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How to use Photoshop: Editing basic images

Use Photoshop Elements or Photoshop to edit your images.

1. Download and install Photoshop Elements or Photoshop

If you already have Photoshop on your computer, skip this step. You can use Photoshop Elements or Photoshop to edit your images and perform all the same functions.

2. Create a new document

Click File, New, then click OK. Photoshop Elements or Photoshop will begin downloading and installing the software. On the other hand, if you’re using Photoshop, you’ll have to download the software.

3. Create a new layer

4. Add a basic image

Add a new image into the document. Choose the image that you want to use as a template and press OK.

5. Edit the image

While the image is selected, use the arrow icons on the interface to move and rotate the image. You can also use the zoom tool (the + sign) to magnify the image.

6. Create a new layer

7. Set the blend mode

To add a new layer, double-click on the image.

8. Select the new layer

9. Choose a blend mode

While the image is selected, use the arrow icons on the interface to move and rotate the image. You can also use the zoom tool (the + sign) to magnify the image.

10. Change the blend mode

You’ll notice that your image now has a layer mask. Click on the layer mask icon on the bottom-right of your screen. You can change the blend mode of the layer mask by clicking on it.

11. Find a good spot for text

Use the ruler to find the top-left corner of the image and create your text here. For good measure, find a spot a little away from the corner. Since the image is a square, this will enable you to move around the document without leaving a blank space.

12. Type your text

If you don’t find the exact spot in the corner, you can change the text position by selecting and dragging the text box.

13. Add a drop shadow

Drag the shadow arrow to where you want to place the shadow. Also be sure the blending mode on the drop shadow layer is set to Multiply.

14. Add a border

Drag the border arrow to where you want to place the border

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What is Photoshop Elements?

Adobe Photoshop Elements is an affordable and effective alternative to Adobe Photoshop. You can edit and enhance the pictures you take or find on the Internet. With Photoshop Elements you will learn how to edit and create graphic works and take beautiful and high-quality images.

You should not be tempted by Photoshop-only training programs. You should know that this software was designed to edit and create images that can be used in print (printing) and in interactive products.

Like any other digital photo editor, you can change the color or its tone, enhance the clarity or tone, and make it look good. You can perform a wide range of operations such as retouching (skin blemish removal, removing blemishes, changing skin color, removing freckles, etc.) and applying special effects (water, exposure, saturation, and much more).

In addition to what you can do with Photoshop, you will also learn how to do it with Photoshop Elements. It is the right program for beginner photographers and photo editors.

Photoshop Elements gives you the chance to create, edit and print images in different formats. Among the most common formats are:






Photoshop Elements allows you to modify images in the following formats:














The image-editing software allows you to perform special and advanced tasks such as the following:

Make images retain more information

Make a photo more interesting, colorful, dynamic and cool

Adjust image contrast and brightness, or add contrast and light

Remove imperfections

Enhance the details

Convert to black and white

Create captions and frames for photos

Retouching and changing skin color

Add image effects, such as softening, lightening, simulating the filters, tone curves, invert images, photo montages, etc.

Add special effects such as varnish, embossing, lamination, wood grain, texture, water, etc.

Add a handwritten effect to the

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System Requirements For Photoshop 7.0 Download Windows 11:

Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
Intel® Core™2 Duo or better
2GB available HD space
DirectX® 10
64-bit OS
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