of potential partners and collaborators for EFL clubs,” said Eric Avery, EA SPORTS Worldwide Football Business Manager. “This training camp is a unique opportunity for EFL coaches and players to be guided by the best FIFA experts in a unique setting.

“We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with and inspire the club game, and we believe that this FIFA training camp is an excellent first step in the journey to create a more connected and community-focused European football culture.”

Course topics:

• Coaching: 20-minute training session for managers, full club teams, and individual players

• Analysis: 30-minute presentation on a range of different players and their attributes

• Nutrition: A review of nutritional assessments to inform dietary changes

• Fitness: A 60-minute session for managers, clubs, and players

• Role Play: 30-minute role-play session to encourage improved communication with players, improvements in decision-making and tactical awareness

The training camp is an ongoing process, with the first sessions continuing in parallel with the FIFA 18 Europe bootcamp in Santa Fe. It will also be an annual offering with a slight shift to a European calendar.

Details of the clubs participating are:

EFL clubs participating in the FIFA 18 Europe bootcamp:

• Bolton Wanderers

• Burnley

• Cardiff City

• Charlton Athletic

• Derby County


Features Key:

  • A New Additions – No outline tournaments for this edition, however, there are new additions in FIFA 22.

    Soccer Stars on an all-new soccer card.
    New Players card – The new Players cards could now be equipped with ‘Live’ content from the most exciting and upcoming players.

    Spectre Mr. Unique included.


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– Discover the World! EA SPORTS FIFA 22 builds on the gameplay advancements introduced with FIFA 19, delivering content to more than 200 countries and territories, including a new World Cup Tournament, where the best of those countries battle it out in the latest instalment of the fan-favourite competition.

– Aim For Glory! The latest entry in the much-loved FIFA franchise delivers improved player, ball and crowd animations. Score a goal, run to celebrate or defend, and even head off the ball with a jaw-dropping, first person view for one-of-a-kind goal celebrations, all with more fluid, realistic animations than ever before.

– Take Off On The World Stage! FIFA 22 offers new ways to play on the world stage, including the ability to play as a team captain. And FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) now features a new FIFA UCL mode, where you can build your ultimate team using single-use cards.

– Watch The Ball Fly! New shooting controls make it easier than ever to hit the target with your head, hips, knees, and so much more! You can even push the ball in with your studs if you are a human stud.

– Out to Win! The game continues to evolve around compelling game modes that take advantage of the game engine and offer more ways to compete. New Game Modes including Fight For Parnzi, Pro Beach Soccer, and Pro Ball Skills.

– Authentic Dribbling! First Person Dribbling provides a deeper level of control that makes dribbling more immersive than ever before. We’ve also improved player and ball animations, making it feel more natural to dribble and pass the ball.

– The Journey Continues! There’s plenty of content to enjoy in FIFA 22, with improvements to the Career Mode, online improvements, to the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and all-new Champions League Mode. There are also more than a dozen community-inspired kits for you to wear. Play the World Cup, have fun with friends, or play the game for yourself, FIFA 22 will be sure to have something for everyone.


FIFA 20 in FIFA 20

Powered by Football

For the first time, FIFA games will be powered by football. We’ve given the game engine a makeover to improve the visual quality, and have built it to power more authentic, player-controlled


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Ultimate Team offers gamers the chance to play in-depth competitions with their favorite clubs. Every week, gamers are faced with a brand new set of challenges, including weekly online challenges, high-score challenges, seasonal challenges, and multiple levels of how-to instructions. Gamers can pick their squad and begin the match, choosing different tactics and strategies to get the best out of the AI.

FIFA Football 2012 Ultimate Team

eFootball PES 2012 Ultimate Team
eFootball PES 2012 has had FIFA 15 and FIFA 14’s Ultimate Team mode, but what they have done is made it better, and the PES management side is just as great as the EA side. We are now in a new era, with a lot of players coming into the team that are higher ranked as well as the AI being better.

Player Creation/Role Appointment
PES 2012 now has a better and more personalised role-appointment system, which takes every detail into account before allowing you to assign a player to a team. You can now assign a player more than one role, for example a striker can play as a ‘wide forward’ and ‘striker.’ Importing and exporting data is more efficient, allowing players to move faster.

Performance Management and Player Attributes
The player attributes are now more detailed with a more in-depth knowledge of players’ playing style, and their technical ability. It is more detailed and you can see players’ movements much better, and the small details make a difference.


Evolving Set Pieces
For the first time FIFA matches set-pieces has evolved and are more exciting. This year we have made the penalty area larger, and the players are bigger. The Brazilian strategy to attack the penalty area by building up with the wing-backs and giving crosses into the penalty area, is more effective. The result is that there are more and more chances for the players to score goals.

New Player Movements
Some new player movements have been included in FIFA 12 which, so far, have been rather successful. The German player ‘Matuidi’ has been able to dribble and pass fluently and the USA striker, ‘Bradley Wright-Phillips’, can now shoot with accuracy.

In-Game Friends
They have also added in-game friends, so now you can have some in-game friends to train with. These friends come with a series


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Dynamic Player Ratings in Career Mode: Similar to their 13 counter-parties from FIFA 17, players now have unique attributes that impact their rating by displaying charts of player’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall potential across the pitch based on their performance in previous seasons.
  • Motion-capture data has been re-engineered to allow you to precisely see and feel every aspect of a complete match.
  • Dynamic Pitches: Bigger, faster, and more unpredictable, new field sizes will make watching matches all the more exciting with easier techniques to push into your opponent’s half.
  • Improvements to inclusion of new player likenesses for a more authentic experience.
  • New Stadium Match Experience: Original Story Mode match directors will help design the look, feel, and atmosphere of your stadium in a completely new way, giving you more freedom than ever to design and rebuild your dream venue.

    Player’s stat cards will also adjust based on the stadium’s size, how it’s placed in the stadium, and the amount of money you spend on your stadium.

  • New manager traits and actions, including new player interaction and socio-economic play type that can have a huge impact on your team’s morale and morale throughout the team.
  • New player Interaction, more varied and refined set pieces and new original modes
  • New AI, partnerships, and the potential for second-screen goal animations that may help decide the outcome of matches.
  • VAR which removes the element of human error from the game and allows for more goal-line technology to be used
  • Weather conditions in game for all corners of the globe. You can play in sunny and rainy conditions, or all kinds of conditions in between. Play on Sports World fields in all corners of the globe, including ice and snow options, that have rarely been playable to date.


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FIFA is the greatest football franchise of all time, unrivaled by any other sports video game. Over the past 10 years, FIFA gameplay has been hugely improved and continues to evolve with each installment. FIFA is the only football game where you are both player and manager, improving, training, researching and strengthening your team with the ultimate goal of qualifying for the World Cup™. Watch the matches in real time or rewind the action at your own pace with the all-new Matchday Dynamic Rewind feature. FIFA 22 is the most comprehensive, authentic and entertaining football game on any platform, and the game that gave the most football fans the most football.

The Pitch

An all-new 3D broadcast-grade engine brings fresh visuals to every aspect of the game. With crisp, clean visuals, enhanced lighting and shadows, you’ll feel every movement of the ball on the pitch. The real-world weather system of FIFA 22 allows you to experience every season in-game, and with the Career Mode, you can experience a lifetime of games.

FIFA controls

Enhanced Control and Intelligence is matched only by the best of authentic football, where every touch has a reaction; every pass, shot and goal. Every team and player is as authentic as possible, as the gameplay is being reviewed and improved to match the on-field action. The new Real Touch controls – designed specifically for optimal motion control and gamepad support – implement the most comprehensive ball control system to-date; allowing for the deepest ball control and nimblest, most responsive touch of any football game.

New Player Cues

FIFA has always been the most authentic football game, and a player’s attributes and behaviour on the pitch is reflected in how they play the game. The player model in FIFA 11 was the best it has ever been, but in FIFA 22, players respond in ways you’ve never seen before; reacting to specific movements and facing the pitch the moment they happen. This year, players have their own unique personal cues – like sprinting when the ball is fed into them or pausing when they pick up possession – that come out when they get into position for a specific opportunity.

The AI has been improved across the board, recognizing precise player decisions and adapting its strategy accordingly. The aggressiveness of the player’s decisions, like their preferred roaming runs or target selection, has been enhanced. This allows the game to provide the right strategy for


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System Requirements:

Requires a PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Windows 8.
NVIDIA GeForce 9 Series (Windows 10 support TBD)
Quad-Core or faster CPU
1GB of RAM
DirectX 11
The recommended minimum requirements for HDTV support include:
NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series (Windows 10 support TBD)
2GB of RAM
DirectX 10
NVIDIA GeForce 7 Series (Windows 10 support TBD)


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