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Opening RAW files

The first step to opening a RAW file is to open the file in Bridge, as shown in Figure 4-1. When you open the file, notice that it has no file type — like a JPEG or TIFF — attached to it. Instead, it simply says Adobe Camera Raw 6.0 (CR2) or Adobe Lightroom 3.6.4 — CR2 (4.3) (in Figure 4-1).

**Figure 4-1:** You can open a RAW file in Bridge and mark it as a Developed image.

Image courtesy of Michael Berkowitz

After you open the file, you can download one or more updates (in case the original wasn’t done perfectly by the camera) by choosing the Update option in the Photo menu

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1) Use a high-quality image editor

2) Make sure you have a stable internet connection and that it is fast enough.

3) Read and follow Adobe Photoshop web pages when installing the software

4) Read a tutorial

5) Do not overuse Photoshop Elements; use it only when needed.

Photoshop Elements is the best software to use if you want to edit your photos or designs online.

Some Photoshop effects can be obtained by simply clicking on the Effect button in the toolbar.

You can also combine many filters, resample, crop, resize, and add color correction, adjustments, and more.

Some filters can be found on this website and they are free to download.

1) Create your own memes

You can create memes using graphics tools in Photoshop Elements.

Use your imagination to play with shapes and create Photoshop memes.

To add text, click on the Font palette, pick a font, click and drag to create a text box.

Drag text over the image, resize the text box and do the same for the foreground color.

Click on the Artwork palette or use the “Create Gradient” tool to customize the gradient.

2) Create animated.gifs

You can edit and create your own.gifs.

Load a still image or video as an image.

Use the “Create Motion Path” tool to create a horizontal or vertical path.

Use the Type tool to create text.

3) Create a photo collage

You can create a photo collage using Photoshop Elements.

Click on the Create new canvas (command+n) button, choose a background, and click on the “Paint” button (on the toolbar).

Click on the Rectangle tool, drag to make a rectangle, resize if necessary.

Click on the “Fill” button to start painting.

4) Use Photoshop Elements for logos design

It is quick and easy to use the basic tools in Photoshop Elements to make a logo design.

You can use the rectangle tool to create a logo shape.

Use the “Create gradient” tool to create a gradient.

You can also copy, paste and paste as a selection, straighten the image and merge objects.

5) Add more artistic touches

You can use Photoshop Elements to

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UK Business Customer Wins Airbus Order With E.ON and Haligood

Customer Brings His Bright Ideas To Land To Provide Full-Service Energy & Infrastructure Solutions to Businesses

London, UK – January 13, 2019 – Haligood Technologies plc has won a contract to provide an integrated IT service and 24/7 business process services for E.ON UK. Under the contract, the company will deliver a streamlined IT services strategy and solutions for E.ON’s energy and infrastructure customers.

As a result, it will provide a breadth of services that will help E.ON better serve its customers, helping them to gain a competitive advantage.

“The E.ON business has a large number of large businesses, and we want to make sure we fully support them all. To do this, we need to have a strong, single business relationship that will cover our larger customers as well as our smaller customers,” said Sam Faulkner, Managing Director of E.ON Business Services. “This is something that Haligood has always been able to deliver well, and we are glad to be partnering with them.”

“We had been trying to find a partner for quite some time. Ultimately, we were looking for a company that could provide us a unique understanding of what our customers want. Above all, we want to partner with a company that knows what they are doing in the energy infrastructure services business. That is exactly what Haligood has to offer,” said Bill Aronson, Chief Executive Officer of Haligood. “In addition, we can help E.ON with the business of managing its existing customer base, and give them direct support.”

Under the agreement, Haligood will provide E.ON UK with a blended IT service and managed services platform, designed specifically for large energy companies. It will combine the sophistication of a large organization with the flexibility of a small, nimble company.

“Our partnership with E.ON has yielded a wide variety of benefits, including impressive growth, new office leases, investment in new services and processes, and increases in the number of high profile customers. These are strong signs that our partnership has paid off,” added Mr. Faulkner. “I’m confident that the innovative services we will be able to offer our customers will provide a higher level of service than what they have previously received.”

“Our E.ON

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(XLSX 31 kb)

The authors thank Deon van Zyl, Karel Verbraak, Jolanda Wesselink, Theo Kleinjan, Leo Smits, and David van Gaal for their help in carrying out some of the experiments. The authors also thank R.P.P. van Diepen and D. van Oers for constructive comments on earlier versions of the manuscript. This work was supported by a Heineken fellowship to F.M.G. (Grant agreement number 07-45) and an Alf Wiegant Foundation fellowship to M.J.G.

**Open Access** This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License which permits any noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author(s) and source are credited.


: ATP/ADP translocase


: Histone 2B-green fluorescent protein


: ventral rostral preoptic nucleus


: ventral rostral preoptic neurons

The authors declare no conflict of interest.
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System Requirements:

The more graphics settings you use, the higher the minimum required specification. The following specification represents the minimum requirements for the minimum graphics settings to work.