Made as a portable version of ICY Hexplorer, this is a tiny software application that facilitates a user-friendly environment for inspecting the hexadecimal code of files, regardless of their type.
Portability perks
Since installation is not necessary, you can extract the program files anywhere on the disk and simply click the .exe to launch Hexplorer. Alternatively, you can store it to a USB flash drive to directly launch it on any PC with minimum effort.
Clear-cut interface with advanced options
As far as the interface is concerned, the tool adopts a normal-looking window with a neatly organized layout, where you can open a file to examine hex code and copy selected blocks of text as C or Assembler data, hex strings, filtered text, or disassembled code.
Inspect file information and make modifications
It's possible to increment and decrement bytes, negate a selection, find out the file's date information and special attributes, paste external text as is or as hex numbers, floats, doubles, bytes, words or double words, highlight a string of characters, or check out simple data types.
What's more, Hexplorer lets you view pixels, keep an eye on the disassembler, show a navigator, enter fullscreen mode, as well as display different types of structure, like DWORD, BMP or PE header, object table, or NTFS or FAT32 boot sector.
Export data to numerous file formats
You can encrypt text using a password, find patterns and byte occurrences, calculate checksums (e.g. CRC32, MD5), record and play macro scripts for automated tasks, as well as export the file to a wide range of formats, such as ASCII hex, Atmel Generic (big or low endian), DEC Binary (XXDP), Elektor Monitor (EMON52), LSI Logic Fast Load, Inel hex, and Signetics. Likewise, data can be imported from the same file types.
Evaluation and conclusion
The utility didn't hamper system performance in our tests, as it needed low CPU and RAM to function normally. It had a good response time to user commands and didn't hang, crash or display error messages.
To sum it up, Hexplorer provides users with advanced options to directly examine files via hex display. Plus, it's free and open-source.


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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






X-Hexplorer Crack + Free Download X64 [Latest] 2022

X-Hexplorer is a simple hex editor for Windows that allows you to edit a file’s hexadecimal contents, as well as view its header and export as a file’s associated file format. To open a file in hexviewer, select it from Windows Explorer and open the file. X-Hexplorer’s interface is simple, with a zooming bar and menu to edit text, file attributes and modify selections.
Hexplorer Features:

X-Hexplorer saves and loads binary (binary) in a human-readable hexadecimal representation that is easier to debug and copy and paste into an assembler.

It provides a data editor with an easy-to-use interface for editing a file’s data.

It provides a hex editor for viewing individual bits/bytes of a file, rather than the entire file.

It allows you to view the full header and footer of a file.

If you select the Code segment in an executable, you’ll be able to view the entire program code in hex, view the disassembly, step through the code, and manually control each hexadecimal byte.

Files with a different endianness can be viewed by converting to the endianness of the PC.

You can export from the editor as a BIN, ZIP, EXE, or JAR file. It supports ASCII hex, DEC Binary, Elektor Monitor, Inel hex, LSI Logic Fast Load, and generic hex. It supports Assembler Assembler files (file not found).

Size: 66KB;

Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/NT/2003/W2003/WXP/WCE/W2K/W3K/2000 SP1/2000 SP2/XP SP2/XP 64-bit/Vista SP1/Vista SP2/2000 SP3/2000 SP4/2000 SP5/2000 SP6/XP SP2/XP64 SP1/XP64 SP2/2003/XP64

X-Hexplorer Screenshots:

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X-Hexplorer Crack + Free Download X64

X-Hexplorer Crack (X-Hxplorer) is a small portable utility which allows to view, copy, and edit the content of a file in the hexadecimal code. It is packed with powerful functions. X-Hexplorer is an application which was designed to allow you to view files in the hexadecimal code and copy its content for reuse.
Applications that provide this option are usually called ‘hex editors’, because they have the ability to view a file in the hexadecimal code. X-Hexplorer is based on the idea of such editors. However, it adds a number of unique features to X-Hexplorer. X-Hexplorer can copy not only the hexadecimal code, but can also copy the data stored in the file. This data can be saved to a file in the hexadecimal code. This feature allows you to save the hexadecimal code in the form of a file and store a certain part of the file in the hexadecimal code.
You can also modify files in the hexadecimal code. X-Hexplorer can replace selected blocks of text from the file with the hexadecimal code. The block of text can be highlighted, and then the hexadecimal code to replace it is displayed. When you close the block, the data is written back in the file. If you are editing a large file and do not want to waste your time replacing the selected parts of the hex code with the code, you may want to remove the hex code and copy the data to another file.
Another interesting feature is that you can create macros to perform certain functions. You can record macros and save them in the form of scripts. In the macro editor, you can assign the commands to buttons or hotkeys to make the work easier. There are more than 60 macros provided in X-Hexplorer to help you save your time.Performance characteristics of a high-performance liquid chromatographic assay for ketamine in plasma.
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Portable, multi-platform, small, light-weight yet powerful application that displays hexadecimal codes in files.
Wish to examine the code of almost any file, regardless of its type? Then X-Hexplorer is what you are looking for. Supported file formats are ASCII hex, LSI Logic Fast Load hex, Elektor Monitor (EMON52) hex, DEC Binary (XXDP), Inel hex, and Signetics.
X-Hexplorer Features:

Fully portable. Simply extract the application files to an external USB flash drive, connect it to a Windows PC and launch it. There is nothing to install.
Fully customizable. By default, text is displayed on a single line; you can set it to wrap or split lines. You can also choose how to display individual text items, such as bytes, numbers, words, strings, or decimal, hex, and octal numbers.
Parallel run of disassembler and file browser. Simply double-click on a file to launch the file browser and then click on it to open the disassembler. Equally, double-click on the disassembler and it will start opening the file.
Fullscreen mode for file browsing, disassembler and data selection.
Compare and copy/cut hex or text.
Increase/decrease text units.
Fully-featured clipboard, where you can save binary, hex, text, and decimal data to a file.
Rotate/flip text or selections.
Erase/select/copy areas of text.

X-Hexplorer Use:

Launch the program.
Click the file-open button.
Double-click on a file to open its disassembler.
Double-click the disassembler to open file browser.
Double-click the file browser to open disassembler.
To exit X-Hexplorer, click the X in the top-right corner.

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X-Hexplorer Documentation
X-Hexplorer source code
X-Hexplorer at SourceForge

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What’s New In X-Hexplorer?

X-Hexplorer is a full-featured Hex editor and Binary Decoder with additional features.
This powerful application helps you examine any file without using a Hex to ASCII converter.
Check out the internal viewer! Not only can you view and check the hex of any file, but you can also extract files from other memory regions, such as mapped memory, swap space, hot regions, disk sectors,…
You can also unpack and unzip any file. Are you wondering how to unpack a zip file? Look no further, X-Hexplorer supports all zip and rar formats.

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It’s a program that combines file editing and document conversion with the ability to convert between text and binary formats. HexEdit finds any file on your computer or in the network. It displays the hexadecimal code of a file’s contents, so you can inspect the data in a hex editor or perform other tasks.
If you need to convert between text and binary, there’s a built-in HexLite(TM) text to binary converter. You can also choose between hexadecimal and binary modes when saving or opening files, or you can select a text encoding in the menu bar. In addition, you can view byte and character counts from a text file, as well as perform other conversions.
HexEdit is compatible with different file formats, and supports Unicode text and international character sets. You can save files in Hex, ASCII, TAB, and Unicode format, as well as in Portable Document Format(RTF) and Rich Text Format(HTML).
The software is available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian.
Key features
* Hex and binary files, such as ASCII, XML, and JPEG files
* Saves files in ASCII, Unicode, TAB and Unicode, RTF and HTML, Hex and ASCII, text files formats
* Edits all the hex files on your computer and network.
* Separates each byte in Hex and displays the line number
* View and search files
* Get information about files
* Process files using the built-in HexLite(TM) text to binary converter
* Direct access to memory
* Debug your code
* Inspect files using a convenient user interface
* Open file extensions
* Open a file from the Windows directory
* Open a file from any folder
* Open a file in the Windows registry
* Displays the hex

System Requirements:

* Windows XP/Vista/7
* Intel/AMD CPU
* Minimum of 4GB RAM
* Minimum of 150MB free hard disk space
* DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 16MB of dedicated video memory
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