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If you are ready to learn Photoshop you can find much useful information in a number of online tutorials by the author, Lawrence Bracken, at the following website:


Here you can find not only articles but also links to many helpful and insightful Photoshop related websites.

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In this guide, we’ll go over how to use Photoshop Elements:

If you’re new to Photoshop, please read this first! To skip ahead to specific sections, use the Table of Contents above.

Photoshop Elements has its own separate sidebar, which contains standard tools you can use and features you can access through the left side of the workspace. You can quickly access the tools you use most by clicking the icon () on the top left of the sidebar, which will display all tools and features that are the most used in Photoshop Elements.

To quickly access the tools you use most, click on the icon, shown above.

TIP: You can also click and drag the slider and toggle visibility of features to quickly access only the features you use the most.

The sidebar has eight main tabs. Clicking on the tab will open that feature or tool in the left-side workspace, as seen below.

You may notice that the sidebar is slightly different depending on which application you’re using – if you use Photoshop or Adobe Stock as your image editor, the sidebar will be in one of these two styles.


File menu:

New File

New from Library: This option opens Photoshop files that have been downloaded through a desktop application, as well as files saved on a computer or mobile device.

New from Scanner: This option opens files saved on a scanner.

Open File: Opens the file with the program attached to it.

Save: Saves the file in its current format.

Save As: Saves a copy of the file in a new location.

Import: Import an image from a third-party software such as Photoshop or Lightroom.

File: Opens the file in the program associated with it.

Share: Share the file with a custom location.

File Extensions: Displays the file’s extension.

View: View the file.

Window: Opening the file in its own window.

Image menu:

Duplicate Image: Creates a duplicate of the image and its layer.

Create a New Layer: Creates a new layer below the current one.

Create a New File: Creates a new file above the current one.

Photoshop Elements

File menu:

New File: Saves the file as a new file with the extension.e00.

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Minimum Requirements:
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