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Navigating through Photoshop

Photoshop shows an icon on the workspace called the Services panel. Click the Services panel to activate it. Figure 1-1 shows the Services panel active with a few of the important options.

To access the Services panel, choose Window⇒Services.

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Figure 1-1: The Services panel acts as a handy way to access an array of handy tools.

The Services panel is where Photoshop keeps track of all the options that you use and places them where they’re most handy. To find what you’re looking for in this panel, simply type the name of the feature in the search box. For example, in Figure 1-1, I searched for the Dodge and Burn filter by typing **Dodge and Burn** in the search box.

Another way to make life easier is to click the plus sign next to a feature and choose to include that option in the Services panel.

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What is a Photoshop tutorial or guide?

A Photoshop tutorial or guide is a step-by-step lesson that teaches you how to use Photoshop like a pro. Often, this involves creating an image or correcting a photo. There is no right or wrong to Photoshop. Photoshop tutorials have unlimited uses. You can use them to learn a new skill, or to perfect an old one.

Photoshop tutorials range in length and complexity from a basic walk-through explaining what tools do, to more in-depth tutorials on a particular program feature.

There is a reason that Photoshop tutorials are popular:

They are extremely easy to navigate and follow.

They are incredibly detailed and well-designed.

They can be as short or long as you want.

Photoshop tutorials are not only helpful for you, but they’re also good for your business. They can be used to show your skills to clients and to help you create an online portfolio. Also, using Photoshop tutorials you can teach others what you know.

What is this site about?

This site is about learning how to use Photoshop. Using Photoshop tutorials you will be able to learn how to use the tools of Photoshop, the essential shortcuts, the essential features to master. Photoshop tutorials are incredibly helpful for beginners because they give you every bit of information you need to get started, with little else to teach. As you progress, the Photoshop tutorial will move you to the next step of learning.

Where can I find Photoshop tutorials?

You can find Photoshop tutorials on YouTube, Magazines, Blogs, Personal Websites and more!

You can usually find the name of the Photoshop tutorial writer by finding an author credit on the page. Generally, it is a good idea to also look through the comments section for the tutorial. Ask questions, leave feedback and provide suggestions.

Clicking through Photoshop Tutorials can be time-consuming and sometimes a little bit annoying. To keep the experience enjoyable and more convenient, you can use the featured links section on the right to sort Photoshop tutorials by category.

I want to see more Photoshop Tutorials, What else can I do?

If you want to see more Photoshop tutorials, you could go to the following:

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Installation Instructions: