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You can use Photoshop to create and edit vector images and also use the same techniques to design image-editing programs such as Illustrator (see Appendix C), CorelDRAW (see the nearby sidebar), and Photoshop Elements (see the short story in this chapter).

As of this writing, Photoshop is still the world’s leading image-editing and design program.

However, as the software field continues to advance, some great alternatives have entered the market that may be more suitable for some users or budgets. In this chapter, I tell you about two such programs that may be worth a look.

## CorelDRAW X3

CorelDRAW is a powerful vector graphics program that enables you to design and create all types of illustrations. It can handle graphics, photos, and even video clips. (You can view examples at

CorelDRAW offers several versions, but the most recent version is CorelDRAW X3. I describe this version in this chapter.

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You’ll quickly find out that Elements has many of the features of Photoshop but doesn’t have all of the features. There are a few subtle differences between Elements and Photoshop such as the way you access layers.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is an alternative to traditional Photoshop. It is a graphics editor for photographers, image editors and hobbyists. It contains most of the features of the professional version but with fewer features and a simpler user interface.

You’ll quickly find out that Elements has many of the features of Photoshop but doesn’t have all of the features. There are a few subtle differences between Elements and Photoshop such as the way you access layers.

Photo Editing in Adobe Photoshop Elements

Photo editing functions are broadly divided into two categories: advanced editing and basic editing. Advanced editing is editing tools that require more experience than basic editing.

Advanced editing methods are:

Batch editing:

Batch editing is when you take the time to create a folder on your computer that is full of images. You then select all the images in the folder, edit them, or arrange them into a collage.

Reverse Channels:

Reverse Channels allows you to merge the background and foreground color of an image.

Photoshop Elements uses a numbering system for its layers. Some layers are automatically numbered from 1 while others are numbered from 0. The numbering is not important unless you need to access the exact same layer or want to organize layers in a specific way.

Layer Properties:

The Layer Properties window contains the following options:

Raster Effects:

There are three different types of raster effects:

Raster effects are pre-constructed effects that are meant to add visual texture to an image.

Blending modes:

Blending modes are ways to combine layers. Photoshop Elements has six different blending modes:

Duplicate a layer

Create a new, empty layer

Create a mask

Create a new, empty layer

Duplicate the current layer

Merge two layers

Add to a selection

Subtract from a selection

Select a range of pixels

Add to a selection

Add an object to a selection

Add a vector object to a selection

Select a range of pixels

Remove pixels from a selection

Move all pixels to the top layer

Group items in layers

Adjust layer opacity

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Clone mode replaces the pixels with the same color as the pixels you cloned, so any white pixels in the area you cloned will be replaced with white.

6. 6.

Draw over the retouched area to hide it (see Figure 2-4).

Figure 2-4.

Use the Clone Stamp tool to hide the retouched area of the image

## Using the Pen Tool to Create Splatters

Now that you have the basic tools in Photoshop and you’ve retouched your first image, let’s look at how you can enhance the image using brushes and the pen tool. There are a number of tools you can use to create a variety of effects, but the pen tool is arguably the most versatile because it allows you to work with very fine lines and even create splatters using the dots on the pen. It’s very easy to create short bursts of paint, as shown in Figure 2-5.

Figure 2-5.

Splatter using the pen tool

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