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Curves is a great way to make subtle changes to images. It was inspired by the way tape measures are used to make precisely measured changes to a length. Curves enables you to do the same thing. You start by creating a Bezier curve, and then edit it by moving a point or two on the curve.

In Figure 9-2, you see the curve I’ve created. You can easily see that curves are used to create the dark areas at the bottom of the photo. You can see how these dark areas in the photo can be adjusted with curves.

Figure 9-2. In the preceding example, I created a Curve and then deleted the excess points on my curve. You can see that using the delete tool, the line and the points were deleted, and the spotty line gave a more defined look.

Once the curve is created, it can be edited by moving points. To do this, click and drag a point on the curve. The points drag in the direction that you drag the cursor, similar to how a pen would work in real life. The point moves on the curve. You can also click and drag points off the curve.

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Compatible Operating Systems:

Windows 7/8/10

Linux, macOS 10.14+


Intel or AMD processor, 2GB RAM at minimum

1280×720 screen resolution

256MB of RAM


4GB RAM, for experienced editors

What’s New in Photoshop Elements 9?

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 offers numerous changes and improvements over Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.

Improved Plug-Ins and Development

We’ve made it easier to integrate Adobe Photoshop Elements’ powerful editing and image processing capabilities into a wide range of 3rd party apps and services. In addition to adding support for new 3rd party apps and services, we now have a new dialog box that allows plug-in developers to bundle their plug-ins or other apps into our installer. You can control what apps can be installed, and uninstall apps after the installation is complete.

We’ve improved the Accelerated Processing feature to allow you to edit more than one image in the background. With the improved Accelerated Processing features, we’ve added the ability to scale the images and rotate them in the background as you’re editing.

We’ve also fixed some issues that caused video files to become unresponsive when using Fast or Predictive Preview to trim or edit video.

When exporting images from another app, Elements no longer encounters a crash if an image has a non-printable area. This problem was previously caused by auto-cropping of certain professional monitors.

We’ve made a few changes to the Tools & Options dialog box that will be visible when you select the Advanced category in the dialog box. The changes include giving Tools & Options options a simpler and more intuitive set of boxes to navigate in. Some of the new tools are in the newly added Appearance category, and some are in the Tools category.

We’ve also added a new Customization page to help users create their own custom keyboard shortcuts or mouse gesture.

The Shadows panel has been redesigned to provide a more intuitive way to create simple shadows for Elements’ image editing features.

New Features in Photoshop Elements 9

For more information about the features included in Photoshop Elements 9, check out the user’s guide.

Drag and Drop Placement

We’ve added a simple drag-and-drop support for layers so that you can easily position them on the desktop.

Import and Edit Images in

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| Convert Files
— | —

When you’re traveling abroad, you usually need to use the local file format of your computer. For example, a document you created on your laptop has a special digital watermark, but when you import it to your desktop computer, there won’t be any visible watermark.

Alternatively, Adobe Photoshop allows you to convert any file in its native format to any other format.

If you want to convert a native Photoshop file to another format, such as DNG, JPG, or TIFF, choose File Automate Convert Files. You can choose the native format for the file to convert to, and also decide if you want to leave the original in its native format, combine it with other files, or discard it.

What’s New In?

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System Requirements For Download Older Version Of Adobe Photoshop For Free:

The minimum system requirements are as follows.
PCs with an OS with a minimum display size of 1366×768 pixels and an available hard disk space of at least 50 GB.
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit version and ATI Catalyst 18.10 or later.
AMD (1) 64-bit/EM64T
Intel (1) 64-bit/AMD
NVIDIA (2) 64-bit/EM64T
NVIDIA (2) 32-bit/EM64T
AMD (2) 32-