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Easy Resource Planner is a software created to help you schedule your resources from a single, easy-to-use interface.
Resources might include people (e.g. employees, consultants etc.), equipment (for example overhead projectors, notebooks or cars) or facilities (such as conference and meeting rooms, training courts).
Some common uses for Easy Resource Planner are project planning, time tracking, staff scheduling, vacation/sick leave tracking, room scheduling, event management and equipment renting. Sample data is included, along with detailed documentation.
*Easy Resource Planner is a powerful planning software. Easy Resource Planner supports the project planning, staff scheduling, vacation/sick leave tracking, event management, equipment renting, equipment and room scheduling in one single interface.

You are about to use this program to create staff scheduling, planning resources for your project, timetables and resource requirements. It can also be used as a time tracking software. The Resource Planning module is fully automated so that you can use it to plan resources and set the calendaring, scheduling and cost reporting functions. The useful features included in this easy-to-use program are: a central database, user-friendly interface, ability to export the time and resource planning results to MS Project, Lotus Notes, or Excel for further processing, job sheets, a reminder system to remind you of your meetings, critical times, deadlines, holidays, and much more. This is a powerful and easy-to-use planning and scheduling tool, highly recommended for anyone who is involved in project planning, resource scheduling, staff scheduling, planning calendar for their company or a project.

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Easy Resource Planner Crack + [Updated-2022]

Easy Resource Planner Crack Free Download is a Windows-based application which schedules your computer, notebook, PDA, pallet of slides, or room.
Its a simple, friendly, and easy-to-use Windows-based application. See the various topics below for more information.
Key Features:
Easy Resource Planner gives you one planning tool, scheduling people, equipment, and rooms; and combining them all in a single application.
Easy Resource Planner comes packed with detailed information, sample data, and documentation.
Logical structure
Easy Resource Planner organizes the process of scheduling resources for you, so that everything is logical and simple.
Easy Resource Planner provides a logical structure, based on the fact that scheduling is a cycle with 4 stages:
1. Planning 2. Scheduling 3. Administering 4. Reviewing
We also help with sticking to your plan by documenting each of these stages, so that there are no surprises later on.
Conventions used
Easy Resource Planner uses some conventions to make things easier to understand. These include:
1. We call the light green cells: Stage 1 Cells, and the dark green cells Stage 2 Cells
2. The dark red cells are: The Administration Cells (which is more or less the waiting period before you actually schedule the resources)
3. The pale yellow cells are Stage 3 Cells
4. The red cells (in the lower right corner) are: The Review Cells

Easy Resource Planner has four main areas which are linked to the logical structure above:
1. Planning
This is the area where you create the scheduling plan. The planning screen consists of 2 separate areas:
1. System administration
2. Staff time planning
We also ask about some planning questions (such as due date, urgency, etc.) so that we can get a more tailored timetable out of the planning.
The personnel fields are self-explanatory. In addition, we want to give you a way to organize the other resources (rooms, equipment and so on). For this reason, we have implemented the various fields that we call “Fields”, which allow you to define your own fields.
After planning, you can schedule the resources.
2. Scheduling
The “Scheduling” screen consists of 7 different sections (see the image below).
The first section contains the fields that describe the timetable (like Employee start/end times

Easy Resource Planner Crack Free Download

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What’s New In Easy Resource Planner?

Easy Resource Planner is a software created to help you schedule your resources from a single, easy-to-use interface.
Resources might include people (e.g. employees, consultants etc.), equipment (for example overhead projectors, notebooks or cars) or facilities (such as conference and meeting rooms, training courts).
Some common uses for Easy Resource Planner are project planning, time tracking, staff scheduling, vacation/sick leave tracking, room scheduling, event management and equipment renting. Sample data is included, along with detailed documentation.

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