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You can’t select all layers in a single selection. If you try to do so, you simply deselect the layers.

Figure 12-10. The Arrange menu lets you move layers up or down in the Layers window. You can also move layers to different folders in the My Layers list.

Use the Layers dialog box, shown in Figure 12-11, for further options. You can add or remove layers, change how they’re named and how they’re grouped, and manipulate visibility for each layer individually. The Layers dialog box also includes a pane of smaller details.

Figure 12-11. The Layers dialog box is fairly self-explanatory, except the Layers panel with a diamond over it. The Diamond icon with names, brushes, and color swatches means that some items are arranged in your Brush Presets panel (see Figure 12-12).

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This is a full list of Photoshop Elements features, divided into 11 categories:

Feature List Overview Reference Videos Media Retouching Automatic Photo Editing Correct Skin and Hair Color Blending Eyeliner Color Correction Alignment Graphic Design Creating Custom Shapes and Symbols Importing Files Printing Formats

1. Organize Your Photos

Organize Your Photos

A powerful feature in Photoshop is the ability to group and arrange objects in an image. This feature is not a necessity for every image editing task, but if you want to create image collages, organize your photos by month, or rearrange your office cubicle you will definitely want to use the arrange feature.

You can quickly navigate to the arrange tab by clicking on the small tools button on your toolbar, or by clicking on the icon on the toolbar.

Scroll through the list of objects in the arrange panel until you see the container you want to group. The container has a red + sign in the bottom-right corner, and can be dragged out from the panel.

Once the group is complete, the objects will now stack in the container with a transparent background.

When you re-open the arrange panel, the objects in the group will be highlighted in the arrange panel.

You can duplicate the group and rearrange the images by right-clicking on a group or holding down the control key and clicking a different container.

You can also create a new group by clicking + (refer to the yellow box below).

It’s also very easy to duplicate an existing group or select the group and change its name.

You can also merge groups or split a group into two.

It may sound like a lot of steps, but if you are working with a big collection of images, this can help you keep track of all your images.

Another way to group your photos is to use the Smart Albums feature. Smart Albums is a free feature that provides automatic grouping, categorizing, and cropping of photos taken with a digital camera.

2. Edit Photos in Photoshop Elements

Apply Filters

You can apply a number of filters to an image in Photoshop Elements. There are 16 filters available in Photoshop Elements.

You can also apply text-based effects or create a collage of text and images.

You can import a web-resolution image and apply a set of filters to improve the quality of the image.

You can also

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Are there any downsides to building a 2.1 SoundSystem with TargetPatch?

Using Net::Pcap and the Lowlevel::SoundSystem component, I’m trying to build a plug-in to capture audio from an audio codec and send it to one of several channels of an audio-subsystem. I’ve hacked around in the file enough that I can write to a shared buffer (one for each channel), but there’s a lot of dependencies that shouldn’t be common to all channels. To that end, I’m building the system into a DLL and passing a TARGET_PATCH structure that defines the channels I’d like to write to.
I want to know that the alternative of building a 1.9 DLL, and having my code be callable by a script and allocating my own target patches, is a non-starter. The first problem is that the 1.9 DLL must be built into a

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SQL SELECT version is not supported

I am facing an issue when try to execute my query as shown below
SELECT [LastName] +” + [FirstName] AS [User],
[Role] FROM [Person].[dbo].[User]

This is the error message I am receiving
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error ‘80040e14’

I have installed SQL server 2012 and also set ‘SQL Native Client 11.0’ as my default setting.


You are using a query engine that is not supported by your SQL server version.
You need to add SQL Server ODBC driver (or MS Access Database Engine Driver) and the database will be able to interact with your SQL Server.
After doing that, you will be able to create the following query:
SELECT [LastName] +” + [FirstName] AS [User],
[Role] FROM [Person].[dbo].[User]

Understanding the Pressures on the Four P’s of Physiotherapy Practice.
Physiotherapy practice is a complex mix of education, guidance, and supervision with a role for both central and peripheral aspects of practice. Peripheral practice is considered to be more marginalised than central practice, particularly in the light of increased control and standards placed on practice by regulators and organisations. This phenomenon is often attributed to restructuring of health care, in particular changes to the NHS, and the demands placed on health care professionals. The purpose of this study was to explore the positive and negative experiences of peripheral and central physiotherapy practice with the aim of informing service provision, development, and education. Semistructured interviews were conducted with four physiotherapists from a small county physiotherapy department in Scotland. Questions related to perceived practice pressures including: the balance between central and peripheral aspects of practice; attitudes toward the difference between central and peripheral practice; and the challenges associated with the need to continually monitor and evaluate practice. A thematic analysis was used to interpret and report the data. Data analysis was undertaken in two stages. In the first stage, an initial coding framework was developed to analyze the data. This

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