The team at EA Canada spent six months of gameplay development to dial in the HyperMotion Technology to a whole new level. Real-life movements have never been captured to such accuracy before. EA Canada has even gone to the trouble of capturing real-life hits from football matches with infrared technology. The result is that every football player on the pitch reacts and moves similarly in-game.

Fifa 22 Cracked Accounts will also feature artificial intelligence that learns from matches played in FIFA. This is designed to help players produce more realistic, natural-looking game-plays.

FIFA 22 Introduction Trailer

FIFA 22 Football AI Trailer

FIFA 22 Gameplay Trailer


According to EA Canada’s technical director, Eric Fossum, they partnered with AIM Sports Motion to capture 22 players from a complete high-intensity football match. The data was then used to power the game’s engine.

“We captured the player’s movements on real-life pitches in a motion-capture suit. This allows us to capture as many data points as possible, so players can react naturally.” Said Fossum.

While capturing real-life movement data was important, it wasn’t enough to perfect the animations and gameplay – the match had to take place in real-life.

“There’s a huge leap in realism when players move in real-life because we see hundreds of pixels playing football. It’s actually incredible to watch. We put together a comprehensive, realistic match that took place on real-life pitches with real-life goals. We recorded everything from tackles, headers, aerial duels and shots on target.” Said Fossum.

In addition to the real-life footage, EA also used real-life hits captured using infrared cameras. EA Canada had four infrared cameras positioned around a pitch, shooting real-life hits from four different angles.

“We captured the players striking real-life balls, and we also captured real-life hits on players using infrared cameras.” Said Fossum.

Without the real-life matches and infrared cameras, there would have been no way to recreate a real-life football match. HyperMotion Technology allowed them to produce the most realistic, fluid gameplay possible.

“We see hyper-accuracy when players do the same things in-game.


Features Key:

  • – Live commentary that truly brings the action home.
  • – Enhanced Real Player Motion Technology, physics and animations allow you to experience FIFA as the world’s best.
  • – All-new Player Impact Engine – using all-new Behaviour Technology with real-world player behaviour, ball physics and player control put you in the middle of the action with more gameplay options than ever.
  • – For the first time, the Manager’s Journey brings you behind the scenes of your favourite club as you decide who your ideal squad will be. You’ll also dictate which players you recruit, who your star talents are, how to set up your tactics – and so much more.
  • – Intuitive controls feature responsive handling, passing and shooting that respond to your every movement and deliver high-end tournament-specific playability.
  • – FIFA mode – choose your path to the top of the world as a professional player with a Player Career mode that puts you in the r….

    FIFA – The Journey of a Football

    7 Figure Pro Trader – CFN Event 2018 (United States)

    FIFA Competitive Skills Training – Developer Demo

    FIFA Ultimate Team on Switch

    FIFA 22 Demo (Wi-Fi)

    FIFA 22 Demo (Wi-Fi)

    FIFA 22 Demo (Wi-Fi)

    FIFA 22 Demo (Wi-Fi)

    FIFA 22 Demo (Wi-Fi)

    FIFA 22 Demo (Wi-Fi)

    FIFA 22 Demo (Wi-Fi)

    FIFA 22 Demo (Wi-Fi)

    FIFA 22 is an action game in which you’ll be joining the world’s top players as you navigate your way to the top of the global game as a FIFA pro for the first time.The 22 series of games are fast-paced, fun soccer games that feature exceptional FIFA gameplay and an all-new in-game mode called Man of the Match, where you’ll be able to pit single players against FIFA pros and earn rewards, FUT Packs and FIFA coins. FIFA 22 features all-new real-world teams, player cards, clubs, stadiums and in-game moments that enable you to be the best soccer player in the world with the entire FIFA community.Complete


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    FIFA is the world’s leading videogame brand. The FIFA franchise has sold over 260 million games and established itself as the best-selling videogame series on the planet.

    FIFA is a series of association football video games published by Electronic Arts. The FIFA series is the best-selling sports video game series of all time with over 260 million games sold. It is available on the PC and the PlayStation.

    Who is EA?

    EA SPORTS is one of the world’s leading sports media and technology companies. EA SPORTS is a subsidiary of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) and one of the most recognized brands in the world. For more information on EA SPORTS, visit

    FIFA History

    FIFA is the series of association football video games produced by Electronic Arts since 1992.

    Following the success of the North American and European versions, the FIFA games have become the best-selling football video games and have been on the top of the sales charts of numerous platforms including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, and Nintendo DS.

    FIFA 22

    FIFA 22 is the new installment in the FIFA series.

    This year brings the largest iteration of the game ever. With more than six times as many animations, on-pitch features, licenses and player likenesses than last year’s game.

    FIFA 22 has over six times as many animations, more licenses, player likenesses, and on-pitch features than FIFA 19, as well as new skill types such as new shooting mechanics, new dribbling mechanics and new controls for quicker passing, more movement, and greater ball control.

    With FIFA 22, EA Sports is expanding the engine that has powered the game since its inception, releasing FIFA Ultimate Team in 2017, adding motion and posing to pitch animations, and releasing FIFA National Teams in 2018 featuring the U.S., England, Italy, Germany and Spain’s National Team rosters and more.

    FIFA Ultimate Team

    FIFA Ultimate Team is a free downloadable game available in FIFA 22. The mode is the result of a collaboration between the FIFA and Ultimate Team teams and the ultimate game to play.

    FIFA Ultimate Team is a series of The Game of the FIFA franchise available for the iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch®, and AndroidTM devices, on which you can build teams from real-world players or from randomly generated players


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    Test out all new modes of play, including scoring with your head, skills, and intelligence. Work side by side with your favorite players by designing the ultimate custom team. Build the ultimate squad with all-new ways to play, by discovering and exploiting every single detail of the game to create your ultimate team.

    Kick Off Challenge – Revive the Beautiful Game with a brand new test of speed, skills, and strategy. Complete every challenge to unlock the ultimate retro kits, and match the fastest kick-off time in the history of FIFA.

    The FIFA Collection packs all three FIFA games together in a one-price deal and including upgrades for all current-gen and next-gen consoles. Each game has a 20-song soundtrack, and the new Future Stars Superstars update brings all-new downloadable content to the game.

    Saturday, November 20, 2012

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    What’s new in Fifa 22: