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* For a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on mastering Photoshop, take a look at _Photoshop CS5 For Dummies_ (Wiley).

## Adobe Illustrator

_Adobe Illustrator_ is an illustration and graphic design program with tools such as the Pen tool and Ruler. It is best used for design work but is also capable of creating and editing raster images.

Illustrator is a highly successful graphic design application designed for commercial and personal use. With a very colorful interface, Illustrator is best used for creating and editing raster images.

Illustrator’s interface allows you to work with layers, specify the color of artwork, and incorporate patterns, shadows, and reflections.

To create a vector-based image, you can use the Pen tool, pathfinder, or the Offset tool.

Illustrator has many online tutorials on using the Photoshop and Illustrator tools.

* If you have time, go to for an extensive collection of Adobe Illustrator tutorials.
* For a more introductory Adobe Illustrator tutorial, see _Adobe Illustrator: The Missing Manual_ (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.).

## 3D Studio Max

_3D Studio Max_ is a modeling, animation, and rendering application that enables you to design, animate, and render 3D objects. It enables you to create 3D scenes that can be 3D printed or viewed in a 3D printer. Max handles scenes by layers, and the 3D objects you create and animate with the Pen tool, Brush tool, and shape-building tools are called _shapes_.

Max can animate by using keyframes, and enables you to create effects such as explosions, water and fire, lighting, and texture maps.

Max’s interface is simple to use, and you can create 3D objects by clicking and dragging in 3D space. There are many online tutorials for beginner Max users, and more in-depth Max tutorials in print.

* Online Max tutorials are available at
* You can buy the Max tutorials from Cengage Learning (

## AutoCAD

_AutoCAD_ is a design, drafting, and graphic design program that offers tools such as the drawing and object placement tools. It enables you to create

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Common Photoshop tasks:

Image editing

Saving images for web use

Making adjustments to images

Creating new images

Cropping images

Processing imagery

Resizing images

You can download Adobe Photoshop for free and download Adobe Photoshop Elements on Windows, Mac or Linux.

How does Photoshop Elements work?

The standard version of Photoshop is over 20 years old. With Photoshop Elements, you get an intuitive and easy to use photo editor.

When you open a file in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements will open a completely separate program called the Photo Editor.

The Photo Editor has a separate interface and there is no connection to the main program.

Many photo editing tasks are much easier with the Photo Editor and so you need to close the program you have been working with (or save the document) to return to the main program.

If you have a lot of image editing tasks to do, you can automate them by scripting the Photo Editor. This is explained in the next section.

If you want to work on a single project, you can also save the image in the Photo Editor and then work on it in the main Photoshop.

Image editing

You can open a file in Photoshop Elements, make an image adjustment (like lightening or darkening or adjusting the contrast), save and close the file.

You can get different looks for images by making different adjustments to their colours.

Making adjustments

You can lighten or darken an image by selecting the area you want to adjust in the main Photoshop program. Then select the Convert to Grayscale or Adjust Colour… (depending on the colours in your image) menu (see Image editing).

Each change made to the image is saved as an adjustment layer so that you can make multiple changes to the image.

To delete an adjustment layer, hover over the layer and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Adjusting colour

Select a colour box to make it orange or a different colour. To make the boxes, click in the image viewfinder to select a colour and then drag the box over the image to select the areas of the image that are of that colour.

You can change the colours of a single colour box, like the black and white box, by opening the Adjust Colour box tool and choosing a new colour.

A colour box can be used to change the colours of your entire image

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Why does “if” statement behave differently when called inside another conditional statement?

The following conditional always executes the block even if the condition is false.
int divide = 0;
if (do_something)
divide = 3;

Why doesn’t the above code behave the same as this example?
int divide = 0;
if (do_something)
if (need_divide)
divide = 3;


There is a difference, because the and operator does short-circuit: If the first evaluation yields false, the second evaluation won’t be executed.
In your first example, you are executing the do_something part of the if clause.
In your second example, you are executing the do_something part of the if clause, and then the if clause’s if part.
In other words:
if (do_something)
execute do_something code
if (need_divide)
execute need_divide code


It doesn’t behave the same because it doesn’t do the same thing.

do_something is evaluated in this case
need_divide is not evaluated in this case
divide is not evaluated

If you wanted to do that a lot of times, you’d want to chain the evaluation.


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