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MySQL IF condition before INSERT statement

Hi I have following SQL which displays values from two tables and insert into third table
INSERT INTO `test` (`title`)
SELECT `test`.*, `seminar`.`seminar_id`
FROM `test`
LEFT JOIN `seminar` ON `test`.`seminar_id` = `seminar`.`seminar_id`;

How to get the value of `seminar.seminar_id` which is 1,2,3 depending on the condition of the “seminar.seminar_id” itself. So that if “seminar.seminar_id” is 1 then it must add the value 1 in seminar_id and if “seminar.seminar_id” is 2 then it must add the value 2 in seminar_id etc. I would like to do this as I am using it in another stored procedure where I am doing similar query except that it uses $seminar_id which is passed from another procedure.
Note: I have tested following code which I am attaching here just for reference
SELECT `seminar`.`seminar_id`, IF(`seminar`.`seminar_id` = 1, 1,0 ) as month,
IF(`seminar`.`seminar_id` = 2, 1,0 ) as year,
IF(`seminar`.`seminar_id` = 3, 1,0 ) as category,
IF(`seminar`.`seminar_id` = 4, 1,0 ) as type,
IF(`seminar`.`seminar_id` = 5, 1,0 ) as class,
IF(`seminar`.`seminar_id` = 6, 1,0 ) as level
from `seminar`
WHERE `seminar`.`seminar_id` IN
( SELECT `test`.`seminar_id` from `test`)

but the problem is that this is not dynamic as I have to pass the value 1,2,3,4,5 etc. which is dynamic as there

However when I tried to play the.FLA file It gives me the errors and i have installed dazign and the dazfire plugin and my video driver is 304.82 and i restart my pc everytime and restart my pc again. after these i have installed 2 week and still the same error. Please help
I am new to isobuster and I have found it really usefull but it has given me the above problem. I have also made sure that I have the plugins for it before I tried to view my.FLA file which i know is supported.


This is a known issue. The workaround has been to install the latest version of DaZig. Check out this article.

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