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If you want to change the look of an image, learn how to use the Blend (Fusing Layers Together) tool. Or use Photoshop’s Transform commands to crop or rotate an image. You can use Photoshop to do many other useful editing tasks, including color correction, retouching and image manipulation, but you should first learn to use the various tools and techniques available in Photoshop’s tools palette.

Photoshop layers

Just like photo albums, images can be categorized into layers, which then can be further divided into groups for even greater organization. Use layers to view multiple layers on one image, and use groups to group images that should be edited together (such as your products and their backgrounds) in one place. You can easily move, rotate, and combine (or group) these layers together.

Figure 1-9 shows a Portrait photo with the default color set. Notice that you’ve added a couple of layers to the photo. In the Layers palette, you see a photo on the left and two groups of layers on the right.

**Figure 1-9:** Photoshop layers enable multiple layers on one photo.

You can use the layers panel to move, rotate, and adjust each of the layers on a photo or image. Figure 1-10 shows the Layers palette; a new layer is added under the Basic layer. As Figure 1-11 shows, the Basic layer is highlighted in a group.

**Figure 1-10:** The Layers palette enables you to separate your photo or image into layers.

**Figure 1-11:** Selecting a specific layer in the Layers palette displays the Layers panel, which includes the layers and groups you created.

Photoshop uses the term Default layer to refer to the first layer you create; this layer is the bottom layer in the Layers palette (see Figure 1-10). You can use the Layers palette to move, resize, and reposition the layers, as well as adjust the levels of each layer. If you want to adjust the entire photo, you can drag the Basic layer to adjust all the layers.

To change the order of layers, use the layers’ drop-down menu in the Layers palette. The drop-down menu lists the order of the layers, from top to bottom. See Figure 1-12.

**Figure 1-12:** You can move, resize, and adjust the layers in the order they appear in the L

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The following Photoshop Elements 12 features change depending on whether you use the Creative Cloud (CC) or Adobe Stock Cloud Libraries, which allows you to use your own images that are stored on the cloud servers.

CC: Creative Cloud

Adobe Stock Cloud Libraries

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a cloud-based stock library of pre-composed images that you can easily use to augment a photo project without having to place stock images in the background.

Photoshop Elements 12 comes with Adobe Stock and allows you to access your photos from the cloud in Photoshop. With CC, you can view your Adobe Stock library from the CC menu. This feature requires the Lightroom or Photoshop CC Creative Cloud Subscription, which is $9.99 per month or $99 per year. It is the same as the Lightroom CC service.

If you prefer to use Adobe Stock directly from Elements, you can download the free Adobe Stock CC Lite plug-in.

Add images from Adobe Stock to Photoshop Elements

Import Adobe Stock images to Photoshop Elements

Other elements in Photoshop Elements 12

Photoshop Elements is a full-featured graphics editor with many special effects, filters, retouching tools and other features. The following is a brief introduction to Photoshop Elements 12, including elements such as tools for illustration, retouching and editing photos and more.

Good news: Photoshop Elements 12 is free (for personal use). It has the same features as the Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 version, with more filters, more tools and more options.

How to install Photoshop Elements 12 (CC)

You can download the latest Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 or CS 6 installation file from here.

You can run the.exe file to install the Creative Cloud version, which will update both the desktop and mobile versions of Photoshop Elements. You can also install the app from the App Store or Google Play, which will install the desktop version. If you download the desktop app, don’t run it immediately. Run the uninstaller to remove the version you already have before you run the installer. You can install both desktop and mobile versions of Photoshop Elements.

Once Photoshop Elements 12 has been installed, you will find an Adobe Stock icon under the Photoshop Elements 12 icon in the main app.

The Adobe Stock icon in the creative app shows the number of downloads for your Creative Cloud subscription in the chosen category (Premium, Creative Suite or one of the other categories). The number of licenses

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Return multiple values in a C# function

I am implementing a function that will return several values of different types. However, I do not know how to return the values.
I have this code:
public static void Main(string[] args)
int x = 12;
string y = “something”;
double d = 1.12;
string s = “some more”;
string z = “Z”;

Func function1 = new Func(DoSomething);

function1.Invoke(x, y, d, z, s);


This simply prints the last value returned in the function. I need to get the first four values. How can I do this? I would like to get the output as follows:
some more

Can anyone help please?


If you want to receive 4 parameters you can define method like this:
public static Tuple Method(int x, string y, string d, string z, string s)
//Code of your method…

If you want to receive 5 parameters your can define method like this:
public static Tuple Method(int x, string y, string d, string z, string s)
//Code of your method…


The answer by anayans is great, but you don’t need the Tuple. You could just use a custom struct:
public struct MyReturn
public int X;
public string Y;
public string Z;
public double D;
public string S;

public static MyReturn Func

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Alternating Days in a Python List

I have a list of days in the form [‘Mon’, ‘Tue’, ‘Wed’] in a python list.
Is there anyway to get a list of alternating lists in the form [‘Mon’, ‘Tue’, ‘Wed’]?


Use numpy.tile to create alternating list of days
array = numpy.tile([‘Mon’, ‘Tue’, ‘Wed’], (3,1))

array([‘Mon’, ‘Tue’, ‘Wed’],
dtype=’I never used this sample before I typed in it, but I did so now. I can’t beleive how great it sounds on the guitar. I made it into my very own riff and threw it into a solo. I call it “The Switchblade Riff”, give it a listen:

I know this is an old instrumental but I just thought I’d tell you guys how I made it. I wanted to add some different things to the song so I decided to throw in some falsetto vocals as well. I ended up taking it down to the final bars and putting a solo of my own instead.

My old friend and student, Jilly Durrant, has just released this crazy audio sample that I had no idea existed. It’s a funk-on-the-floor thing where some dude is hypnotising himself with the voice of a dead boy. It’s really powerful stuff and I strongly recommend you check it out. I’m actually going to play it in the next gig and run it as the intro. It’s so funky!

Toby Driver has just released this superbly funky acoustic instrumental, which I’m really pleased to announce is now available on my sample pack The Heavily Encrusted Cocoon (available in my store for the bargain price of £16.00). I’m usually pretty cynical about the sort of sampling I do, but with this track I was amazed at how it seemed to work. And to my relief, I didn’t hear any horrible RIAA.

It’s really hard to say how much “The Beat Hotel” is worth. I must admit that I put it in a queue along with “The Un

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