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Adobe Photoshop Elements is an excellent free program and is a simpler version of Photoshop for beginners. You can check it out at ``.

Bullet points are used in this book to break up large sections of text.

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How to Use Photoshop Elements

After installing and activating Photoshop Elements, you must import or open a photo file that has been saved in a format that Photoshop Elements can recognize.

To import or open a photo, go to the main menu (the button at the top left of the screen) and select Import > Open.

When you open a photo in Photoshop Elements, you can see your images in two different areas. The top row contains the image preview window. The bottom row shows the changes you have made to the image. You make changes using tools that are built into the software.

Open an image

Click the top icon at the bottom left of the image to open the image in the preview window.

Edit an image

You can use any of the tools on the left side of the image preview window to edit the photo. When you edit an image, you can make changes in any of the different colors, effects, brightness and contrast, and more. You can use the tools and add special effects on the layers in the photo.

To add a special effect, click the icon on the left side of the preview window.

– Click Effects > Selective Color to open the Selective Color dialog box.

– From the color range options, select the colors you want to select.

– Click OK.

– Click an effect in the bottom area to apply the effect to the selected colors.

– Use the Shift and the key keyboard shortcuts (described below) to adjust the effects.

– Click OK to return to the image editing window.

Use the keyboard shortcut

Use the keyboard shortcut to quickly apply an effect to an image. Press the key corresponding to the effect you want to use.

To change the brightness or contrast of an image, press the CTRL key and the plus (+) key to increase the brightness or the CTRL key and the minus (-) key to decrease the brightness. (Similarly, to increase the contrast, press the CTRL and the plus key to increase the contrast; press the CTRL and the minus key to decrease the contrast.)

• To increase the brightness, press the CTRL and the plus (+) key.

• To decrease the brightness, press the CTRL and the minus (-) key.

• To increase the contrast, press the CTRL and the plus key.

• To decrease the contrast, press the CTRL and the minus key.


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F1 Teams Team

A brief history of the sport

The world of Formula 1 has become a fast-paced, action-packed sport with a lot of money. The name alone evokes images of a driving force, a delicate machine, that’s capable of great things.

F1, or Formula 1, as it is known, was formed by six motor racing teams in late 1950. They decided to merge, and their intention was to race on the same track, one side of the country from each other. Astonishingly, the sport ended up finding itself on the top of the United Kingdom’s sporting pecking order. Even in the 1930s the cars were finding it difficult to reach 150 mph, and that’s without the suspension system. With the help of drivers, mechanics and engineers, F1 has been able to pull itself to the top with speed and innovation, and today it is amongst the fastest and most prestigious motorsports in the world. Here is a brief history of the sport.

1951: First Grand Prix

The 1950s was an interesting time for the sport. The Imperial Tobacco Company, also known as BAT, helped in the building of a 1.5 mile, nine-turn circuit at Silverstone race track. The first F1 race took place in 1951, with a six-man field (the point system was in place at this time). The cars were the first to feature a ‘torque-bar’ suspension system, which increased the safety and speed of the vehicle, but also made for a very bumpy ride on some of the smoother tracks.

The first winner of the race was Jochen Rindt, from Brabham. He drove past the first 5 to reach the finish line. Apart from a dozen of non-qualifying laps, the race had no other incidents or accidents, other than the drivers talking loudly to one another.

1952: First British Grand Prix

The 1953 season was set to be more exciting with 17 teams entering the field for the first-ever British Grand Prix. They included names like Mercedes, Ferrari and Cooper.

The 1953 race had much higher expectations and was a tighter affair than the previous year. The first race of the season saw a disappointing result for Cooper, with Joe Fry, the English team’s star driver, finishing third in the car.

F1 went to Germany in 1954 and Silverstone had a new owner

What’s New in the?


Webview replace view tag in html file

I have an html file which contains the view tag in its code.
My code is such that on pressing a button, it starts listening to the web view and replaces the view tag in the html file with a different view. The app works perfectly on android 5.1 and lower versions. The replace happens as it should be on android 5.0 though.
The problem is that it doesn’t work on android 5.0 and higher. It seems that the activity is not waiting till the content is loaded and then replacing it. It doesn’t have to be all right to all phones, just android versions 5.0 and higher.
Is this a glitch? Is there any workaround for this?
Note: It is a webview for displaying an html file.
private WebView mWebview;

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

mWebview = (WebView) findViewById(;

public void onBackPressed() {
if (mWebview.canGoBack()) {
} else {


The WebView requires at least one network request to be made to get the html file. In your case, there was nothing before the user hit the back button.
Add a newline to the html and change the body element.

The body element will then wait until at least one network request has been made, then continue to load its content.


Read txt file (csv) after being uploaded, before upload is complete, using PHP

I’m trying to read a text file before the upload is complete.
Essentially I’m sending a csv file to the client and after the upload is complete I want to be able to process that csv file. I don’t want

System Requirements:

Video Card:
Sound Card:
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