Pepsky RMVB Video Joiner is an application which allows you to merge RMVB, RM, RAM and IVR files. But you can also convert them to other formats, such as AVI, FLV and MP4.
The interface of the program is clean and intuitive. Media files can be imported into the list via the file browser only, because the “drag and drop” method is not supported.
In the queue you can read the name and duration, along with source type and length of each file. So, all you have to do is set the output destination, format and filename, in order to proceed with the task.
Furthermore, you can preview clips in a small, built-in media player, move items up and down in the list, as well as crop and trim videos by marking the start and end time position or values.
In addition, you can configure audio and video parameters for each output profile when it comes to the encode, resolution, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, sample frequency rate, channel mode, volume and others.
The video processing tool needs a high amount of system resources, has a fair response time, supports keyboard shortcuts, quickly finishes a task and preserves a good image and sound quality after conversion. We haven't come across any technical issues during our tests, since Pepsky RMVB Video Joiner did not freeze, crash or display errors. Too bad there is no help file available. But, even so, we strongly recommend Pepsky RMVB Video Joiner to all users.


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Download >>>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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Hapax File Splitter is a powerful tool that allows you to split one or more files from one or more folders into any number of other files and folders. You can use this program as a batch splitting tool and copy files from one location to other locations of your computer, or burn files to CD/DVD.
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Mp3 Cut and Burn Pro is absolutely free of bugs, viruses and any spyware, is totally clean and safe to use.
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WorldWide Web Cache is an application designed to speed up web surfing on any Windows computer. It keeps cached information about documents and images on a local hard disk drive, RAM, Microsoft Exchange Server, or Exchange 2003. WSC is multi-threaded, and allows you to modify settings dynamically. It enables you to block list of URLs to be cached, which will prevent them from being cached.

GoogleMap Maker is a useful tool to create a digital map, which can later be printed or used online. You can use a digital map or just a selected area on an optical/infrared camera or a scanner and a printer to create an image of the area, which can then be printed or posted on a web page. You can draw straight lines, polygons or calculate distances between coordinates and details on the map.
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Limewire Pro is a file-sharing program and peer-to-peer application. It is also a BitTorrent client. Limewire Pro is capable of downloading several thousands of pieces of files at once. The software allows you to exchange files, videos, music, books and software.
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Free Video Converter Pro is a complete video converter with a great range of features, including an easy to use interface and a complete batch conversion ability. The software converts between almost all popular video file formats, and offers a split file

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OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
CPU: Intel Pentium 4
RAM: 512MB
Hard Disk: 30MB of free space

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Pepsky MSN Messenger PCS is a program for its users. With it you can easily transfer files. We have recently reviewed a few new messenger programs. We’d like to tell you about them today.
The main advantage of these messenger programs is the variety of the features they offer. Not only do they transfer files, but they also provide cloud synchronization of contacts, chat logging with search, video calls and more. Still, you can’t choose freely what features to use. They will all come along with your trial period. To enable your particular functions, you’ll have to purchase the program as well.
However, the standard functions of each messenger program are sufficient for practical purposes. File transfer is usually the most important feature here, but there are also messaging programs with additional voice and video calling function.
Of course, these are basic programs, but we recommend them for at least basic operations.
Pepsky MSN Messenger PCS does exactly what it’s supposed to do. The interface is simple and intuitive. All functions are easy to find. For users that don’t require the full messenger functionality, it’s a good solution.
We could not find any issues or errors during our tests. Overall, we give Pepsky MSN Messenger PCS our highest recommendation, along with all other Pxxys P2P programs we have reviewed.
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Perfect Photo Splitter is a free Windows application, which allows you to split photos into several pieces. You can divide them into three or four pieces with just several mouse clicks. If you are interested in splitting images using this software, then you are in the right place. We have tested some of the best tools of our time to help you deal with this task. Let’s have a look at the most interesting results.
The program features a pleasant user interface. It looks modern and is very convenient to use. The default installation folder is the same as the program itself. It has a neat plug-in design, so you can easily add different folders to the system during the installation process.
The included EXIF viewer allows you to view EXIF data, so you can easily see the camera settings that were used when taking the photo. You can find out anything you want to know about the date and time of the photo, shooting mode, resolution and file size.
Aside from the common settings, you can also upload metadata, such as text and an address. A handy DIP tag editor will help

What’s New in the Pepsky RMVB Video Joiner?

An application for the creation of a wide range of electronic files containing information about video files. It is designed to perform the main functions that are necessary to work with video files. Functions: Import, export, merge, cut, copy, remove, change, add, multiply and remove metadata. Also create new files and extract information from existing files. It is an important aspect of the creation of video files. If you intend to make a video clip or burn a DVD, then you need to have a tool that will help you organize video files. The tool that you choose should have features that are convenient and easy to use. With the best tool, you will not lose your time in the editing process. You will receive all the necessary functions to make the video clip. At the same time, you will be able to perform all the adjustments that you need to make. For example, you can crop the videos from the beginning, the end, from the center, or in the middle of the frames. You can cut short video clips. There are no time limits, because you can easily perform all the functions manually. You can save all the work done at any time. The video conversion tool allows you to automatically do the conversions by using specified options. After the conversion is finished, you can choose the output format. If you want to cut the video clips, you will be able to mark the beginning and end of the video from the list. Then, the application will automatically calculate the length of the clip. If you want to cut and paste the video file, you should just highlight the whole file and click the button marked “Cut” at the bottom of the list. You do not have to trim the frames manually. There are plenty of tools to optimize the size of the video file, since the application is equipped with various settings. To make all the adjustments, you need to enter the video parameters. You can quickly set the duration of the video clip. All the necessary functions are designed to provide a quick response. The application is designed to save your time. You will not need to worry about the organization and creating of the video files. It is made in the form of a powerful video converter. This tool has all the necessary functions to add subtitles, edit, apply effects, add special frames, etc. The editing tool allows you to change the position of the frames and to shorten or extend them. If you want to transfer the selected video files to the computer, you can use the built-in sharing function. The application allows you to

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2
Processor: Pentium 4 1.4GHz
Memory: 1GB
Graphics: Windows XP with VGA support (128 MB video RAM)
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
OS: Windows XP SP3
Processor: Quad Core
Memory: 2GB
Graphics: Windows XP with Shader Model 3.0