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DSP (Damn Small Player) is a free and open-source media player developed by David Buck of Nullsoft.
The media player was one of the first to not require the use of any outside applications (e.g. Windows Media Player) to play or play back a multimedia file, using only the component mentioned in the name. DSP, short for Digital Speech Projector, is a powerful player that can utilize a variety of formats, and can play music, songbooks and text files directly. It can play files such as MP3, AAC, Ogg, FLAC, and Rockbox, among others.
Key features:

Play music with a simple click of a button

Play music, songbooks, and text files with a single click

Play music directly in a small window and the main window can be used for other activities

Instantly replace the current song, book or directory in the Player

Play back music in the background without taking up resources

Control the volume by directly manipulating the equalizer


DSP can play music


Text files

De-interlace and MPEG-4 video

OpenGL rendering

Can play music and songbooks directly, using the PLAY button

Play back all media files, in order to be able to obtain the best performance

Search function

Playback control of every component of the Player

Configure the appearance of the player

Configure shortcuts

Configure playback speed

Configure the number of buffers

View the file list

Browse the file system

Playback rates

Playback speed adjustment

Game control menu

Mute control

Toggle controller support

Move up/down/left/right

Increment/decrement volume

Settings, preferences, and configuration

Fullscreen mode

Instant playback/stop

Paused playback

Previous and next track

Queue up/down

Albums mode

Check out the directory


Seeking in the current track or playback queue

Playing in the current directory

Permanent playlists

Sorting by name

Sorting by playing order

Sorting by playing time

Sorting by album or other custom order

Faster skip back/forward

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Top Features:
– Play your MP3s, CDs, tracks by album, artist, genre and
other criteria;
– Playlists are generated automatically when adding new files.
You can also edit and save your
– Back and forth navigation within each track as you wish;
– Easy-to-use interface, colors and layout are suitable for
– Shuffle playback mode, repeat, fade in and fade out;
– Control music playback using the slider;
– Automatically adjust the volume to the setting you want;
– Create a playlist and play it as a radio station with no
– No ads, popups, threats or keyloggers;
– It will not slow down your computer;

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For the last few days, my Google and Samsung phones are both presenting bizarre errors. I tried to resolve this issue by reinstalling the ROMs on both devices, but the problem seems to be persisting.
After some research, I’ve discovered that I can resolve the problem by updating the apps, but I have a bunch of apps installed on both devices and it seems that all of these apps were installed after the error occurred.
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Using “mp3tag” as the application to open the file, i got this error “the archive is not an audio file” even if the archive is an audio file. This is also happens when I use a command line program “mp3tag -a” to open the file.

Answer:Folder issue


It seems the file is incorrectly marked as an audio file, try to open it directly and see if it work. If not mark the file as an audio file and try again.

Audacity is a free audio editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. While it cannot convert your MP3 files, it is an excellent tool for editing MP3 files.
In its basic function, you can cut, copy and paste parts, fade in or fade out, change the volume or delete unwanted parts.

In addition, Audacity has a number of filters which allow you to adjust your audio in various ways. You can use various filters to cut and paste sections of tracks, change the pitch, reverb, amplify the overall sound, add echo and fade in and out.

Audacity also has a number of effects, such as bass compressor, limiter, reverb, filter and you can apply any effect to any track.

Audacity is extremely simple to use. You open the application and then select the folder where you put your MP3 files. When you have selected the folder, you can then click “open” or use the “file” drop down menu to find a new MP3 file.

When you have selected a MP3 file, Audacity automatically adds the file to a playlist and automatically starts to play the file. When you are done editing the file, you can select “file” and “save” to continue saving the file or you can select “exit”.

The application is still in its developing stage so there are some bugs. Such as, for some reason the second audio stream will not work.

If you have problems, you can try the lastest version.
If you think you have found a bug, you can file it via the link provided on the Audacity site.

Sometimes when I burn a copy of a CD, even when my MP3 player will play it, if I “delete” the CD and re-burn it it will start skipping the last few minutes. I do not believe this is a problem with the CD player and have an idea that it is my

System Requirements:

Cable TV Set, TV Audio and Headset
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