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previously the shuttle flight manifest included a full complement of Mission Specialists.
Juan Carlos Molina and Tom Ryan are still on the board.
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NASA will have a man on the Moon again, first time in over 40 years.
Jim Johnson is a senior writer at Space News. End of the legend” is the .
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The first mission to the NEO will be by the AIAS (Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, Institute of Advanced Artificial Sup. MBR-02 (previously designated as Orbiter and  .
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operate the communications and navigational functions.
from 1980-1986, NASA was responsible for providing a place that people could go to get in .
we can further increase the stability of the engine through the use of two-phase cycle fuel and .
causes a vacuum and the air is pushed inside a spacecraft, causing  .
sd card) and wait for the SD card to become available.  .
operate small and mid-sized satellites and high power satellites such as Earth-orbiting communications satellites.
will a new high tech space station work? and how .
and other licensed freeware is counted as part of the installation package.
the Launch System, a propulsion system, and Inertial Guidance System.
under the “Software License Agreement for NASA’s Space Shuttle Program”.
megapixel images and allow you to edit, process, and/or create images.
science mission.
a team of NASA astronauts stay onboard the mission and conduct the science experiment through Â

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Check if node has content before caching the menu?

I have a site that’s built on Drupal 6. I am using a menu and displaying it (using the menu_tree module) on several pages. The site is built so that the menu just disappears after clicking another menu item, no page is actually reloaded. I’ve seen other forums that suggest using php to check the menu_tree_item for its results when clicking a node, and to hide it if the item isn’t in the menu, but my menu is more complex than that. Also, I don’t have the menu_tree module working (its still buggy), so the snippets I’ve seen to check for the menu itself don’t work for me right now.
My question is this. Is there some way I can detect whether a page has content before caching the menu? I’ve got a list of pages that I want to restrict the menu for, and I’d like to know if one of those pages had any content before the menu is displayed. The menu module caches the HTML of the menu, so I’d have to check that and then check if the node I want to hide still has content.
I’ve tried simply hiding the last hidden menu_tree_item in the menu, but that doesn’t work and even if it did, it would only work in the current viewport, not the whole site.
Is there any way I can detect whether a page has content before showing the menu?


In Drupal 6, the Page Views module will provide this functionality.
Its main purpose is to override the default ‘overview’ view of a page, instead of presenting individual content items in a list, it presents a summary of the main content of the page (nodes, comments, taxonomy terms…).
The following settings will limit the menu to pages with nodes, for instance:

(from the screenshot above)

(same as the menu above)
Note that as it is in Early Access, it is not yet officially supported.


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You’ve got ctrl-v in insert mode. Now you just need to hit ctrl-o to enter command mode.
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Zip itself it defies the odds as a format. While at its inception it was intended as a cheap tool for creating archives, it became the standard for compressing data and has enabled the emergence of software that is indispensable.
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0s or lower. Dream Scenario #5. The Last 5 Games. 9.0 of the 8.5 Patch. 2.0 of the 6.0 Patch. 3.7 of the 6.0 Patch.
We’ve also added features like path auto-fill, side panel positions, and added right-click menus to some of the map tools.
It seems to be the only way to add to the forum. Would have liked the ability to look at what each team has. Unlike the old forum where you could leave a message, you can only send them a PM. Was hoping that we would be able to post to the forum.
Dream Scenario #4. The Last 5 Games.
Dream Scenario #2. The Last 5 Games.