There are many software solutions that can help users make sure their private documents remain private and that no unauthorized persons gain access to them. However, most of these apps require you to manually add the said files within their main windows, whereas Aces users can do this with a single right click due to Acer eDataSecurity Management.
In other words, those who own Acer devices can install Acer eDataSecurity Management, only after having previously installed Acer Empowering Technology Framework.
The application seamlessly integrates within the context menu of Windows Explorer, so you simply need to right-click any file you choose, and select the dedicated option for encrypting the file.
When you launch it for the first time, you will need to specify the master password that can be used as a last resort in case you forget the passphrase you used for encrypting individual files.
Decrypting a file can be achieved just as easily, as you only need to right-click an encrypted file (its extension has the suffix -ENX) and enter the correct password.
All in all, Acer eDataSecurity Management is a handy application that can help you effortlessly encrypt your confidential documents with a simple right-click.
Due to this tool, whenever you want to leave the office, you can quickly lock your files and rest assured that they cannot be accessed by any third-party (provided you keep your passwords in a safe place and that they cannot be obtain by ill-intentioned persons).







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ACER eDataSecurity Management is a useful software that can help you to easily encrypt or decrypt all your files.

Data Security Management can be used for both purposes.
To Encrypt data means to make it impossible for unauthorized persons to access them.
To Decrypt data means to turn it back into its original state.

To start eDataSecurity Management you just need to select the files or directories that you wish to protect.
Your files and directories will be registered in the database of Acer Data Security Management and will be automatically encrypted or decrypted in the following way:

You can use Acer eDataSecurity Management to Encrypt or Decrypt your files and set different protection levels. For example, you can select the following options for your selected files:

Encrypt your data: You will have to specify a password that will be your “last resort” in case you have forgotten the password of your encryption program or in case your password is not strong enough.

Decrypt your data: You will have to specify the correct password of your encryption program.

Encrypt or Decrypt Folders: If you want to encrypt/decrypt the contents of a folder, you can simply select it.

Decrypt folders: You will have to specify the correct password of your encryption program.

Encrypt or Decrypt Files: If you want to encrypt/decrypt a single file, you can simply select it.

Encrypt file: You will have to specify the filename, the extension, and the protection level of the file (this information is saved in the database, so it’s not necessary to edit them).

Decrypt file: You will have to specify the correct password of your encryption program and specify if you want to keep your decrypted file or discard it.

Encrypt, Decrypt, and Encrypt Folders: Use this option if you want to encrypt/decrypt all the contents of a single folder.

Decrypt folders: Use this option if you want to decrypt the contents of all the folders that are below the folder you’ve selected.

Encrypt Folders: Use this option if you want to encrypt all the contents of all the folders that are below the folder you’ve selected.

Encrypt or Decrypt Files: Use this option if you want to encrypt/decrypt a single file.

Locked: This option will be automatically used when you exit the application.

As soon as you

Acer EDataSecurity Management (Latest)

Acer eDataSecurity Management Full Crack can help you browse local and networked drives, folders and protect sensitive files on your computer, by enabling you to encrypt or lock them, and/or to revoke their decryption, including individual files or all of them. It is an operating system tool that is independent of any file format. The application enables you to set permissions, monitor changes, recover and prevent data loss by enabling you to recover accidentally or deliberately deleted files, encrypt directories and files, encrypt groups of files and lock or revoke a group of them.
It can manage permissions for files, folders, networks, and removable USB devices (since Windows 8) in such a way that you don’t have to worry about conflicting permissions that can make a file that was intended to be open, inaccessible from everywhere (including the computer it was initially located on).
By managing permissions, the user can grant access to the owner of the file or folder, to a group of users or users only.
The application enables you to perform various actions, such as search and view files encrypted or locked. It also enables you to delete groups of files, encrypt a folder with its contents or revoke a file or folder’s encryption.
In addition to protecting your local files and networks from unapproved access, the application can also protect any removable media.
The product’s innovative technology makes it easier to decrypt any file that has been encrypted or locked by a previous user. This means that you can even “roll back” the encryption or locking process. The encryption keys are secret and randomized, which means that even if there is any chance of cracking or recovering them, this will not happen.
You can use the application to encrypt many local files and folders, and it can encrypt directories as well. You can also encrypt a group of files and folders. The application uses AES-256-CBC and XTS block cipher algorithms to encrypt files and AES-128-CBC and XTS block cipher algorithms to encrypt directories.
There is also built-in automatic encryption and decryption, and you can now encrypt a file as an attachment to an email in real-time; in this case, the attachment will be encrypted.
The application runs well on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 OS, including 32- and 64-bit editions.

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  Easily encrypt, decrypt and lock files.
  You only need to right-click a file, choose to encrypt, and enter the password.
  The tool uses AES-256 encryption standard.
  Encrypted files will not show up in Windows Explorer.
  When you un-lock a file, it will show up as any other normal file.
  When you have different versions of a document, you can always open the older version.
  You can also encrypt a folder.
  When you need to decrypt a file, only specify the password; it will automatically open up the encrypted file.
  The application is based on Windows NT / 2000 / XP and later; it has been optimized for Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1.
  It does not require admin rights.
  System requirements:
   Windows NT / 2000 / XP;
    Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1
   It supports USB flash drives: external hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards.
    Does not require Administrative rights
    Does not require USB drivers.
    Does not need to be installed.
    (SP2 and later)

Reviews of Acer eDataSecurity Management

– Organizer PCs

Mar 27, 2015

Tiaosha Wu

I think this product is a good choice for me. I didn’t try it yet but I will use it when I have some important documents I need to be protected.

– Mentioned earlier

Jan 22, 2015


I’m now

What’s New in the?

When you want to minimize downtime in production, and protect your data in between maintenance, you have to encrypt your data.
Data encryption is the state of the art technology to prevent sensitive data from accidental or malicious manipulation.
There are different encryption standards, depending on the desired security requirements.
BitLockerEncryption is the system encryption standard used by Microsoft Windows; This is a good protection for enterprise setups.
The drawback of this system is that only the current user is allowed to access the encrypted data. In order to decrypt the data, the user has to boot into BitLocker Recovery, which is a slow and cumbersome process.
Aces Application Manager uses Key Storage Objects (KSO) technology to set up multiple users, where each user has a personal key.
Each user can encrypt or decrypt files using their individual keys.
Aces Application Manager allows you to use one master password to access all your users’ data.
Aces Application Manager Description:
Aces provides a secure method for managing multiple users’ access to the same device.
Unlike BitLocker which uses advanced technology such as Microsoft Active Secure Erase, BitLocker Encryption or BitLocker to Go, Aces is completely manual and user-friendly.
Aces is just a little portable application which can be installed to a USB flash drive or hard disk and provides access to all the resources of your Windows device.
Aces Requirements:
Aces Application Manager version 1.1 (released June 2014) only requires a Windows OS with.NET Framework 4.0 or higher installed.
Aces Application Manager supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
Aces Application Manager works with all editions of Windows OS.
Aces Application Manager Homepage:

Aces Application Manager Pricing:
Aces Application Manager is distributed for free and is fully supported.
Aces Application Manager is only compatible with 64-bit Windows operating systems.
Aces Application Manager is distributed as a portable program for installation to the USB memory stick or to a hard disk.
Aces Application Manager Portable Download:

Aces Application Manager Ultimate License Update:

System Requirements:

Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
Intel® Core™2 Duo or better
2GB available HD space
DirectX® 10
64-bit OS
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