EA SPORTS today announced that, for the first time, the FIFA video game series introduces next-generation HyperMotion™ Technology and a final presentation of the State-of-The-Art AMBUSH system. These innovations, in a stunning presentation, come at the culmination of six years of hard work by teams at EA SPORTS, with the goal of bringing the core FIFA gameplay to the next level.

“Working at EA SPORTS is a very special place for me, and I want to see the FIFA franchise move to the next level in a big way,” said Peter Moore, Executive Producer, FIFA. “We’ve been working with the best and brightest at EA SPORTS for years, collecting player movement data from 22 real-life players on a new generation of controllers and trying to capture their movements as they compete at high intensity in real-life competitions. With this technology, we hope to provide our players with a brand-new experience of video game football.”

The most significant, next-generation development milestone for the FIFA franchise is the implementation of the game’s core gameplay engine. EA SPORTS, the benchmark in making professional football video games, has worked closely with the best and brightest in the gaming industry to integrate the latest in game engine technology with motion capture data from over 220 players in 22 real-life matches, as well as sophisticated artificial intelligence. The outcome of their work is showcased in the FIFA 22 unveil trailer, which showcases the game’s core gameplay, all powered by the results of this technology development.

HyperMotion: Creating the world’s best player simulations

EA SPORTS’ expertise in player motion analysis was key to the development of the new HyperMotion™ technology. Using a dedicated capture system built by LAVA Software, over the past five years hundreds of hours were dedicated by EA SPORTS to recording and analyzing the movement of 22 current and former professional footballers. Player movement is recorded from more than seven angles, increasing the range of data points captured for FIFA players to be more realistic than ever.

Artificial intelligence in FIFA has always been important, however, working with more than 220 real-life players, EA SPORTS has significantly expanded its implementation. Despite many years of data, the FIFA team has made it even better. By utilizing the latest sports data science tools, EA SPORTS teams around the world are working with a broad array of data from 23 international football competitions, as well as skills and tactics data from


Features Key:

  • Game Like A ProMode – This is the most accurate simulation of the new passing, shooting, and heading mechanics available on a football game.
  • Evolving Skill Mechanics – Create countless new ways to use your player’s unique skills.
  • “HyperMotion Technology” – Powered by authentic player movements and game physics, not forced animations, “HyperMotion” is the closest you can get to being in the action. Feel every crunch of the ball, and the impact of the player’s movement with FIFA in the Season Ticket app.
  • Unparalleled Player AI – There has never been a more accurate simulation of player psychology or footballing vision.
  • Iconic Real-Life Stadiums and Stadia
  • Authentic kits, clubs, and player names
  • Real Player Journeys including All-Stars and the World XI
  • A technical revolution developed with dedicated fans in mind. We are addressing fan feedback across every aspect of the game, from the way the ball moves on-screen, to the visuals of the stadiums, to the unique journey to get to the next level in Ultimate Team.
  • New camera mode
  • New gameplay systems: Change of direction, dribbling and shooting, set plays, pressure, shooting quality, etc.
  • Pathfinding based on player skills and attributes
  • New offensive play type
  • New Defensive play type.
  • Experience faster acceleration, increased accurate passing, increased ball control, shot power, more penalty areas, more player switching, defender instant awareness
  • Keep-ball and 3-on-2 situations more tactical and adventurous
  • More ball anticipation, more skill recognition, more finishing, more building pressure
  • New construction role in the hub next to your own stadium: build and develop stars, take your club to the next level.
  • Independent team and manager strategy with new supporting play styles. Build your team tactically based on player roles and attributes.
  • World, European and domestic football leagues and cup competitions
  • World Cup 2018 and the UEFA Nations League coming Summer 2018</


    Fifa 22 Download PC/Windows (Final 2022)

    The critically acclaimed best-selling franchise, and the most authentic sports simulation available on consoles, FIFA showcases real-world environments that breathe life into the game and let players experience real-life strategies from two-a-side matches to international tournaments. FIFA represents the pinnacle of sports video game technology and has spawned a globally recognized franchise, making its players part of the most authentic, entertaining sports community in the world.

    FIFA 20 Instinctive AI and Reversible Gear

    FIFA 20 is the result of months of innovation across every area of the game, including the refined ball control, direction and speed. Players will instantly feel the difference from the new ball and gear, and there are more ways than ever to create your very own style of play.

    The ability to quickly toggle between Human and Computer-controlled players has been modified to accommodate the full range of kit and brings both fan-favorite and innovative players into the mix. Now your best friends can play with your star players, and your favorite stars can play as your friends.

    EA SPORTS™ FIFA U19 World Cup India 2014

    The biggest FIFA event of the year returns to India to bring the world’s most authentic FIFA experience to fans across the globe. For the first time ever, FIFA 20 will be played in India and this event will be the centerpiece of EA’s FIFA 20 World Cup competition.

    Players from around the globe will descend upon FRA Stadium, the breathtaking home of DYK Sports in Noida to battle it out in an epic tournament full of quality matchups and world-class players. FIFA fans will be able to experience the thrill of the big game – all as a digital facsimile of the real-world event.

    EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 Legend Edition

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    How can I earn FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Packs?

    To redeem a FUT Pack, players must play at least one and up to two games in FUT Seasons. Packs are available to those who meet the FUT-related game play requirements listed above.

    During Seasons, players can earn Packs by completing specific Ranked Tournaments or winning FUT Seasons.

    Note that the majority of Packs are awarded by earning Points on a weekly


    Fifa 22 2022

    Engage in real-world, FUT matches as you battle your way to become a football powerhouse. Complete real-world competitions and season modes to acquire, trade, and manage a collection of the world’s most popular players. Play using your real player identities, choose from the biggest names in the business, and build and evolve your ultimate squad in stunning 3D environments.

    The Journey to PS4 – FIFA Ultimate Team The Journey will see players recreate their journey to the top through the full story of The Journey to PS4, which showcases the exhilarating journey of more than 90 Pro Clubs from the past, present, and future. Players will play as the new Pro Club from each region and will be able to uncover their hidden potential and rise through the divisions, achieving various milestones along the way. The Journey will also allow players to win a plethora of rewards by completing achievements and challenges.

    Off-World Soccer – Off-World is a new, stand-alone game of futuristic soccer that places you in the role of an alien trying to prove your worth and earn a spot on a team of professional players. Take on the role of a rookie trying to make his way through the ranks, traveling through three different leagues, as you establish a bond with your teammates and gain experience and notoriety in the sport. Unlockable items and upgrades can be purchased from the Off-World Store.

    Creative Multiplayer – Get creative and improvise like never before with all-new creative tools. Create a range of amazing objects, from cool displays to grand goals, and use them in your matches to outsmart your opponents. Create and play with items in your career and create new ways to play.

    Wide World of Sports – A tribute to sports all over the world, Wide World of Sports features more than 200 authentic Pro Clubs from more than 30 countries, each with their own unique style and setting. Players can revisit the highs and lows of the Pro Club Career Mode through daily and weekly challenges to unlock exclusive items, kits, and more. During the year, take part in events in more than 80 real-world leagues, tournaments, and competitions. And don’t forget the role-play components, which include FIFA Soccer, FIFA 2K, and Haka!.

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