“Players have always been at the heart of FIFA, but this new generation of gameplay has never been more realistic,” said Peter Gall, Executive Vice President and Executive Producer of EA SPORTS. “Now players will experience dynamic transitions, more immersive, 360-degree matches and an incredibly accurate representation of some of the most celebrated players in the game across both Official and My Teams.”

Powered by Player Motion

The result of the more realistic physics, new generation of artificial intelligence and 20 new official teams, a broad array of improvements can be seen when playing on FIFA 22.

Improved Outfield Control

Outfield players are more proactive, with more frequent intercepts and better decision-making. If a player finds space to attack the ball, he is far more likely to make a meaningful pass. Even worse, midfielders and defenders who push up may find themselves out of position on far more occasions, making them even more susceptible to being marked.

This is heightened by an improved AI engine, which now recognises more of the intricacies in keeping track of players. Players in possession will also have a greater focus on the ball, which increases their awareness of the timing of your passes.

Players have always been at the heart of FIFA, but this new generation of gameplay has never been more realistic. Now players will experience dynamic transitions, more immersive, 360-degree matches and an incredibly accurate representation of some of the most celebrated players in the game across both Official and My Teams. —Peter Gall, Executive Vice President and Executive Producer of EA SPORTS

Improved Ball Control

Ball control is another area where FIFA 22 has improved. Players will cover a lot more distance when dribbling and more importantly, when carrying the ball. Players now have more realistic high-speed decelerations, and with that comes a more realistic challenge of stopping the ball mid-flight.

Striking is also more authentic with more realistic force of impact and body reaction. Players will naturally react more to your passes, marking them more likely, creating problems for opposition to deal with.

FIFA 22 has been built with a greater focus on enabling ball control. Players will use more of the pitch, with more close control and more dribbling. Slight imperfections in the ball will have more impact on your control.

More Sensible Ball Physics

FIFA 22 sees the addition of True Player Movements (TPM) enabled, to really ‘feel’


Features Key:

  • Pricing and release date: 27/07/2018 (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)
  • Microsoft claims gameplay improvements
  • Enhanced online functionality
  • Triple camera perspective
  • Whole stadium in-game viewing
  • New 3D covers for all national teams (possibility of 30 or 31/32 teams in game, while club licenses will be for only 18 teams)
  • New player emotions and style animations
  • Highly realistic ball physics
  • Infinite Moveable Goal System and Possession
  • Improved stadiums
  • New light engine with new colors
  • New Animation system
  • Improved Team Talk
  • New Transfer Market function
  • More changes in the Infra-structure
  • Transendental changes to the game
  • Corrupted Referee
  • New Player and Manager Behavior
  • Enhanced myClub
  • Integrated Augmented Reality Lens
  • Sandbox change for better FIFA and Legend mode


Fifa 22 Free For PC Latest

FIFA is a franchise of association football video games developed by EA Sports.

What is FIFA Live on Nintendo Switch?

FIFA Live is a team-based multiplayer game, allowing up to 3 friends to play against the CPU in a match. But even if you play against friends and family online, you can also play the game offline.

FIFA Live on Nintendo Switch is the all-in-one game that provides a unique experience for FIFA fans that combine the highest quality football gameplay with the freedom of anytime, anywhere gaming.

Does my account get transferred if I’ve played FIFA Live on Nintendo Switch on other platforms?

If you have already played FIFA Live on one of your original Nintendo Switch family or personal consoles, your Nintendo Account and your Player ID will be automatically transferred to your new Nintendo Switch family or personal console.

How many players can I add to my team?

You can only have six players on your team.

How can I play the game offline?

The FIFA games on Nintendo Switch are playable offline through the offline mode. You can play all modes, including FIFA Ultimate Team, FIFA Coin Shop, Live Pass, FIFA Interactive Seasons, FIFA Friendlies and The Journey.

How many replays are there in FIFA Live?

You can replay more than 150 match events throughout your Career, excluding FIFA Friendlies.

What are the three differences between FIFA Live on the Nintendo Switch and FIFA Live on other platforms?

1) You can play the game offline.

2) You can play any mode offline, including the FIFA Coin Shop, live pass and FIFA Interactive Seasons.

3) You can play FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA eXtra Life Mode offline.

Can I play offline and online at the same time?

Yes, you can play offline and online at the same time!

Will my achievements transfer if I play FIFA Live on Nintendo Switch?

You’ll receive an email with the details of your achievements when you first install the game on the Nintendo Switch family or personal console.

Where can I check my progress?

You can check your progress and recent matches in the Live Pass menu.

Can I view my friends in-game?

Yes, you can view your friends in-game through your Friend & Family settings. If you have enabled the


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The greatest football team ever assembled has an all-new gameplay system in FIFA Ultimate Team™ where players and clubs come to life through real-world identities and add-ons that help define their play style. With over 350 different transferable and tradable player items to discover, including over 80 new career licences, and almost as many player add-ons, FIFA Ultimate Team now gives players more control and more ways to build the ultimate football team.

A totally new feature for Ultimate Team is the introduction of UEFA Champions League™ squads, giving players the ability to assemble an exclusive squad of the best players in Europe’s top club competitions.

Online Seasons – Since matches are now played in their entirety at weekends, large online seasons have been introduced to give players the opportunity to live their footballing dreams by taking charge of a team and earning rewards for their club at the end of every week.

The PlayStation 4™ system and the FIFA franchise are controlled by the new revolutionary DualShock 4™ controller, featuring a multi-touch sensitive touchpad, and touch-sensitive analog sticks that can be assigned to a D-pad. A new face button layout that relies on a combination of buttons for quick, simple and confident execution of movement and actions. New Journey through Ultimate Team game modes, inviting and rewarding fans to play the game in a new and different way to enhance the FIFA online community experience. With these new tools and features as the core, FIFA™ 25 allows players to create or join a FIFA Ultimate Team™ account, purchase items in-game, access the new Transfer Market and connect to their friends via the updated Friend List and features.

In-game features
– Customized FIFA experience – With the all-new customization features, players can tailor their FIFA experience to their preferences. Gamers can change their camera angle, control the ball spin with the ball physics, change the number of goals on the pitch, set up their FIFA Ultimate Team™ experience and more.
– The Ultimate Soccer Game – With the all-new customization features, FIFA will be more fun to play on all platforms, including PlayStation 4™. The FIFA franchise is designed to be the ultimate soccer game. With over 25 years of gaming experience, FIFA incorporates all the “what makes soccer fun” – skill-based gameplay, AI opponent intelligence, world-class visuals, innovative gameplay systems, authentic commentary, and more.
– Massive Online Seasons – Introducing the biggest global season of the FIFA franchise to date


What’s new: