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With Photoshop, people can also create their own special effect (or “filter”) images.

The image-editing capabilities are really quite extensive. Along with creative effects, you can edit colors, brightness, and contrast. You can also create special effects, print and save your image in different file formats, and even use layers to save time by combining edits and layers into one image.

Changing a photo’s colors

In this section, you find out how to change the color of objects in a photo or to add effects such as blurring, cross-fading, or blurring an object on a transparent background. The following sections explain how to go about creating and adding color in an image.

Figure 6-1 shows the Photoshop color picker. You can use the color picker to easily match an object or the background. When selecting a color, the color picker gives you the color’s RGB values as well as how much (or little) of each of the RGB components (red, green, and blue) are at the current brightness. Color mixing in the color picker is like mixing paint — you can add or subtract any of the three components to change the brightness and saturation.

**Figure 6-1:** The color picker makes it easy to select a color for your photo.

Replacing the color of an object

You can use Photoshop’s content-aware fill tool (explained in Chapter 12) to replace a color in an image. Figure 6-2 shows a color-swapped version of the image in the previous figure, which is rather small.

**Figure 6-2:** Use the color picker or the color-swapped content-aware fill tool to change the color of an object in a photo.

Figure 6-3 shows the additional content-aware fill option as it appears in the Content-Aware editing options. The tool automatically identifies the color in an image and then fills areas of the image that have the same color.

**Figure 6-3:** Use the Content-Aware fill tool to automatically change the color of an object in a photo.

Choosing a color with the color picker

The color picker enables you to pick colors in an image. Simply highlight the object and use the color picker to select a color to blend to (see Figure 6-4).

This process also works if you have a color preset such as yellow or

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It can be used for all kinds of photo and graphics editing. This guide will explain how to use Photoshop Elements to edit images in different ways.

Save an image as PNG, JPEG or GIF: It’s that easy!

If you are looking to save an image, make sure you choose the correct format. The options in the “Save As” dialog box are self-explanatory.

Use the “Save” button or press Enter on your keyboard to save the image.

Use the “Save as type” dropdown menu to select one of the above options.

If the image is saved in a different format, the image will have to be re-opened in Photoshop Elements before it can be edited.

Use Photoshop Elements to create a gif:

Click “File” and select “Create GIF”.

On the “Create GIF” dialog box, select the number of frames you want your image to have.

Then enter a name for your GIF.

To add more frames, click the title at the top of the dialog box and add more frames.

Use Photoshop Elements to create a jpg:

Click “File” and select “Create JPEG”.

On the “Create JPEG” dialog box, click “OK”.

Then choose the quality level of the file you want to save and then click “OK”.

Now choose the name for your image and click “Save”.

Now go to “File” and “Open”.

Now click on the image you want to edit and click “Edit”.

On the “Edit” dialog box, select the “Image” tab.

Use Photoshop Elements to create a png file:

Click “File” and select “Create PNG”.

On the “Create PNG” dialog box, choose the quality level you would like to save your file.

Then enter the name for your image and click “Save”.

Now go to “File” and “Open”.

Now click on the image you want to edit and click “Edit”.

On the “Edit” dialog box, select the �

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Meaning of Sum in Probability Question

I have the following question in probability:

Suppose that a group of students are on a 100-meter diving board. In each
10-meter section, the probability that someone will jump is 0.25.
There are three sections in all. However, the first student jumps, and
then no one else jumps. All other students jump in order after her, so
that there are $n$ students in the pool.
What is the probability that the student in the 10-meter section in
the front will be the first to jump?

I know the answer is:
$1 -.25^9 -.25^9 – \dots -.25^9 = 0.1275$
But I don’t really understand how the sum serves the purpose. It is obvious that if $n$ is smaller than some constant, then the sum will be close to 1. But what is the intuition behind it? It seems to be something related to conditioning, but I’m not sure.


The question asks for the probability that a particular student would be the first to jump. To find the total probability of this, we split up the various outcomes of the event.
If the first student jumps, this must occur in the $10$-meter-long section in the front, and the student in the $10$-meter-long section in the back will be the last to jump. There are $90$ ways to choose the front $10$-meter-long section.
If the first student jumps and the $10$-meter-long section in the back is chosen, the next $9$ students must jump in order in the section chosen. There are $90\cdot \binom{9}{9}$ ways to do this.
If the first student jumps and the $10$-meter-long section in the back is not chosen, the next $10$ students must jump in order in the remaining $90-1$ $10$-meter-long sections. There are $90\cdot \binom{10}{10}$ ways to do this.
There are $90 + 90 \cdot \binom{9}{9} + 90\cdot \binom{10}{10}$ ways to choose the $10$-meter-long section.

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