MyEventViewer is a software application that can help users browse and manage event logs. This program is a simple alternative to the Windows Event Viewer and packs only a few options that allow you to monitor the health of your system.
The user interface is really simplistic and surely appeals to beginners. No computer skills or special tutorials are required for working with this program, so you should be able to master it in no time. The main window displays important information about the event logs such as record number, log and event type, time, source, category, event ID, user name, event data, record length and event description.
Adding or removing logs from the list is particularly simple. You can also select multiple items from the list and then export them to HTML, XML and plain text, or copy them to the Clipboard.
With just a single click on any event log, the app manages to display details about it in a list. The output data cannot be exported to plain text or other file formats.
It features a built-in search engine that quickly allows you to find the files storing event data from your computer.
To sum up, MyEventViewer is an application built specifically for managing the event logs in the easiest way possible. Thanks to its overall simplicity and clean layout, it can be used by both novices and experts. Although it cannot be considered the most powerful tool on the market, it packs many useful features and is also light on your system resources.







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1. Anti-virus scan.
2. Time performance and security.
3. First-time setup.
4. Hierarchical statistics.
5. Setting up.
6. System information.
7. Saving and restoring the logs.
8. Export and import logs.
9. Logs management.
10. Customize the application.

2. Supported OS.
3. Description.
This program is developed for all the operating system supported by Windows Platform, such as Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, 2000, Vista, XP and 7.

3. Installation.
Before installing this application, you need to choose the default file location, save the EXE file and remember the directory name.

1. How to use.
1. Download and install the application.
2. Run the program. It provides a Log Viewer, so please select the Log Viewer to show the Logs Editor window.
3. Click OK to add the logs.
4. To delete the logs, please click the down arrow at the right corner of the date, then click clear all.
5. To list the logs, please click the down arrow at the right corner of the list, then click listing the logs.
6. To add logs, please click the log selection at the right corner of the window, then click add the logs.
7. To delete the logs, please click the log selection and then click the down arrow at the right corner of the filter list, then click clear all.
8. To move the logs, please click the log selection, then click the right corner of the list box, the filter list show up. Click the left arrow to move the current log and click the up arrow to move the next log.
9. To export the logs, click the Log selection at the right corner of the list, then click the Export logs to HTML.
10. To import logs, click the Logs option and then click Import logs.
11. Click the Logs option at the right corner of the list, then click the Import logs to log to this directory.
12. To change log location, click the Logs option at the right corner of the list, then click the Setting up.
13. To change the log size, click the log selection at the right corner of the list, then click the Size of logs.
14. To change the log file name, click the

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Manage your entire event log history with MyEventViewer (Windows)

Written in C/C++, MyEventViewer is a free tool that displays the
contents of your Windows Event log in a graphical way.

Download MyEventViewer now from Softpedia.

Download The latest version of MyEventViewer for Windows

Simply select the link of the version you want to install, choose your
operating system, and click ‘Install’.

Get The Latest Version.

The application also includes a Windows start menu and system tray icon.
You can add the program to your system tray menu manually or let it be
added automatically by selecting the “Add to my system tray” item from
the Program tab.

I think you must install it and then search for it in the start menu or quick start menu


When running Windows 10, it’s the “Microsoft Windows” menu item you are looking for on the Task Bar.

After clicking it, here is what it looks like:

If you prefer not to use the Start menu, here is how to display it on the taskbar:

With Windows 10, such a function has been added to Windows Explorer (Windows).

Then you will see the menu, in case you accidentally removed it.


Windows Vista/7
Search for Microsoft Windows in Start menu then select Show all applications. In window that will appear select Microsoft Windows.
Once you have done this you will see a new icon for Microsoft Windows.
Windows 8/8.1/10
If you have enabled the “Show hidden icons and folders” option on the Start menu then you will see another icon named Microsoft Windows.

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What’s New In?

Monitor the event logs on your computer

Prevents modifications of event log records

Add, remove, and list event log events

Display event log data in a simple list

Built-in event search engine

Export selected records in XML, HTML, and plain text formats

I prefer using access to have quick access to my client’s proprietary system files. Besides, it’s a free program and compatible with most of the antivirus and firewall software tools available.
But don’t forget about the virus definition and neutralize if you have any interest to stay safe.

Examining the features of this tool is quite easy and there are thousands of options to customize and control the application. To begin with, before selecting any of the options available, you can simply right-click on an item to access a context menu that contains a lot of useful commands such as: Open…, View As…, Properties, Go To Location, Edit…, See Property Details, Send To, Go to Logger, Close, and Remove.
Although it is possible to select multiple records from the list, it is also possible to automatically add or remove the selected items from the list.
If you need to examine a file more closely, you can simply click on the Properties button and all the available file attributes will be listed for you. This feature also applies to the Logger option when you select a file.
You can also play with the size of the display window and get more information about the selected record. For instance, clicking on the Size button opens a window where you can check out the size of the file, data length, and the character set of the record.
As already mentioned, this program is equipped with a search engine that quickly allows you to find the files storing event data.
To enable a specific event log, click on its name and the file containing all the records will be displayed in the list. This option does not provide access to the contents of a file, so you have to look into the log to get the details you require.
In addition to the above actions, MyEventViewer provides some nice options for quickly exporting the list data to other formats such as XML, HTML and plain text.
While working with the options of MyEventViewer, you can access the Settings option to select the configuration settings that you are used to. Thanks to this feature, you can easily adjust the interface display and control which events you want to be displayed in a list.

System Requirements:

Running Windows® 7 or 8.1 64-bit and an Intel® Core™ i5-2500K or equivalent processor, or a Windows® 8 64-bit processor and an Intel® Core™ i3 processor or equivalent processor, or a Windows® 7 or 8.1 32-bit processor and an Intel® Core™ i3 processor or equivalent processor
12 GB of free hard drive space
2 GB of available memory
DirectX® 11 hardware acceleration
DirectX® 11 hardware acceleration Requirements:
Running Windows® 7 or 8.1