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Using the Photoshop tools

It takes a bit of familiarity with the Photoshop program to make the most of these tools, but you can get started quickly. In this example, I’m using a digital image of the _Wall of Death_ (found at ``). The original is not included in this book, but you may want to take a look at it if you’re unfamiliar with the image.

The following list describes the tools you can use to tag and organize images.

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Find out how you can upgrade to Elements from PCMag’s list of top 20 photo editors.


Take a standard camera photo and open it in Photoshop Elements. You can change the size to make it bigger or smaller and remove unwanted elements by changing its layer, such as removing people in pictures. You can also crop the photo.

There are many ways to save or upload a photo to use as a template or for use in other projects. You can use the copy or cut method to create a new image from the original image. You can also use the paste (upload) method. From within the program, select the image you want to use as a template, then paste it to the clipboard. You can then use the paste option in other programs to paste the new image.

Let’s say you want to add a vintage “film look” to an image. Start by selecting the area to which you want to apply the vintage look, then choose Filters > Film > Vintage Film. You can then apply any of the settings you see on the left to your image.

For example, you can use a horizontal filter effect to give a vintage look to an image. You can also use the gradient filter option to add different effects. You can use the adjustment layer menu to make adjustments to the color of the image.

Shoot a new image by selecting File > New. You can also create a new image from the video file or still image you already have in Elements.

You can also create a new image from a video file. Start by selecting File > New and choose Video as an option. Then, select a clip from the dialog box or drag it from the main Elements program window to the dialog box.

A tutorial: How to Create An Awesome Portrait in Photoshop Elements Pro You can use the Edit feature in Photoshop Elements Pro to remove the background and create more interesting elements in your photos. Here’s how. Read More


You can use the Adjust command to change the brightness, contrast, exposure or sharpness of the image. The Edit or Adjust commands always work with the main content of a photo. If you want to edit something on an area of an image, you need to highlight the area to select it.

If you have inserted a layer that you don’t want to edit, for example, a background, you can select the layer by clicking on the name of the layer below it. You can then drag the layer

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So I am working on a project and I have the following problem:

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I have tried all the suggestions and no avail.

Task Name



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