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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



HyperMotion Technology, giving you a new and more authentic way to play and score goals.

The new dynamic camera is real-time and agile, giving every player a chance to create their own unique style of play.

FIFA Ultimate Team Ultimate 2, offering new player, squad, tactic and club cards to create a more flexible and dynamic game.

The all-new Player Impact Engine, using in-depth player data to analyse player movement, crossing options, shooting and goal-scoring chances.

Team Skills, a series of over 40 new player skills to help you dominate your opponents.

A reworked offensive AI system, to create harder challenges and more tactical opportunities for you.

New goal animation system, which makes your goal celebrations more realistic.

The brand new End Game Engine, offering a new series of player celebrations, team routines and more.

The brand new Goalkeeper Engine, with new goalkeeper AI, responsive goalkeeping and a reworked save system.

New offline tutorials and training modes, which take you step-by-step through key aspects of the game.

Brand new Club Challenges and Elimination Challenges, giving you a higher level of strategy and competition within your club.

Improved online leagues, with a new season structure and bespoke Leagues.

Brand new Online Pass, offering you a curated online experience across all modes.

Improved Multiplayer game modes, including a new 5v5 deathmatch option, Futsal mode and others.

VAR system, which enables refereeing officials to use their judgement to stop games that are getting out of hand.

New Team Jobs

MUT Champions Return

In FIFA Ultimate Team Ultimate 2, you can select the Play as a MUT Champion Job skill card to become the best team in the world. This allows you to play as the world-class star players or create your own with a wide variety of new player cards.

Complete the Season Goals

You’ve spent years building your club, but now it’s time to play your own game. Full of new player cards and a new coach role that will get you through the grind of a whole season, you’ll now have a greater level of control over your journey.

Online Leagues

Inspired by top European club competition, we’ve introduced a brand new online structure for the FIFA club game,


Features Key:

  • Live Your Dreams – FIFA 22 opens up the creation toolkit in a way that is never seen in a FIFA game before. Create your club, design your kits and stadium, and choose your playing style to be the best manager and player in the world.
  • Minimal Involvement – It’s important that you are having fun in FIFA, and as such the controls have been simplified to focus on you controlling the action rather than complicated and underused menus.


Fifa 22 Crack Activation [Mac/Win] 2022 [New]

EA SPORTS Fifa 22 Crack For Windows

Take to the pitch as your favorite players from around the world in FIFA’s most authentic and deepest experience ever. FIFA is where football meets reality, bringing true emotion to every touch, pass and tackle. Put on the gear, grab the official ball and step onto the pitch.

Cracked Fifa 22 With Keygen is packed full of new features that help you not just play football but live it as well. The strength of the connection between you and your teammates is increased as you improve your attributes with new gameplay systems such as Tactical Free Kicks, improved team chemistry and more.

Brand new online features and improvements mean more ways to play online, more game-changing moments for your opponent and more ways to experience offline and online FIFA – whether you’re with friends or millions of players around the world.


Powered by Football

With FIFA, you control everything. From taking set-pieces through your laces, you can control your ball with finesse or power, decide where to pass, shoot, or dribble. It’s your choice, and every touch is a part of your unique style of play.

It’s Your Choice

Be the playmaker. Show off your vision with new new Direct Free Kicks, practice your aim with Improved Shots, and who knows, maybe you’ll even end up in the penalty area.

Every Touch Matters

FIFA is about your total football, and with Possession and Range of Passing, your team will have the best tools to help you break down your opponent.

New Ways to Play

Tactical Free Kicks

Ever wanted to take a free kick in an unconventional way? Now you can. The new Tactical Free Kicks mode is a whole new way of approaching free kicks, placing you right in the spot where your teammates want the ball.

Innovative Tactical Kick Movement

Move the ball by holding R2 and moving the left stick, or keep it tight and fast by holding down Circle.

Get the Ball Where You Want It

New and Improved Shot

Control the power and direction of your shot with improved goalkeeper handling. Sprints and low shots will have more power, and shots on the run will follow your run better.

Enhanced Wide Shots

Sometimes the right place is just not on the goal. A new wide shot animation lets you see the ball on a variety of trajectories, perfect for replays


Fifa 22 [March-2022]

Tackle management challenges and unlockable rewards as you assemble your very own All-Stars Squad.

Ultimate Team packs –
Play your way with your all-new Ultimate Team packs. Battle against other players and dominate the league with your favourite club before adding them to your Ultimate Team. These packs include more players and special items to make you a better and more complete team.

FUT Draft –
Create your dream team from hundreds of real players with the brand new FUT Draft.

Online Seasons –
Play with friends and other players over an entire year as your club strives for glory.

Extended Seasons –
Extend your season with a new additional challenge, giving you and your friends the chance to take part in a whole new campaign.

In-Game Icons –
Discover, create and customise the new in-game icons including Club Name Icons, Team Icons, Stadium Icons, and Goal Line Technology Icons.

Career Awards –
Use your career trophies and achievements to unlock the latest retro strip for each retro-style appearance and unique badge.

UEFA Champions League & FIFA Club World Cup –
Play a brand new group stage with your favourite club from around the world. From all the Group Stage matches, you will be able to view exclusive interviews from the players, exclusive behind-the-scenes features and more.

One-off internationals –
The UEFA Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup are back and your club has qualified. Now prepare yourself for an epic battle when your club plays in a quarter-final or semi-final.

And more:
* FIFA 20 Fan Packs – Only available in selected territories
* FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Packs
* FIFA 20 Packs for EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile
* FIFA 20 Video Game
* FIFA 20 Seasons Pass
* FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons Pass
* FIFA 20 Pro Clubs
* Over 50 Game Modes
* 72 playable teams in FIFA 20
* New 2018/19 kits for all teams
* New fully-branded and iconic stadiums
* Unveil new stadium designs
* New goals and ball physics
* New Skill Games, Foul Penalties, and Free Kicks
* Enhanced Ball Physics
* New dynamic lighting for night time matches
* 19 Pro Clubs
* New celebrations
* New Club Colours
* Completely overhauled on-field presentation

FIFA 20 – An all-new soccer experience


What’s new:

  • New Commentary – Laudie Pizzari
  • New Commentary – Cris Freddi
  • New Commentary – Michael Owen
  • New Commentary -Ian Darke
  • New Commentary – Brian Barre
  • New Commentary – Pierre Audivert


Free Fifa 22 License Key X64 (April-2022)

FIFA is the world’s most popular sports video game series, and FIFA 20 is the best-selling video game of all time!

FIFA 20 builds on the foundation of the critically-acclaimed game with fundamental gameplay advances and a completely new season of innovation and emotion across every mode.

FIFA 20 introduces new attacking styles, new defensive tactics and a unified tackling system with new animations and improved controls.

It also includes 24 new team kits, expanded stadiums, fan customisation, more control over player appearances, and more.

The latest instalment in the most popular football simulation game series was released to worldwide acclaim on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 28, 2019.FIFA 20 builds on the foundation of the critically-acclaimed game with fundamental gameplay advances and a completely new season of innovation and emotion across every mode.FIFA 20 introduces new attacking styles, new defensive tactics and a unified tackling system with new animations and improved controls.It also includes 24 new team kits, expanded stadiums, fan customisation, more control over player appearances, and more.

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Who should buy this game?

Fans of the FIFA series, football fans, football players, football managers, and football fans looking to get more of what makes FIFA the best football simulation game on the market.

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In the Press

“FIFA 20 is great, it’s made the most needed adjustments to the series and taken the game to the next level. It’s everything you expect and more.”


FIFA 20 is the first major release of 2019 and is a technical marvel. It’s deeper and more complex than any football game to date, and I’m utterly enamoured with FIFA’s mix of accessibility and depth.


“FIFA 20’s campaign is reminiscent of recent games, like FUT 20, but with a few neat tricks thrown in.”


“FIFA 20 is a significant step forward for the series and a huge leap over FIFA 19. I can’t imagine anyone not being satisfied with it.


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System Requirements:

Each chapter will be made available with the minimum specifications of the chapter’s specification. For example, all the M.O.L.E.S will be made available with a 1920×1080 screen resolution. And with the M.O.L.E.S 2.0, all the chapters are optimized for 2K resolutions.
For the complete list of minimum and recommended specs for each chapter, please visit