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Showers and storms will continue for the next few days across eastern New England. Snowfall will likely continue into the evening. Ice accumulations may be heavy and deep in spots, including areas surrounding ponds and open bodies of water. If the temperatures dip much below freezing, ice accumulations could form on the ground. A period of freezing rain is expected late this afternoon into the evening.

Milder weather will move into southern New England by the middle of next week, but a series of storms is expected to sweep the region this weekend. For the most part, a mixture of rain and snow is expected this weekend, with the heaviest accumulation of the event expected in southern New England.Imagine a scenario where the government takes your money, plants cameras in your house, and orders you to drop the crime rate. Sounds like a 1984 scenario, right? Well, if you’re a criminal you probably would think that, too. There’s a better way, however: how about we just drop the cameras, but keep our money? That’s the new Department of Injustice talking, in a move that some say amounts to “money laundering for the government.”

We’re not going to do anything to you, but that doesn’t mean we won’t use your money to fund government programs and projects, at least in the short term. The practice of using funds seized from criminals is a relatively new one, one that’s only grown in popularity over the last two decades.

The Justice Department’s move to change the laws regarding money laundering, and eventually implementing them in practice, is an attempt to let local governments do what they should do: take our money, but don’t steal our homes. The new guidelines take away the responsibility that local governments have to return seized money back to us, except in specific cases. That seems fair enough, but at what cost to our individual rights?

“It appears to me they want to do this under the radar,” one Arizona prosecutor told Reuters. “It’s the camel’s nose under the tent.”

Those participating in the program will be able to keep up to 90 percent of the cash they seize, but a lot of people are up in arms about this. The programs themselves aren’t new, and in fact exist in more than half of the country’s localities. They

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