Sale Control is Customer relationship management Software (CRM). This is a recognised strategy for managing and maintaining a company’s clients and sales prospects.
Sale Control includes features such as Appointment Organiser, Reporting Tools, Integration with Outlook, and other client management features. Sale Control app runs on multiple platforms and requires minimal resources.







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Sales Control is a CRM and Remittance
system for your business. It provides
tools for creating and maintaining
client accounts, contact records,
attendance tracking, invoices and more
to help you manage your clients and
sales prospects.
Sales Control is an easy-to-use
system that works across multiple
platforms. You can log into Sales
Control from a web browser or from
Windows Mobile phones, iPhones, and
Blackberries that connect to the

See What you can do with Sales Control, at:

#! /bin/sh
# common options for pari
echo “$0 $@”
goto start
echo “Usage: pari [-v] [-d ] [-o ] [–] [files…]”
echo “”
echo ” -v verbose mode”
echo ” -d directory to do the pari in”
echo ” -o output file”
echo ” — end of options”
echo ” files… files to be processed”
echo “”
echo ” The output of pari is directed to standard output”
echo “”
echo ” – version”
echo ” -h this help”
exit 0

if test $# = 0
echo “There are no files”
exit 1


PARI=`which pari`
if test $? -eq 0
PARI=`echo $PARI | sed -e’s/^.*\///’`
rm -f ${out}pari
if test! -e ${out}pari
echo “Can not find pari, exit”
exit 1
$PARI -d ${in}/ -o ${out}pari
This invention relates to an apparatus and method

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The Sales executive first must enter a Client, or a Prospect.
The Sales executive is required to enter in details regarding the prospect like Status, Name, Contact Name, Address, E-Mail etc.
The prospective client has a deadline for quotation and the Sales executive decides if he/she will accept or reject the quotation.
If the prospect declines, then the Sales executive is notified,
The Sales executive may reject or accept the prospective client at a later date.
The Sales executive enters the lead information. A lead that is unresponsive is expired.
The Sales executive may assign an activity to the lead. An activity is a logical entity such as a job, event, consultation etc.
The Sales executive may send mails, or make a phone call to the prospective client and inform him about the activities assigned to him.
The Sales executive can close the lead.
Report and save sales history of the prospects
The Sales executive can make a call to a prospect, and take the order of the prospect as well.

The application that i am using Sale Control Cracked Version. i am using,, and ajax (Jquery) but it is very slow and causes out of memory exception problem. But it is very easy to use and has good features.


You might be able to speed up the client connection process.
The best part about getting approval from the client is that you do not need to log into the database to see the data about the client, but this means that you need to perform that information retrieval task each time the client’s information is needed.
If you are writing this application entirely on the client you have a problem because the client’s information will be static. But if you have local copies of the client data you can perform this information retrieval each time the client’s information is needed without downloading the data from the server. This way the client doesn’t have to be online for you to access their data.
Possible workflow
Client Server

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This customer relationship management software can be integrated with Outlook giving users a unified view of both their E-mail and Sales lists within their organisation. Sales Control has over 90 fully integrated modules and features which make Sale Control suitable for most small and medium businesses.

Sale Control’s appointment organisers enable you to make appointments with your clients, track their location, synchronise your calendar, and send reminders. Reports can be generated to show sales by day, by week, by month, by client, and with or without records.

Sales Control is a robust, Microsoft based software package that can be run on a standalone basis or on a network server such as a Microsoft 2000, Windows NT Server. For standalone installation, MSO be prepared to purchase Microsoft OS, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Outlook. Running on a network server is a much less expensive option.

The Sale Control product consists of 7 modules:

People Tracker
Sales Reports
Time Management

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List of CRM software

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Sale Control homepage

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What’s New in the?

Sale Control is a Sales Automation and CRM application which includes Sales Approval, Sales Management, Sales Call Manager, Lead Management, Sales Team Management, Sales Intelligence and Inventory Management capabilities.
Sale Control offers the opportunity to integrate and synchronize your tasks and business processes across all the marketing, sales and accounting departments. Sale Control makes it easier for your sales team to operate, manage and perform their tasks.
Sale Control Features

sales approval
inventory management
sales management
lead management
sales call manager
personal account
sales report
sales intelligence
time sheets
appointment manager
sales team management
sales task management
sales productivity
telephone support
accounts department
accounts payable
accounts receivable
Inventory Management
Inventory Management module helps the user to monitor, control and order in real-time inventory levels and batch processes. The Inventory Manager module contains a two-way integration with the Sales Module, which includes the ability to set the default SKU on Orders and Invoices, be set as the default Stock Location, and be set as the default Supply Location. The inventory module also includes Stock Control and Stock History features to help the user to determine an accurate quantity, issue and manage stock orders and verify purchases or sales; this helps to manage the inventory levels more accurately and helps in reducing the costs on the inventory.

Sales Reports
The Sales Module allows the user to create and set up a sales report for the specific requirement. For example, the Sales Module allows the user to create a sales report based on the specific date range of the product and the customer. This module then calculates the profit of the product, and the number of units sold.

Sales Approval
Sales approval allows the user to send a request to the customer or the sales team to confirm that the customer can accept the order or sale, which can be initiated by the user or the sales team. If the customer has provided approval, the Appointment Manager will show the appointment details in the relevant sales module. When the user closes the sale, the customer will receive a credit from the Sales Team Manager, and the Sales Approval module allows the user to close the sale.

Sales Analytics
The Sales Analytics Module allows the user to analyse the sales performance of the company. For

System Requirements For Sale Control:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 (64 bit)
Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, or 10.11 (64 bit)
i3, i5 or i7
AMD Radeon HD 7870
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB
3 GB free hard disk space
Internet connection
Internet connection Storage: