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PostScript IFilter is a server based indexing and search solution for the PostScript language. It offers the capabilities of content indexing and browsing, text and page search for the PostScript language. PostScript IFilter supports the communication with the Conexant CAT network interface, which is a TCP/IP based protocol. It allows you to index and search in PostScript documents such as PostScript and PDF files.
PostScript IFilter features:
■ Content Indexing and Browsing
■ Text and Page Search
■ A Client Server architecture based on Internet Information Server (IIS)
■ Searchable documents written in PostScript and PDF
■ Full HTML and PDF support
■ Allows file indexing and searching
■ Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems
PostScript IFilter version overview:
PostScript IFilter for Windows NT 4.0 includes PostScript IFilter Server. The PostScript IFilter Server works together with the Indexing Service provided in Windows NT 4.0 Server and Windows 2000 Server, and PostScript IFilter Server on Windows XP Professional or Home.
You do not need to install IFilter for Windows NT 4.0, if you do not want to index and search PostScript documents in the server and desktop computers.
PostScript IFilter Client for Windows NT 4.0 includes PostScript IFilter Client, Web-Tools and Internet Information Server 5.0. If you do not want to index and search PostScript documents in the desktop computers, you do not need to install the PostScript IFilter Client or PostScript IFilter Server.
Inherited Features:
PostScript IFilter Client 1.x Client features the following inherited features.
■ MSN Desktop Search
■ Windows Explorer Indexing Service
■ Web based search using IFilter Web-Tools
■ Search index built-up automatically by Internet Information Server 5.0
■ Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP operating systems
■ IPv4, IPv6
■ All Microsoft Windows Server operating systems, including
■ PostScript IFilter Server
■ PostScript IFilter Server on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP operating systems
PostScript IFilter Server Version Overview:
PostScript IFilter Server includes a complete set of features for indexing and searching Post

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PostScript IFilter includes two parts: Postscript IFilter Server and Postscript IFilter Proxy. The Postscript IFilter Server is installed at a server machine that can provide search services. Postscript IFilter Proxy is installed at client machines (e.g., desktops, notebooks) to connect to the Postscript IFilter Server. You must install both parts of Postscript IFilter before you can use it.
Postscript IFilter Server is a Windows service that communicates with Indexing Service. The service has three main components: a search filter, a script interpreter, and an indexer. The server provides a full text indexing service that is simple to use and supports multiple data sources (e.g., network devices, CD ROMs, text files, databases, and other systems) as well as filters to process the indexed data.
During the installation, Postscript IFilter Server is configured to communicate with Indexing Service on port 9760. You must change this communication port during the server installation.
Postscript IFilter Proxy is a Windows Service that exposes a COM interface to search clients. When installed, Postscript IFilter Proxy is configured to communicate with Postscript IFilter Server through port 9760.
After you install the Postscript IFilter, you must configure it. (See your product documentation for information on how to configure your Postscript IFilter.) For example, you can configure the Postscript IFilter to index one or more word processing files when users save new files. Or you can configure the Postscript IFilter to automatically index text files in a folder. The Postscript IFilter includes templates that you use to create the configuration files. For more information about how to configure the server or proxy, see Postscript IFilter Configuration File Template in your product documentation.
If you are installing or upgrading the Postscript IFilter from a previous version, you must stop the service before installing the Postscript IFilter. The service depends on the previous version of the Postscript IFilter. If you stop the previous version of Postscript IFilter before you install the new version, you can install the new version and the Postscript IFilter will not be started during service startup.
The Postscript IFilter does not change existing systems. It upgrades the Indexing Service and the Windows File Search components when you install the Postscript IFilter. In addition, the Windows File Search automatically picks up any new files in the folders.
Postscript IFilter Links:
■ Microsoft:

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The Microsoft PostScript indexer/indexer filter uses Microsoft Indexing Service to extract content from PostScript files.
■ Indexes content from PostScript files
■ Indexes images embedded within PostScript files
■ Indexes content from PDF files
■ Tags information from files
■ Retrieves text from files
■ Gets information from content (page number, file name, etc.)
■ Searches for keywords in all content
■ Gets information from document areas
■ Searches for document areas
■ Marks changed content and reveals all changed content
PostScript IFilter Installation:
The PostScript IFilter is installed as a service or as a stand-alone application.
MS Project IFilter Installation Steps:
1. Open the Tools menu
2. Select Options
3. On the Indexing tab, select where the PostScript IFilter service will be located
4. For each PostScript file that you want to index, select either the service or standalone application
5. For each PostScript file that you want to index, type the path to the file in the File field
6. For each document area, select the type of document content you want to index for the corresponding PostScript files in the Select document area type drop-down menu
7. Choose a security level for the service
8. Select Apply
To view the PostScript IFilter service installation location, open the Start menu, click on the iFilter icon, and select the Standard options.
MS Project IFilter Configuration:
After PostScript IFilter installation, post-processing needs to be applied on PostScript documents. These steps guide you on how to configure PostScript IFilter:
■ Choose the PostScript IFilter location when it is installed as a service or a standalone application.
■ Choose the search scope: (default)
■ Choose the security level:
■ Out-of-the-box, the PostScript IFilter creates index files that are stored in the Documents folder. To create an index file instead of creating a folder, select the option to index content within a file.
■ While indexing PostScript files in the index, you can use the “Page” or “File” box to specify where the file is located.
■ For more details on how to configure PostScript IFilter, see the following topic:

What’s New in the?

PostScript IFilter is a collection of tools that helps to extract content from PostScript files in order to index or search those documents. It supports extraction of full text, document metadata, page images, graphics, embedded commands, PostScript documents from LaserJet printers, and PDF documents.
PostScript IFilter Tools:
PostScript IFilter Reader – This tool extracts content from PostScript files. It is easy to use with command line interface. It reads PostScript files and extracts content into a series of documents. You can use indexing or search the extracted text.
PostScript IFilter Server – This tool is used to extract content from PostScript documents from multiple servers. You can configure a database with many different parameter sets to extract the documents.
PostScript IFilter Generator – This tool is a set of commands for text extraction from PostScript files to generate a text file, print out a PDF file, or email content. You can combine the generated text with PostScript documents.
PostScript IFilter Scripts – These are collections of PostScript documents that add different capabilities to the PostScript IFilter Server.
PostScript IFilter is not a product of Microsoft. It is the subject of the license agreement included with PostScript IFilter. The license agreement is subject to the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Software License Terms and Conditions.
PostScript IFilter has no FAQs.

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