No detail is too small to be considered. Character, ball and body physics have all been improved. Players run with greater flare, dodge quicker, jump higher and tackle with more power than before.

It also introduces brand-new gameplay mechanics including Player Positional Control, Tactical Freestyle, Dynamic Instinctive and on-the-ball control.

Player Positional Control:

FIFA 22 features new goalkeeping controls, for the first time providing more precise goalkeeping positioning by introducing Player Positional Control. The new modal view has been improved to provide a clearer view of the goalkeeper and allow the goalkeeper to see only relevant information to offer the best on-pitch view, as they have to react to events quickly and accurately.

Tactical Freestyle:

Every player will display their own unique style of play, where their “disposition” or “tactical position” within the team determines their play. You’ll now be able to freely change the way your player plays by individually adjusting the key attributes of each player position. Change your starting XI or make a last-minute substitution and bring your squad to life like never before.

Dynamic Instinctive:

Dynamic Instinctive brings all the positional play style elements together to deliver a completely new and intuitive experience. The new style of play allows players to make quick adjustments and beat their man with a controlled pace that suits how you want to play. Opposing players no longer use simple patterns as they constantly attack and defend, this will add unpredictability to the game.

On-the-Ball Control:

Skilled players put the ball at their feet and strike with their feet. This more dynamic style gives you the opportunity to make more clear cuts and use your feet to shape the game.

“This year we put a great deal of attention and effort into creating gameplay with player expressions, sounds, animations, and visual effects. The key to how the team plays, the routines, formations, and styles of football, are driven by the individual players. We added a ton of new animations and behaviors to bring alive how we want players to play.”

– Alexandre de Jaeger, Senior Producer

New on-pitch controls

New Goalkeeper Interactions

New Player Movement and Flow

New Tactical Elements

New AI Playing Styles

New Teamplay Mechanics

New Special Kicks


Features Key:

  • FUT – Play your way: The RUMOR engine, the most in-depth and authentic inclusion in the series since Rivals in 13.
  • Player enhancements: Use your enhanced game engine to take your career to the next level. Take on more responsibilities, see more of the ball, play differently in multiplayer and build a better player in Career Mode.
  • New Rating system: A highly accurate statistic giving an accurate impression of your player, enabling you to progress and make decisions based on hard facts.
    Assists: Gone are the days of your FIFA 15 assists. They are a THING of the past as we introduce to you EA SPORTS™ Football Club powered assists: pass completion, dribbles, shots, crosses, headers, and more. Now you’ll be able to see how well your player kicks the ball into the net. The more they play the more assists they’ll earn.
  • All new lighting: Now all the lighting is dynamically updated to the pace of the match. Lighting response, shadows and ambient occlusion are all improved.
  • Improved ball control: Use your new “Over the Top” passing ability to spin on a pass, find space on a header, control the flight of the ball, and find a pass that opens up tight spaces.
  • Performance improvements: All the CPU-intensive things, like animation, AI and physics, are now faster and less CPU-resource intensive, enabling you to go further in Career Mode.
  • In-game screen display improvements, including better pedometer to assist with training depth, the new “General Settings” console allows even more flexibility on your screen display options, including the ability to restart scores, toggle game speed, select the camera position, control your display zoom level, and disable the water hazard.
  • Removal of “unselected notifications” in in-match notifications from the pause menu.
  • Navigation improvements for better player placement, and an improved Personal Game Package feature for more seamless, accurate player presence.
  • Head-to-head


    Fifa 22 Serial Key Download [Updated-2022]

    FIFA, the No. 1 football game* and the best-selling football franchise of all time, is finally back and better than ever with all-new gameplay innovations and deeper strategic play. Join your club and experience the game in a way that just isn’t possible any other way.


    Experience authentic, unscripted gameplay that perfectly replicates the physical skills, speed and skill-set of the pro game. Just like in real life, every player has the ability to win the ball, cross, dribble and shoot, all using an intuitive control system that is easy to learn and impossible to master.


    Exclusive to FIFA 22 are completely redesigned one-on-one and team matches. Completely new ball physics and new player models bring a level of immersion that would otherwise be unachievable.

    For the first time, your options will change based on the actions of your team, opponents and even the environment. Choose a direct, weighted or floored pass to move your team into the best formation or play.

    Be a playmaker in soccer like never before with the all-new Attacking Intelligence. Make smarter decisions every time you take a pass or shoot. Whether you’re playing in Attack or Defense, AI will decide when to pass, shoot, dribble or simply retreat to make the most out of the situation. The longer you are on the ball, the better your Attacking Intelligence will be able to perform.

    In a world where AI teammates can be summoned to play for your team, you must master the art of bringing the right player to your ball before your opponent. We have included a new AI controlled passing style, a new dive system and new vision controls that will help you find out where your players are and what your opponents are doing, even when they’re fully covered.

    In a league where almost every pass is under pressure, you must control your team on the run. Choose where you want the ball to go through the defensive structure and get to the best position to receive passes. Agility will help you turn defenders on their heels while tackling is still critical to keeping the ball out of your net.

    FIFA is now further enhanced with fresh innovations and free updates that will be available for free during your EA SPORTS Season Ticket. This includes a new performance upgrade pack, the FIFA Ultimate Team card pack** which includes a variety of new customizable cards and unriv


    Fifa 22 Download [Updated-2022]

    Make the most of Ultimate Team Mode as you prepare to lead your favorite club to glory. With more than 200 real-world clubs and over 1,000 players to recruit, you have unprecedented customization control to make FIFA Ultimate Team a reality. Over 20 million players around the world have already discovered the fun and excitement of FIFA Ultimate Team Mode, and it’s now easier than ever to assemble your ultimate team from a global roster of over 150,000 players available in FIFA Ultimate Team.

    EA SPORTS Season Ticket –

    FIFA 22 enables you to play as a manager or a player in Career Mode and Ultimate Team. You decide which of the two you prefer!

    Play as a player in Career Mode to live out your dreams in FIFA as you rise up from the amateur ranks to compete on the highest stage.

    Earn rewards like XP and coins as you perform well in the form of Player Stat boosts, Player Card enhancements, and more. The more games you play, the better your stats and skill levels will improve. You are rewarded for every minute you play FIFA as you turn your football dreams into reality.

    Whether you want to play a more tactical approach as a manager or get your creative juices flowing in the player role, you have total control to change the type of football you play.

    Brand New Visuals – A World-Class Visual Experience

    The most immersive and real-to-life FIFA in franchise history, FIFA 22 combines the previous game’s significant visual updates with new gameplay refinements for the most lifelike experience ever.

    Improved player likeness and animations – Live out your dreams as a manager and a player in Career Mode. Enjoy a more realistic player experience with more depth in the way players move and perform during gameplay.

    New control scheme – Improved player and manager controls for a better player and manager experience.

    Brand New Player Creator – Creating a custom player from scratch is even more intuitive with the new Creator Career mode. The Creator mode includes various tools that enable you to make your players even more unique in appearance.

    Brand New Interactive Stadiums – Watch as the ball flies through crowds, and claim your share of the glory with new momentum-controlled celebrations.

    Brand New HD Entertainment – Take on a 90-minute short that recreates key moments from 2014 FIFA World Cup™ to place your club on the world stage in EA SPORTS FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.

    Individualized Challenges and Rewards – Win games in FIFA Ultimate Team to


    What’s new in Fifa 22: