Polaris, although the name is somewhat misleading, is an interesting take on streaming music. What this app does is turn your PC into a streaming device, allowing any individual with the right credentials to access one's uploaded song playlists. It's an innovative approach to streaming music, and a free one at that too. It's fast, it's reliable, and it's yours a hundred percent.
No menus or options
The app itself can only be installed. It automatically creates the streaming server. You can only be sure of that once you spot the bear-looking icon in the System Tray. From there, you can only close the server, and that's pretty much it. You'll have to navigate to the developer specified URL in order to access an online menu with all the features your new server provides. This online interface does not work without the running app in your OS' System Tray.
Online options for the win
Provided you've done everything right, the online menu will ask you to confirm your playlist source, otherwise known as a simple directory on your PC. Once located, you also have the option of naming your music source. The online interface is quite pleasant to the eye. Options are well differentiated, so you won't have a problem understanding what's what. You can create various playlists from the music you've already made available to the app.
You could also tie your Last.fm account to the app. Add favorites, search for certain songs, shuffle all tracks and check your most recent additions. The app feels like a full-fledged audio player. It even allows users to customize track image covers. Polaris is by far the most interesting and authentic take on streaming music. There is also an Android app that gives users the opportunity to connect to Polaris streamed content. It's a bit easier and doesn't involve using your phone's browser. The application manages to offer exactly what is advertised.


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Download ☆☆☆ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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✓ Automatic creation and discovery of your music library over the network, using the last.fm API ✓ Sends your playlists directly to last.fm where you can then find and listen to them with the last.fm online player ✓ Access your playlists from any computer, and update them directly from last.fm ✓ Upload any playlist to last.fm with just a click and send the link to your friends ✓ Create favorites and search for songs in your playlists ✓ Create weekly or monthly playlists in the online playlist editor ✓ Add tracks to playlists by dragging and dropping them ✓ Supports song covers
You can unpack and run the application on Linux from the download file. However, you’ll be prompted to create an account (assuming you haven’t yet) at the first launch of the app. You can also use a Windows Server to stream music and organize playlists.

Smule, the MP3 Maker

Category: Digital Audio Players

Smule, initially produced by an independent developer, came to the market in 2010 and turned into a huge hit for online music distribution. So, how can a music-making application bring so much success? There is no shortage of music apps out there, but Smule stands out for a number of reasons. Let’s dive in and explore the features and benefits of this app.
Simple and straightforward
As soon as you open Smule, you are greeted by its clean interface. You are ready to create your first song in minutes. It’s much like a music video editor, where you can add your own music as well as pre-recorded music. Here are the main features of the app that will help you get started:
A player: you can use the app’s playlist or a custom playlist
Instruments: you can add multiple instruments, including guitar, drums, strings, keyboards, etc.
Loop: create a loop effect
Time: Play a song based on the time (12-bar blues for example)
Name: title of the song
Mixer: control the audio playback volume by selecting different channels

A-Z Music Player is a free download music player for Android that lets you play music, search music and change music from the internet. Play your music offline or online, all supported music formats are supported. This app can display album art, play music by other users on Spotify and play your music from any other music service that supports OGG. You can also create a

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Description: A 100% free application that works with your existing local MP3 or AAC collections. Play any track from your computer with the AirPlay button or stream any track from a selected website to your Apple TV with the super easy web browser.
If you are already a digital music fiend and know the ins and outs of uploading your tunes in such a way so that they can be streamed to your Airtunes’ device from any device, then this is the application for you. This application is easy to use. The application will work with both Mac and Windows platforms, but will play more smoothly on the latter.
Initial Setup:
The app will ask you the location of your music. It also shows the location of your Apple TV’s TV button. The app will then download the necessary components necessary to stream your music library to the Apple TV. Once you have completed the download, the application will keep track of how many songs are downloaded at a time, and will then prompt you to reload the AirPlay icon.
Polaris features a unique icon that gives you an indication of the status of the application at any given time. The darker icon implies that your iTunes library is being streamed to the Apple TV. The lighter icon implies that the Apple TV has been recognized by the application as a possible source for music.
Polaris respects your privacy. Your music and the privacy settings of your Apple TV remain just that – your music and the privacy settings of your Apple TV.
The suggestion system can be set to ignore recent playlists.
Two hacks:
Start on [screen] lock, play and pause. This is available by pressing the up arrow on your keyboard, or you can connect an Apple Remote to the app via USB. You can also use the browser to play a track, or add songs to your shuffle playlist.
The startup requirements for the application are:
OS X 10.6 or later
Seamless Streaming and

