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## Starting in the Drawing Room

The primary use of Adobe Photoshop is to create and manipulate raster images. The program’s interface takes the analogy from the actual room of the home in which the software resides, opening to a “drawing room” where the user works with various tools, palettes, and layers to create an image or design.

1. **Start Photoshop.**
2. **When the program opens, click the Photoshop button in the menu bar to start it up.**

3. **To access the user guide, click the Help button, which opens the Help window (see the bottom of Figure** **2** **).**

Photoshop is divided into various drawers, or areas, that contain specific tools.

Here is a sample of a typical user’s path through the Photoshop interface from start to finish.

1. **Click the File tab and then the New button to access the New Screen.**

You may choose to access this screen at any point in the application and from any screen.

2. **Use the New Screen to create a blank canvas for your work or to open an existing image.**
3. **Click the Image button.**
4. **Click the first, or Browse button, which opens the screen shown in Figure** **3** **.**

This is where you can choose the image you want to open. You can either double-click a file for it to open and display it on the screen, or

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Elements 15 is the current version of Elements for macOS, released in October 2018. It can also be run on Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.). This review focuses on the use of the Windows version of Elements.

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How to: Edit your photos

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How to: Work with Windows Filters

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How to: Use and Use Photoshop’s Shape Tools

How to: Use the Magic Wand

How to: Apply perspective

How to: Work with layers

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