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## **Free and Open Source Tools**

Photoshop has been the tool of choice for image manipulation for so long that it’s the de facto tool for the image crowd. Yet, for serious photographers and imaging professionals, the online community has a long list of free and open source applications that are similar or equal to Photoshop in capabilities.

Below are a few tools that any user can use to enhance and modify digital images.

The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) supports a 16-bit/channel color image format and supports layers, which can make it a faster alternative to Photoshop.

With the GIMP, you can create, edit, and combine a collection of layers and effects. Also, you can save images as GIMP files (.xcf). GIMP can be downloaded for free at

GIMP is a free, open source (FOSS) software tool that can be used to manipulate raster and vector images. It allows you to create, edit, manipulate, and save 16-bit and 8-bit colored and monochrome (grayscale) images.

GIMP supports RAW, JPEG, and other file formats. It provides advanced features such as a selection tool, layers, compositing, drawing tools, filters, and much more.

* * *

**NOTE** There is a graphical step-by-step tutorial for GIMP that you can access at

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This simple guide will show you how to learn Photoshop Elements, with a beginner’s introduction to Photoshop and with tips and tricks to maximize the learning curve.

Photoshop Elements 2020 Basics

Photoshop Elements is one of the best-known and most-used desktop graphic editing tools. It provides a wide range of editing options, from basic cropping and resizing to advanced image restoration.

It’s a good alternative to the paid program Photoshop. Therefore, Adobe also allows you to access your photo albums from Elements.

We’ll start our Photoshop Elements 2020 tutorials by showing you how to open an image and basic editing options.

Some of the most essential basic editing features are available in Elements, like basic adjustment tools, cropping, resizing, editing colors and basic image effects.

A small preview is at the bottom of the image window. When you move the pointer over an area in the preview, a number will show you how much of the image will be covered.

Basic Editing Tools

Use the following editing tools to remove red-eye, adjust the brightness of the image or apply some basic image effects.

As shown on the left side of this window, the topmost tool is Basic Image Adjustment.

The right tool is Real Time Preview. You can hold down the Ctrl key to turn the image and surrounding area into a real-time preview.

This feature is very helpful for adjusting the size of an image by using the Crop tool.

You can also blur the image or apply a gradient filter on the image.

Crop Tool

Choose the Crop tool at the top-left corner.

With it, you can crop your image to make it smaller or bigger.

It can be used to remove parts of an image such as people or backgrounds.

The Crop tool is normally used to adjust image areas that don’t need cropping, but you can also crop parts of an image.

Resize Image Tool

The Resize tool is at the top-right corner of the image window.

The size slider bar lets you increase or decrease the width or height of the image.

This tool is very useful to make your image fit the resolution of your monitor.

Adjustment Brush Tool

The Adjustment brush at the top-left corner of the image window is ideal for adjusting the brightness and contrast of the image.

Use the pointer to

Spectrum Gradient Photoshop Download Free

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You’ve created your first WordPress theme, and it’s a pretty great first try.

But every theme out there has a thing or two that could make for a cleaner, faster website.

This article will show you how to customize your site to remove every unwanted bit of code, and save you time and money.

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You should upgrade your WordPress theme to the latest version to get the newest features and fixes.

Upgrading your theme is easy and free. Just visit a suitable page on and click on your theme’s name. You’ll see a link at the top of the page that says “See the latest release.” Click on this and you’ll see a pop-up window with the latest version, which you can download and install directly onto your site.

If you don’t use a child theme, you can simply install the latest version and it will overwrite any changes you’ve made to your site.

3. Use plugin bundles

Plugin bundles are a great way to save your site’s bandwidth and speed up your site. Plugins and themes can be tied together into a plugin bundle and installed at the same time in one go.

Bundles can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository. There are different plugin bundles based on what functionality you need, but the best ones are the Super Premium Theme Bundle and the Super Premium Theme Bundle. They are well-maintained bundles with very

System Requirements:

DirectX 9.0c
D3D Compiler 3.0
DirectX XInput:
XInput v1.4
HD Graphics Family (including HD Graphics):
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Sandy Bridge
Ivy Bridge
IPhone 5 (simultaneously)
Apple TV 4 (simultaneously)
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