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Photo-editing software from Adobe Labs is used to create proprietary websites, mobile apps, widgets, interactive web applications, user interfaces, intranet applications, social media applications, and other rich content.

However, Photoshop is not the only photo-editing tool available. There are many other ways to manipulate photos, and most of them provide simple photo retouching and editing capabilities.

You can manipulate photos using the built-in functions of most image-editing programs and by using online photo-editing tools, such as and, or even using desktop software packages such as Gimp, Krita, or Paint.NET. The very best applications for professional photo manipulation include Photoshop, Gimp, and Photoshop Elements.


To remove blemishes and other defects from a photo, such as a dust spot, a pimple, or a sticker from the corner of the photo, Photoshop is the best tool to use. However, other programs, such as PicMonkey, also allow you to remove such defects in a variety of ways.

When you use an image-editing program to do your photo editing, try to keep track of the tags you used to identify the image so that you can use them again when you create another image. You may not always remember the name of an image, but you will always remember what tags you applied to it.

Editing Your Photos

Photoshop allows you to modify an image in a variety of ways. Some of these editing methods are used on almost all images; others are used more often for certain kinds of images. In this section, you discover how to

Edit your images using existing or built-in tools

Add special effects that enhance the look of your photos

Correct a variety of image defects, including flaws, blemishes, and color shifts

Sharpen images for enhancing their appearance

Create special text and effects such as animation

The following sections explain how to do all of these things.

Editing photos with existing tools

In this section, you discover how to use the very same tools that professional photographers use to retouch images and correct common problems. Some tools are used to perform a single task, such as creating special effects, while other tools apply several effects at once, such as creating a border around your image.

The biggest difference between traditional photography and photo editing is the plethora of options

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The features in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are written in the language of Adobe’s Acrobat. Because Elements is made up of multiple sub-programs, it is difficult to list all the features of Photoshop Elements specifically.

A little education on the Photoshop language can help you understand what these features mean.

You can use the mouse, your fingers, and a keyboard, to select an image that you want to save, print, or continue editing.

Selecting an image in Photoshop will display the Modify window with several tabs,

First, click on File. Select Import and save the picture.

Second, click on Artboards and Import. Select the image that you want to use as an Artboard or canvas.

Third, click on the open window and Find. Select the image that you want to find from the open file.

The next pane contains the original image and the selected image.

The bottom pane in the left side of the Modify window contains the toolbars.

This guide will show you how to save a new copy of your image.

First, open the Modify dialog box and click on Save.

Click on File and Export. Select Save a Copy or Save a Copy As.

Type a name for your image

When saving your image, select the size of your image. This size can be selected on the Dimensions window under the Artboards tab. You can also set the scale of the size, if the image is too small.

You can also duplicate your image, like the left panel in the image above. This function allows you to make many copies of an image in Photoshop. You can place these images on a different Artboard and continue to edit them.

You can use the bin to sort your images. You can separate the images into different file types such as PNG, JPG, TIF or RAW. You can create sub-folders to organize your photos in Photoshop Elements.

The toolbars control the appearance of the image on a computer screen.

Use the Toolbar.

You can add a new image to the canvas, draw an image, and undo changes to the image.

Click on File and Annotate. Select Add from the menu.

Click on the small arrow and locate where you want the image in the image. The image will appear in the location you type.

Click on the down

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