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3. Press the letter E (the Mac keyboard has an E key) to access the Adjustments panel.

4. Click the little arrow icon (see Figure 7-7a) and a pop-up menu appears with all of the adjustments shown in Figure 7-7b. In this menu are the same adjustments as in Step 5.

Figure 7-7: Create and apply the adjustments that you see here.

5. Click the icon in the Options bar on the left side of the screen to display the entire adjustment options (see Figure 7-7c). You now see additional options like blurring the edges of your selection, opening the Shadow and Highlight controls to change the shadow and highlight effects, opening the Protect selection and Save for Web option, and opening the Brush panel.

If you don’t see any adjustment options available, make sure that the Adjustments panel is selected. You can also click the little arrow icon in the Options bar to change the setting for Adjustment Layer and its options.

Figure 7-7: When you apply an adjustment layer to an image, it functions like any other layer.

6. Click the little arrow on the left side of the screen and you return to the main Image menu. Pick Select>All (see Figure 7-8a), which applies the same adjustment to all layers in the image.

The easiest way to view what all the adjustment layers are doing is to activate the Show Adjustment Panel on Layers option under the adjustment panel options (see Figure 7-8b).

7. Click the little arrow next to the menu item at the top of the image, and a pop-up menu appears (see Figure 7-8c).

8. Choose the **Convert to Adjustment Layer** option.

After you convert the image to an adjustment layer, you can transform it into any type of layer or type of adjustment you want.

First, you need to convert the layer to a group. Then you can move the adjustment layer around and transform the entire adjustment, as I explain in the following steps.

9. Click on the Convert to Group option (see Figure 7-8d) and Photoshop creates a group on the layer.

On Windows, you see a small box appear around the layer and the layer moves into the group.

On Macs, you see the box appear around the layer.

You can’t move this layer yet

Visiting Card Design Photoshop Free Download

In this post, you’ll learn the best ways to master Photoshop Elements in a fast and efficient way.

Some of these tips will help you be more productive, while others will help you get better at Photoshop Elements. Let’s get started.

This post was published before Adobe dropped the CC license and the CC for Creative Cloud became CC for enterprise. Please note, this post includes a lot of images and links to resources that were provided by other websites.

How to Use Photoshop Elements

While Photoshop is a great editing tool, Photoshop Elements gives photographers a powerful editing experience on a small screen. And if you’re a graphic designer, you can use Photoshop Elements to create new or replace outdated graphics.

At its core, Photoshop Elements is a graphics editing software, but it also contains a few editing features that many professional graphic editors use.

You can use Photoshop Elements to enhance the quality of your images. It also provides a user interface similar to most graphic editors. If you’re new to this software, you can use Photoshop Elements effectively.

Photoshop Elements uses layers to edit images. In this way, you can store separate, editable settings for parts of a photo. After you edit each layer, it’s possible to merge the layers so the results are more natural.

Adobe Photoshop Elements Tips and Tricks:

1. Edit Photos

Photoshop Elements is built to edit photographs. That’s why this should be the first step in your Photoshop Elements journey.

Photoshop Elements is the most common image editing software on the market. It has quick-access tools, powerful editing features, and amazing presets. Learning how to use these tools is essential.

This is the first step in learning Photoshop Elements. There are over 50 templates and presets available for you to use.

They’re not only helpful in editing photos, but also in removing unwanted objects from a photo.

There’s no need to open Photoshop Elements every time you want to edit a photo. It’s already with you.

You can edit an entire photo at once by using the Photoshop Elements smart carousel. Start with a view with all the editing tools. You can then select one image to edit on its own.

It’s possible to open a saved file directly to edit it. This is also useful when you want to save time to edit multiple photos.

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In the pen tools you can sketch basic shapes, draw lines, circles, and arrows. You can use the pen tool to create special effects such as adding effects, drawing text, and more.
The Filters panel allows you to create new effects and filters. An effect or filter is created with one of the built-in filters or presets. The Presets panel allows you to browse and download new filters. Many Photoshop users keep a folder of their favorite presets for creating special effects.

Sometimes you will see a reference in a photo. There are many ways to make a reference. You can use a ruler, pattern, shape, or even a physical model.


In this tutorial, we will learn how to turn a reference into a sketch. We will use a physical object to create a reference for drawing.

First, we will start the tutorial. Then, we will create a reference using a pillow.


## Starting the Tutorial:


In this tutorial, you will learn how to turn a reference into a sketch. We will use a pillow as a reference for creating a simple sketch of a pattern.

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