Noiseonator was developed to be a VST instrument using midi frequency to set center frequency of a bandpass (peak) filter, acting on white or pink noise.







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– Midi frequency- A parametric midi instrument, you can assign various control signals to internal parameters.
– Five selectable sound source – Each one has its own distinct sound. All are applied to the various internal parameters, to get various effects.
– Two assignable effect – Envelope follower and Phaser.
– Amplitude envelope control – You can set the rise time and fall time of the envelope to make either a slow or fast attack and release.
– Phaser control – You can set the rate of the stutter (the oscillation), the quantizing step and the pitch.
– Noise reduction on/off – Phasing and delaying add a nice variety to your sound.

Noiseonator Crack For Windows has a user-friendly interface which you can learn with the help of a manual.

A modeller can manage input and output signals in a sound editor and then encode or export with the output to a VST instrument.

Noiseonator Language Generator

The language of Noiseonator can be generated from input-output description and a sound library. This would allow users to make an entire noise circuit from scratch, using the Noiseonator language.


– A graphical language – Allows users to create new sounds.
– Two output methods
– A graphic user-interface
– Two types of noise: random and white
– Get volume, pitch and frequency parameters from midi messages
– Midi CC can be used for adjusting amplitude parameters
– Pitch: A parameter that can be processed as a VST instrument (midi in/out)
– Operator: Midi CC (low, mid and high) can be used to set rising and falling times and controlling their envelope

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Noiseonator – a midi frequency-based VST instrument using VST Synthesizers. Noiseonator is the first to use a midi frequency to set filter center frequency.

Three modes – White, Pink and Random noise with five sound sources.

Envelope follower and Phaser effects.

A wide variety of parameters with a parameter editor to choose which parameters you want to play with.

This project is a “low budget” creation, but certainly it is a unique and interesting project.

Noiseonator Description:
– Midi frequency – A parametric midi instrument


The instrument was created to be very easy and understand to use.

The Noiseonator Crack Free Download offers a very wide instrument tuning range and features a very easy to use and intuitive interface.

Instrument parameters and functions are available with a minimum of clicks.

Users can set the noise frequency to create pink noise, white noise or a variable, narrow or wide band-pass (peak) filter.

The instrument has 2 inputs. One for the noise signal and one to use as a sideband.

Noiseonator screenshot

Noiseonator Video:

Noiseonator online

Noiseonator is available on:

VST SDK 1.2, VST 2.2

Noiseonator Development:

The instrument has been created by a very focused team of more than a dozen professionals.
The programming was developed using C# on.Net 2.0.

Noiseonator was a success, and following its release, it became a free download and is now on dozens of different downloads sites and every single one of them with a very high number of downloads per day.

For the moment Noiseonator is working on the next version with a wider range of new features.

Noiseonator is the best tool to use for creating pink noise or white noise sounds!

We tried both other free noise generators and the noiseonator itself is the best!

Noiseonator is worth to be experienced.

Noiseonator will help you in many ways during your life and for any kind of music.

We are really sorry that some people may have issues to install Noiseonator.
We tested a lot and tried to make it as easy as possible.
We can’t be not responsible for any mistakes during the installation.
We’re sorry that you have an issue to install Noiseonator.
If you have got an error during the installation we’re very sorry.
You can try to search it to find a solution.

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First of all we want to give you a big thanks for the interest you put on Noiseonator.
We really value your feedback.
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So if you have still issues to use Noiseonator feel free to contact us by


This is a free on-line web site with the aim to show you how to create professional and high quality music and use one of the most popular and useful instruments for audio processing, known as a VST instrument.

Using this instrument, you will be able to add noise to other audio signals, to make frequencies of chosen noise louder or softer, as well as they will be affected by the center frequency of a bandpass filter setting.

You can control the noise with midi, doing different effects on it.

You will be also able to apply multiple filters in the same track.

This instrument is a multitrack instrument, so it will appear in different tracks in your audio project.

The only limit of the application is the number of tracks (up to 99 tracks).

Features of this instrument:

– this instrument is a multitrack VST instrument.

– Midi connection works up to 128 tracks.

– Clear and complete view of all settings of the instrument.

– Save and export all instruments, sounds and presets to a.WAV audio file in a single click.

– Full support for audio and MIDI networks.

– Dynamic interface for lots of users.

– Control freqeuncy for noise:

Up to 99 tracks available (including 0 track)

Low frequencies: up to 200 Hz

Low freqeuncy band: 100 Hz to 200 Hz

High frequencies: 200 Hz to 2000 Hz

High freqeuncy band: 1000 Hz to 2000 Hz

Mainfreqeuncy: -1

Bandpass freqeuncy:

Up to 99 tracks available (including 0 track)

Low freqeuncy band: -1 to 100 Hz

High freqeuncy band: 100 Hz to 2000 Hz

High freqeuncy band: 2000 Hz to 4500 Hz

Mainfreqeuncy: -1

Filter frequency:

Up to 99 tracks available (including 0 track)

From 0 Hz to +1kHz

Instrument Pattern:

Up to 99 tracks available (including 0 track)

From -1 Hz to +1kHz

1.1 Main instrumental settings

– Noiseonator, an audio instrument for digital audio workstations.

– It comes with a built-in library of 20 noise

What’s New In?

Noiseonator is a programmable bandpass (peak) and notch filter and can be used with VST, audio or midi. This means that you can use it with your DAW (digital audio workstation) and with hardware synthesizers or midi interfaces, all thanks to the standard midi and audio interfaces.
Bandpass (peak) filters work on pure sine waves and can’t work on white noise. On the contrary, notch filters can work on both white noise and a pure sine wave.
This project is fully modular and there is no limitation of the number of external inputs you can use. It can be set to 3, 5 or more external inputs. It will save your midi bank and will work even in infinite sustain!
* Each external audio input can be used to control the notch and bandpass filter.
* The audio input is a second order low-pass filter, if we compare to a first order low-pass.
* The audio input is connected to the peak filter when the center frequency is “off”.
* We use a nested VSTMIDIMIDI for noiseonator, this library stores information about the inputs and the filters and processes them with no external help or DAW.
To test the project and try the example files, or to check all the settings, you can download it with the app “Noiseonator”. You can run it in your mobile or a PC with a midi controller (the Noiseonator App is in the App Store or Play Store)
* In case you are using the headphone, it is a second filter on the inlet midi. You can mute the inputs at any time.
* In case you are using the microphone, we avoid the operating frequencies for human voice and noise. To do this we use a software filter on the microphone.
* The project is 4.5 and with C# language.
* It works with mono or stereo audio input.
* The example files will work with any audio input.
* In this project there are no visual user interface or message boxes, if you want you can check the numbers of the filters with.NET way.

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