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Most Photoshop tutorials are written using the master/clone document method. To learn this method, check out Chapter 5.

Photoshop enables you to make a variety of changes to images. If you want to design a book cover, a press release, a company logo, or something else graphical that doesn’t exist in your collection of images, Photoshop is your tool to create and manipulate images.

In this tutorial, you discover how to prepare, edit, and alter images in Photoshop. You discover how to use Photoshop’s tools to work with bitmap images and vector images. And you explore various methods for using Photoshop’s editing tools. You even get to see a few select examples of the many ways you can use Photoshop to creatively alter images.

Preparing Photoshop

Because Photoshop enables you to manipulate images in a variety of ways, the first step is to make sure your source images are ready for manipulation. Whether your goal is to use Photoshop for creating new graphic images or altering existing images, you need to prepare the source image in order to preserve the image’s features and retain its integrity.

In the following sections, I show you how to prepare images for editing so they can be more easily manipulated.

Understanding color profiles

A color profile is an encoded collection of information about an image’s color. For instance, you can make adjustments in Photoshop to make an image look more vibrant or create a dark version. If you try to apply a color profile to an image that is already adjusted, Photoshop changes the image because it recognizes that the previous color profile is applied and does not allow for further changes.

You apply a color profile to an image by going to the Image menu, and then selecting the Edit Color button (seen in the margin in Figure 13-1). If an image has a color profile applied, Photoshop automatically recognizes the current color profile and displays the dialog box shown in Figure 13-2. If the image contains a color profile, Photoshop changes the dialog box and enables you to make modifications to the color profile in the dialog box.

**Figure 13-1:** All the images used in this tutorial are provided as high-resolution JPEG files.

**Figure 13-2:** Use the Edit Color dialog box to change the color profile of an image.

If your image does not have a color profile applied, you need to create one. You can do so by going to the Image menu and selecting Levels. Select the Levels Adjustments icon, and then

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Image: Adobe

While the experienced professional user may not need a simple app like this, the average user will have more fun with it. It is fully featured in many ways, and some of the most used features are streamlined. There are several features that make it useful for photographers to edit images and make new images.

This tutorial is for the those photographers and hobbyists that want to know how to do some essential editing. While I will include some more advanced features that are usually found in the more feature-rich and complex Photoshop, I will keep them at the level that everyone can do to a degree. There are many features that you may find underwhelming.

The good news is that they are easy to overcome. If you have Photoshop and have done some basics then you will be able to edit an image well.

One important way of learning the program is to play with it. Try some of the simpler features such as cropping and adjusting brightness and contrast. While you are doing this try to make your own images. You will notice that it’s not that hard if you are in love with photography.

Photoshop has an extensive and well-documented user manual. I will not discuss it here because it’s a fairly large book. The URL can be found here. You will also find many online resources to help you learn how to use Photoshop.

Photoshop uses a universal image format called.tiff. The.tiff file is named after the Tagged Image File Format. It is an uncompressed RAW image format that contains rich information. JPEG is an image format that was designed for computers. When raw files are converted to JPEG files a lot of detail is lost. It happens automatically and is not configurable or user-adjustable. If you shoot raw files be sure to shoot them in RAW.

There are quite a few different types of image formats. You may also come across a couple of different RAW formats.

A RAW file is an uncompressed type of file. If you save a RAW file you are typically converting it into a more compressed format such as.TIF..TIFF files are also an uncompressed format and can be quite large. Some people use RAW images directly in their editing software. You will have to experiment with file sizes to see which you prefer. RAW is typically a little larger in size than a JPEG.

If you shoot RAW photos then you should stick with.TIFF files. It

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