Android and the DAL (Data Access Layer)

I have been developing the Android application in Java, because I started learning Android programming. Now I want to rewrite the application in C#, because I want to use new APIs. However, the application is working great, and I want to reuse the same classes for both projects. The current classes, implemented in the C#, are all from the Android

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Streaming your favorite tunes is just a few taps away. All you need is a PC with a web-enabled input or output (Webcam, Microphone, or Smartphone) and your favorite tunes on your hard drive. In Polaris, the computer becomes a media server with no menus or options. Just click and stream.Anecdotes of a Commonplace Man

Day: January 4, 2012

One of the things that I began to think about when reading Daniil’s book was the right balance between the mechanical and the psychological. This is the idea of making a machine more human-like so that it would be easier for people to interact with. Daniil talked about an iPhone that could record sounds of the people around you so that you would not miss anything. However, when I think about that idea, I wonder how someone would react to the idea of having that much personal information in a device.

I think the issues here come from the fact that there is no set limit or standard that follows technology. What may work for one group, or for one person, may not work for another. At some point, you need to be able to gauge whether the kind of information that you want to store on a device is worth the effort.

“There are two problems in consumer’s paradox, one is a phenomenon of default, and one is a more serious problem. We must understand what we are entering into to have a moral right to expect any benefit from the device” (p. 125).Don’t stop until it hurts

Summary: A story of desire, loneliness, and the power of music.

This story is slash.


I was in love.

And I was alone, and I didn’t want to be anymore.

I had wanted him from the first day I saw him. He was my favorite band, and since he went on to become one of my favorite people, we connected. We had such things in common, and I just knew he was the one I would marry. That’s how I had always thought of love. When I was younger, I had liked boys and girls, but I always knew love would be for the person who would fill my life with the most fun, the most happiness, the best music. That’s how I had always thought of love.

Until I met him.

* * *

Name: Russel Wright

What’s New In?

Polaris is a free online radio service. Play your favorite Music with endless listening possibilities. Join Our Private Community and share your Music and Audios directly with your Friends.

Polaris on Windows is basically a streaming media server that allows other users to access your media library using your own web browser. Unlike streaming media services like Last.fm or Spotify, it’s completely free, and the only way to play the music is to stream it from within the app. But is it worth it?
It’s definitely a service to check out
Polaris promises to take away the hassle of streaming media, and to stream to devices like streaming media players and computers. The catch is that you need to have other users who already use the service in order to make it work. Instead of downloading music files and playing them offline, you can upload your music playlists and let your listeners access them on their own computer or in a streaming media player.
You’ll need your own web server to make all this happen. Luckily, the latest version of Polaris can be installed as a portable app for both Windows and Android. It also allows you to create a separate user account for each device. The app promises to do a decent job of streaming the music you choose. It will even allow you to share your music with friends on a social media site. But there are other issues the app may face.
Low bitrate streaming
Without being entirely sure, we feel like the streaming software running on this particular device had trouble playing some of the tracks in our test file list. This could definitely be a problem for some, especially if they’re looking to play back a lot of high-bitrate music.
Here’s what the Polaris app looks like on Windows
The application doesn’t exactly present itself well. The icon looks like a music player icon, but it quickly became visible that it’s really just a web server. This is unfortunate, because if the application was well designed, we think it would look like a much better streaming music player. And with all it can offer, that’s a good thing.
A nice thing about Polaris is that when you access it, you can customize the interface. You’ll have the choice of storing your music library on your PC or online. It’s also possible to stream from local files. In the event that the user wants to stream their music on a device other than their PC or Mac, you can choose from a list of popular media streaming devices.
Polaris is actually a

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: 1.86 GHz CPU, Pentium III, Celeron, or similar Processor
Memory: 1GB RAM (2GB recommended)
Graphics: 512 MB VRAM (1GB recommended)
Hard Drive: at least 2GB HD space
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound card with at least stereo speakers
How to Install:
1. Download the latest version of